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Vampire and Werewolf love story (web novel version) Going to College

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Jake Pov

I start to pack for college. My graduation was yesterday. I am going to college today. I don know if I ever see Angel again. But at least she still has her family to protect her. Her family trust her right now but I don think that will last if they find out Im her boyfriend.

I say goodbye to my friends. We are going different ways in life now.

"Im going to miss you guys," said Ryan.

"We had a good high school life but now it time to grow up," said Larry.

"Look at my little brother growing up," said Katie.

"Shut up Katie," said Larry.

"Ryan, you need to be good once we are gone," said Logan.

"I know and school will be boring without you guys," said Ryan.

"We know but youll get through it" I said.

We hug and get our cars and drive off. I also say bye to Angel. We meet in a random alley.

"Ill miss you" Angel said.

"I know but Ill try to visit from time to time.

"You better love."

I kiss and hug her. I hope she doesn change mates. They can do it after 3 years of their mate treating them bad. But I I go home and get my bag and boxes with my stuff in it and put in my car.

"Are you all pack up" said dad from behind me.

"Yeah, Ill be on my way soon" I said.

My dad hugs me and say," you know that Im proud of you son right."

"Yeah, I know dad."

"This is a touching moment and all, but we need to hit the road if we want to make to the college today," said Jack.

"You ruin a great family moment Jack and good luck in college Jake," said John.

"Im just trying to get this done with. I hate colleges," said Jack.

"See you later dad and you too John" I said.

Me and Jack get in my car and drive to the college. We arrive at Mystery Forest college. I already sign up during high school, so I just check in. We head to my dorm room. Jack helps me get my stuff in my dorm room. After we are done, he gets pick up by his girlfriend and leaves.

I lay on my bed. I hear a door open and see my roommate. He is a vampire like me. I can smell it.

"So, you

e my roommate" he says.

"I guess I am."

"Well, the name is Finn and Im 19 so whatever I say goes."

"My name is Jake and Im 18. But I don listen well to those who order me around."

"Ill keep that in mind. You

e a freshman aren you."

"Yeah, I am but why do you ask."

"Not many vampires go to this school."

"Well, it is a great school academically."

"Yes, it is but this school has a bad habit of setting people on fire."

"I know how to take care of myself."

"Suit yourself but we should be getting unpacked. School work will be tiring."

"How bad is the work"

"Its the worst of the worst."

I laugh and say "well, Im in trouble."

We start to back and while Im doing that, I wonder what Jack going to do with that ring in his pocket. Is my brother trying to propose soon? I guess I have to wait and see.

Days later

Jack Pov

I bought a ring and Im going to propose to Paris today. I know her for a few years now. I think this is a perfect time. I fulfilled her wish. I taught her a few tricks and control with being a vampire. I think this is the next step.

I drive to her house and knock on the door. She answers in her night clothes. It is all red. She has a book in her hand. Its the girl and her vamp book. Written by a relative of mine actually.

"You look as beautiful as ever darling."

"Thank you" Paris says and do a bow.

"Feeling like a princess today I see."

"Im never going stop either."

"That what I love about you."

"I love you too honey."

I go inside her house.

"So, what brings you here this early in the morning."

"I wanted to do something important."

I bend down on one knee and pull out the ring.

"Paris Johnson, will you make me the happiest vampire on earth and marry me."

Paris look surprise and quickly turn to excitement and start jumping and shouting "Yes".

I smile and get up. I put the ring on her hand. Its a pure gold ring. I hug and kiss her.

"I will treasure this forever" she said.

"That was never in doubt."

"We need to start planning for the wedding."

"Don rush so much darling. We have time so we can be slow. Nothing but this is waiting on us."

"I know but I don want to waste time and never get this done."

"Thats another thing I love about you. You don procrastinate."

She smirks and "thats how I do it.

"Also, should we thinking about buying a house after we

e married" Paris said.

"Like I said, lets think about that later."

"Want to go to the bedroom."

"I would love to darling." We head to her bedroom.

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