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The lights in the house at the end went out, and the long corridor became as dark as the night sky.

The brilliance of the crescent moon could only illuminate the silhouettes of the Twin Guardian Towers.

No one could see what was going on inside.

In the woods outside the lengthy passageway, a thin individual stood.

He had short hair and dark brown eyes that glistened even at night.

He had just been concentrating on the lit room.

He still had no plans to go even after the light went out.

His body was encased in a layer of dark red, evil energy, and the beads hanging on his waist glowed with a special luster, like luminous pearls.

“Who is in the woods” asked a night watchman.

Mo Fan walked to the watchman.

“I am just taking a walk after eating.

Dont be so nervous.”

“Its midnight now.”

“I had a late dinner.

Is that against the law” Mo Fan asked.

The watchman turned his flashlight on Mo Fans face.

“You are Mo Fan!” he said.

“You are the one who defeated Shou Watani with just one move.”

“You flatter me,” said Mo Fan with a smile.

“I was only able to win because Shou Watani didnt go all out on me.

I even dare to think he gave in intentionally.”

“Youre indeed very strong.

You dont have to be so humble.

Although youre from China, we have always respected the strong regardless of nationality.

Can I take a photo with you” asked the watchman.

Mo Fan nodded.

The watchman happily took his phone out and took a photo with Mo Fan.

The torch flashed.

It emitted a glare, but Mo Fan held his eyes open.

The photo was finally taken.

“Thank you! Thank you! I never thought I could take a photo with an amazing person like you!” The watchman left contentedly.

After the watchman left, Mo Fan waited for a while in the woods alone.

He left after a while when he didnt detect anything unusual.

In Linglings room, she took the notebook and snuggled under the blankets with her notebook.

She opened the “suspects” column and noted down the third suspects name: Mo Fan.

When it was dawn, Lingling pulled the blanket away from her head.

She looked in the mirror.

She had barely slept so she had dark circles under her eyes.

She wouldnt have cared in the past, but she had changed.

She wanted to look beautiful every day.

She covered them with an eye cream.

Although her complexion was pale because of lack of sleep, she thought she still looked good.

Lingling changed into simple sports clothes and went on her morning run.

Then, she took a bath, put on a full set of makeup, and went to the restaurant for breakfast in good spirits.

She continued her healthy habits that she had opted for a year now.

Lingling was finally active like a seventeen or eighteen-year-old girl after quitting the unhealthy habits of staying up all night, drinking milk tea, and skipping meals.

She exuded the attractiveness that was particular to girls her age, like a flower that was just beginning to bloom.

After breakfast, Lingling returned to the room to start her hunters work for the day.

She discovered a picture wedged in the door gap as soon as she entered the room.

This photograph still smelled of ink, thus it ought to have been printed just recently.

It was a photo of two people.

A man dressed as a watchman with a bright smile, taking a photo with Mo Fan.

There was nothing strange about Mo Fans face but his dark brown eyes looked strange because of the glare from the flashlight.

Other than that, nothing was amiss.

Lingling looked at the photo, and a smile appeared on her face.

“I stayed up all night for nothing.” Lingling pouted.

Lingling could have a restful nights sleep if she knew Mo Fan was by her side.

The quiet night was moonless.

In West Guardian Towers, strange deaths were a continuous occurrence, but these killings had clear “motives” that could be justified.

There was no mistake.

The majority of them who mysteriously passed away were on Linglings list of visitors obtained from the Sacrificial Mountain.

There was no question that the Sacrificial Mountain contained the evil energy.

Those who had been there had been adversely affected by the Red Demons magnetic field.

Their intense feelings drove them to commit suicide.

Even though she was aware of a list of people who would eventually pass away, Lingling was unable to stop them because she could not control a group of people who were destined to die.

She was aware of the location of the evil energy, but she was unsure of the Red Demon Kazuakis true identity.

Only one thing Lingling was certain of was that the Red Demon had a clone, and that clone was also passing for another person.

Kazuaki, the Red Demon, had not yet slipped in any way.

The Red Demon Kazuakis actual identity was patiently awaiting the moonless night.

By impersonating someone, his clone was causing chaos in the West Guardian Towers.

Lingling was aware of his disguise, but she was unable to confront them head-on.

The Red Demon Kazuaki would only become more careful in concealing his true identity.

“If only I can go to the East Guardian Towers, I can find out who are allies and enemies.” Lingling held a small notepad in one hand and a pencil in the other.

Strange energy emanated from the Twin Guardian Towers as a whole.

These strange occurrences might be perceived as normal by other hunters.

Lingling, however, was unique.

Her expertise lay in linking seemingly unrelated topics while removing truly unrelated ones.

“Master Lingling, the West Guardian Towers are in a panic.

If you know something, please let us know.

The students have no intention of training, the soldiers cant get along, and even the higher-ups are beginning to suspect each other.

Everyone says that the evil gang from the past has returned and that they are devouring everyone.

People who get along every day are turning out to be suspicious.

They might take away our most prized possessions,” said Officer Ozawa, solemnly.

Ki Kurokawa had recently escaped from the East Guardian Towers and the chief of the Towers decided to lock down the Twin Guardian Towers.

Nobody was permitted to enter the country as a tourist, and nobody was permitted to depart.

The manslayer Ki Kurokawa might be hiding in one of the Twin Guardian Towers.

It was a possibility.

Officer Ozawa wanted to hire other hunters or even report to senior officials in Osaka Castle.

However, the Chief of the Towers ordered the Twin Guardian Towers to be locked down.

No one could enter or leave until they found Ki Kurokawa.

Lingling became the only hunter in the Twin Guardian Towers as of now.

Officer Ozawa asked Lingling to deal with some minor incidents before, but he had not expected the situation to escalate.

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