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Hi, Qingwan Ruge

In the room, Fatty closed the door excitedly. “Hahaha, Lin Shuang, this feels too f*cking good. I finally see this old fart suffer! Hahaha.”

Lin Shuang smiled. This landlord had always looked down on the two of them. Now, he had taught him a lesson.

“Speaking of which, how did you suddenly become so rich” Fatty asked.

“I already said that I earned it in the game. Why dont you believe me” Lin Shuang shook his head helplessly.

“Really” Fatty was skeptical.

“Youll know when the time comes. Get into the game first. Its almost eight.”

“Yes, yes, yes. Ill level up first. I dont care about anything else.”

After breakfast, the two of them returned to their rooms, put on their helmets, and logged in. A familiar scene appeared in front of him. Juxiang City, at the entrance of the tavern. As soon as he logged in, Lin Shuang saw a Warrior with a huge axe walking past him.

Players also appeared in other places. Some of them were already Level 12. It seemed that after not coming online for a night, his level had already been caught up by those Liver King players. However, he was not in a hurry. With his current equipment, leveling up would be a piece of cake. He was not in a hurry to go out and fight monsters. Instead, he opened the friend system in the game.

He entered Lu Wans ID: Qingwan Ruge. A female players avatar appeared. It was a Priest character and was displayed online. He quickly accepted the friend request.

“Lu Wan, which novice village are you in Do you want me to guide you” Lin Shuang sent a voice message.

Ding dong! Lu Wan replied quickly, but the content of the message made Lin Shuang change his expression.

“Lin Shuang… Im in Yanyun Village, but my condition isnt too good now… Im surrounded by a group of players. They want me to hand over the equipment that was dropped.”

What She was robbed Lin Shuang immediately found the location of Yanyun Village on the map. It was not far from Juxiang City. On the contrary, it was very close. He could arrive in half an hour.

Lin Shuang sent a message. “Send me your coordinates. Ill be right there.”

Closing the chat interface, Lin Shuang headed straight for Yanyun Village.

On a small hill in Yanyun Village, a few players blocked a Priest player in the forest.

“Qingwan Ruge! Listen, either you hand over the equipment yourself, or well kill you until that equipment drops.” A burly warrior with a battle axe on his back said fiercely to Qingwan Ruge.

“Oh, dont be so rude. Youll scare her.” Beside him was a handsome Mage player with the ID: Yeyu Qingge. He revealed a bright smile and said to Qingwan Ruge, “Little sister, let us have that equipment. My brother needs that equipment. Were not snatching it. Were willing to pay for it for you, okay”

“No!” Lu Wan stood in a corner, holding her staff with both hands. “I clearly dropped that equipment myself. Why should I give it to you Moreover, its very suitable for me. I dont want to sell it.”

“Is that so” Yeyu Qingge smiled helplessly and said, “Then dont blame us! Hehe, I really cant bear to kill such a delicate little priest.”

A few melee players took out their weapons and prepared to attack.

“Stop!” A loud shout was heard.

Everyone turned around and saw Lin Shuang standing at the side with his hands on his hips, looking aggressive.

“Brother, were distributing equipment. I advise you not to interfere. Otherwise, it wont be good for everyone.” When Yeyu Qingge saw that Lin Shuang was Level 11, he was still a little afraid.

Lin Shuang smiled and said, “You guys are a group of men. Arent you ashamed to snatch a commoner girl in broad daylight”

These people in front of him were only Level 5 or 6, so he didnt take them seriously. However, why did his lines feel a little familiar

“Damn, kid, are you trying to save the damsel in distress But do you have this ability” The Warrior beside him flew into a rage and pointed his battle axe at Lin Shuang.

When Lu Wan saw Lin Shuang suddenly appear, hope flashed in her eyes. However, there were many people here, and Lin Shuang was alone. She couldnt help but worry for Lin Shuang.

“Youll know in a while.” Lin Shuang sneered as the Black Stone Longsword appeared in his hand.

“F*ck! Brothers, attack. I dont believe that we cant defeat you with so many of us!” The warrior with the battle axe shouted and slashed at Lin Shuang. This person had just dropped a blue armor, and his defense had increased by a large margin. This was why he dared to directly charge at Lin Shuang, who was Level 11.


The battle axe struck the silk robe, causing a small number to appear.

21! This attack actually didnt break through his defense! How high was his defense

Under the soldiers surprised gaze, Lin Shuang smiled and said, “Its my turn.” With that, a red light appeared in his eyes, and the Black Stone Longsword in his hand surged with red light.

“Ghost Shadow Slash!”


Big numbers floated up!

The Warrior looked at the damage and fell to the ground.

Instant kill! He was instantly killed!

Everyone was stunned, including Lu Wan. Her small mouth was wide open in disbelief. The fierce-looking man was killed by Lin Shuang just like that. The others were also in a state of extreme shock!

The warrior just now was Level-6. Moreover, his equipment was the best among them. Yet, he could not even withstand a single strike.

Lin Shuang sneered. These people were only Level 6, yet they dared to fight him head-on. Today, he would let them know the difference in levels and equipment. With a sliding step, he instantly arrived in front of another Knight player.

“Violent Slash!”


The Knight players HP was instantly depleted and he quickly retreated. However, Lin Shuangs sword had already caught up and slashed again.

The Knight player whimpered and fell to the ground, dead.

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“Retreat, retreat, retreat!” Someone shouted, and the other players who still wanted to fight began to flee in all directions. The difference was too great. There was no way to fight. They couldnt even break through his defense or withstand a single strike. How could they fight

Letting Lin Shuang fight them was simply a dimensional attack.

Lin Shuang sneered at this scene. He had no intention of continuing to chase after them. It was a waste of time.

The Mage called Yeyu Qingge took a look at Lin Shuang before he left and silently memorized his ID.

“Hi, Qingwan Ruge, Lu Wan!”


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