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Viskar AcademyReturn Of The Seer Chapter 17:Elementalis Academe

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Finally, my last day with Professor Sam

"Congratulations, I did not think you would have stayed this long"

"Why did you say so ?"

I ask looking at the face I have grown to acknowledge, the captain of the academy beta-grade shifters and my good friend, Theo.

Although he did not look much, at five foot, eleven inches, Theo was the runt of his grade but still no one dared to cross him, that thought always bugged me till I saw him in the arena take down three guys twice his size without them knowing how he got to them, even the onlookers did not know how he did it. Added to his unique style of shifting to venomous animals and then shrinking in size to attack his opponents he made for a very skilled killer.

"Well, I do not know, I think it is because I did not picture a person who had any other sort of gift fitting in to the routine of a shifter"

I thought over it for a while and agreed, if it was the witches they would have quit while the vampires would stay to prove that they too can pass through what these shifers have

"Is that not you friend over there ?"

We have already reach the students lounge and then he asks pointing over at a couch, which I immediately recall as our spot and then I see Matt all curled up on the couch and instantly I see a dull aura surround him. The Matt I know is always goofy and fun but the one I am staring at right now looked like he had gone through a rough week, heck he looked like he had gone through a rough month. I look around trying to find the girls and I do not find them anywhere, they probably are in a class.

"Yeah, it is"

I answer, quite unsure of myself.

Theo and I walk over and in an instant like he was not the person I saw just a few seconds ago, he had adorned a new look and if one did not know beforehand he would not notice the faint aura of dullness lingering around him.

"Hey buddy, you good ?"

He ask before I get a chance to say anything.

"I am okay, you ?"

"I am tired, there really is not much time to sleep"

And then he goes on to complain about how horrible and stressful his schedule is. When he is done, I introduce him to Theo whos presence had blended with the surrounding, making it seem like he was not there to anybody

"Well, Matt meet Theo, he is the captain of the academy beta-grade shifter. He was the one who helped me settle in when I joined Professor Sam classes"

"I think he can hear the remaining of that when he wakes from his slumber."

I hear and turn to see Matt sleeping already and emitting a calm aura around him and then I relax a bit.

"I suppose you should take him to his room now"

Theo says

"Woah, hold up there. I do not even know his room"

"Are you not his friend, why would you not know his room ?"

He asks and ends up making me feel like a bad person.

"Well, I just do not"

I say in defeat

"Nevermind it, I will take him"

He says with an eye roll

"How do you know his room ?"

I ask with shock

"I did not mention anything about knowing his room"

Theo says and looks at me

"Then where are you taking him ?"

I ask with shock because as absurd as that sounded, Theo aura did not say doubt but certainty.

"My room of course"

He say and I almost choke

"Your room you say ?"

I ask to clarify my doubt


"But I thought you did not let anyone step into your room"

"He is not anyone, I have known him for quite some time, and I can make an exception"

He says

"And your roommate is not going to mind ?"

"I do not have one"

"How is that ? I thought everyone has a roommate"

"It is like this, you get a title, you lose a roommate"

He explains.

I suppose being a captain has it own perks. After that he turns and that is when I notice, he had been carrying Matt bridal style since he decided to take him to his room.

I bid him farewell and decide to head to Jeremys office

"Well you are late, care to elaborate on why you called a meeting and then show up minutes late?"

"Cut him some slack, he got out of Sammys class alive. We ought to be celebrating, or is that the reason for this meeting? You know the academy allows students to throw parties, you did not need to ask for permission about that"

After what felt like an eternity listening to Jeremy go on and on I decide to save us from him and cut him

"Yeah, uhm. I am moving"

"Really, you

e finally moving into the manor?"

Jeremy asks as Justin looks at me

"He would not need to call a meeting with the three of us if he indeed decides to move into the manor, let him finish"

Justin interjects

"I meant to say, I want to transfer so I need you to help me write a transfer letter"

I explain

"You want to transfer?"

Justin asks with doubt like he does not believe what he just heard

"Yeah, I need to go to The Elementalis Academe"

"Geez Finn, you are ripping my heart out, why do you need to go to that old man?"

"Well I need to get something to help with quintessence"


Jason asks in shock

"You have assimilated quintessence?"

Jeremy asks

"No I have not, but there is something there that will help me with it"

I explain to them

"Have you guys assimilated it ?"

I ask looking at them

"Not yet"

Jason says, fixing his glasses

"I am almost done with mine"

Justin says

"I am done, I just need to obtain total control and make a few adjustments to make it unique"

Jeremy says proudly with a grin

"I will get on it then"

Jason says and then he calls Justin who proceeds to bring a fountain pen and a paper. He then places it on the table and snaps his finger and immediately, the pen stands and starts moving beautifully on the paper, making is look like it was dancing. And I could not help but wonder how does it know what to write? But before I could ask it had finished and then I see Jeremy bite his thumb to draw blood and then places it on the bottom part of the letter, I notice the blood formed something familiar, I recognize it as a part of the school sigil, and then the paper folds itself and then Jeremy, Justin and Jason bite their thumbs and place it on the middle of the folded paper and then the same thing happen again, the blood flows to form the school sigil but it still does not look complete and then I realize, it needs my blood to complete it, I then do the same as them and then the sigil forms completely and takes a golden color, Jeremy then passes it to me and then Jason turns to me

"Justin is going to teleport you there anytime you are ready"

"Thank you, I will go and pack now"

"No need for that I will just conjure up a pair, I am something of a fashion designer myself"

Justin says proudly and I can not help but smile and then we leave Jeremys office.

"Jason acted as a bridge to connect Jeremy and I, so I could hear what he was thinking and made the pen move accordingly"

He explain how they got the letter and I nod in realization.

I quickly drop by my friends class to see them but I make sure they do not see me and then turn to Justin

"Let us go"

And with that he asks me to close my eyes and then he snaps his finger and a few moments later he asks me to open it and I see we were on the outskirts of a city and facing us is the large expense of a forest, I try to use my eyes perceive further to see beyond the forest but I was blocked by a sort of formation. I guess with my current power level I would be limited until I get my quintessence

"Why did you teleport us here, you expect us to walk through this forest?"

I turn to Justin and ask

"O ye of little faith, patience"

He says and then a car parks in front of us

"I do not think this car can take us through a forest brother"

"Why not?"

"This is a Ferrari convertible sport car Justin and that is a forest, jungle if I am not exaggerating"

I say, my voice getting louder

"Ugh, fine"

And then he snaps his finger and the car changes and I slap my forehead in frustration

"I am not complaining about the model of the car Justin, why would you change it to a Benz?"

I shout now nearly losing my mind


He says in realization

"Why did you not just teleport us in?"

I ask looking at the person who was supposed to be my escort

"I guess you have noticed the formation already, it blocks all form of magic "

He says and then sighs looking stressed

He snaps his finger again and this time I see the car has changed to a more fitting vehicle for our journey

"Where are we ?"

I ask

"Australia, I suppose"

He says as he get in the drivers seat and I get into the passengers seat and he then drives off.

After driving for about twenty minutes, the end of the forest comes in sight and I see a large gate with a sigil in the middle and Justin continues driving like he is going to run into the gate and I can not help but look at him like he does not see the gigantic gate. He notices ne staring wide eyed at him and he smiles

"Trust me, the gate is enchanted so when passersby try to open it normally a formation activates and takes them somewhere else, the correct way to enter the school is to pass through without touching the gate"

He explains which calms me down and I nod

"But does that not mean anyone or thing can just pass through?"

I ask

"Jason must have informed him prior our arrival and then he activates the second formation which enables us to pass through like this, once he deactivates it, it will be no different from a normal gate and when someone tries to drive through then it becomes impossible which will prompt the said person to get down and try to open the gate normally and that activates the first formation which leads the driver to another place"

And then I nod, the person who created the gate was really skilled and protective of the school. As we drive through it feels like we are plunged into void, as everywhere turns black and I can not tell front from back anymore, I try too perceive forward again but it does not work and I sigh in defeat

After a few minutes of feeling lost I see another gate, but this was smaller like a garage gate. The gate opens as we get closer and then we drive in and I see it is a parking lot, Justin finds a space to park and then we get down to see a man who looks nothing over 30 and few people dressed in the same attire behind him

He faces Justin and then turns to me and with a smile he says

"Master Justin, Master Finn. Welcome to Elementalis Academe"

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