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WYRD LOVE Chapter 3

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After a couple of drives and stops, I was finally able to locate the estate. The estate was one of a kind and its little wonder why it was ranked as one of the best estate in London, it actually lived up to its standards.

The security at the main entrance was damn tight in that occupants would need a pass card to enter upon successful registration. This means that the system literally had the names of all its occupants including the workers or their housekeepers.

So here I was, standing outside the security house admiring the scenery the estate portrayed senerity. After making sure that all was clear and I had successfully collected my pass card, I left the security house strolling, trying to pinpoint the exact building where I was supposed to work as all the buildings were alike in both structure and design.

During the course of my search, I discovered that the estate had its own gym centre, a mini mall and an outdoor sporting complex. It was cool how occupants didn need to search too far for certain things well except for school. Most of the buildings were storied with each having its own uniqueness.

The owner of this estate sure makes a whole lot of money. I mused.

Okay enough with the admiration, I had to look for my work place and it didn seem like I was doing a good job finding it and that in itself was frustrating. After wandering around for quite some time, I checked the address card that Erika gave me Cheval three Quays, 40 lower Thames street, London EC3R 6AG, but it just didn seem to help alleviate my frustrations.

Just when I was about to give up on locating the house, a building caught my attention. This particular one stood out -I mean, it was total different from the others, it was a high rise building and could be mistaken for a five star hotel. I suddenly had a inkling feeling that it was the building.

I glanced around and found a little board with an address similar to the one I had with me. Despite that, I still needed some form of confirmation and at that moment I regretted not asking questions at the security house and as if nature felt my frustration, I heard someone approaching and not wanting to take chances, I waited for the person to draw near before I stopped the person.

"Hello, good morning." I smiled and moved closer to her, wringing my hands together.

She looked up from her phone, staring at me with narrowed eyes. I had to give her the credit, she had a nice figure, a cute face and a good sense of fashion. Overall, she was beautiful in a cute way. She was dressed rather informal so I just assumed that she might probably be one of the occupants.

"Good morning." She smiled graciously placing her phone in her pocket. "You look confused, can I help you?" She asked.

Ooh, she does seem nice.

"Yeah, Im kinda lost. Im looking for this address." I said and showed her the card.

After a while, she looked at me tucking her hair behind her ear, she pointed to the same building I was standing in front of. "This is the building."

"Oh," I smiled. "Thank you." I mumbled and kept the card back in my purse. She gave me a nod and walked into the building. I trailed behind her quietly as we walked into a wide span area which held a reception desk and on the left, a place that looked like a lounge, more like a waiting area.

The interiors were top notch and they screamed expensive, this I knew because mom was an interior designer. I was beginning to wonder how the interiors of each of the apartment would look like -this was only the reception and waiting area. The place actually was lit and something I could only dream of owning.

I shook my head sighing and continued walking but immediately came a halt. I blinked at human block in front of me and realized that she was the lady from before.

She stared at me, her head tilted to the left with a smirk on her cute face giving her a badass look. I didn know why but the way she looked at me left me confused, it seemed like she knew something I didn and so, I did the one thing my brain could muster at that moment, smile. If shed noticed my unease she didn let on but instead returned my smile and I realized she had dimples.

"You seem new, are you an occupant or something else?" She asked, putting her hands in her pocket.

"Something else." I answered. She nodded, walking towards the elevator. "Im a house manager." I said, falling in step with her.

"Really." She glanced at me before entering the elevator. "Ive never seen one before." I looked at her to know if she was serious but she shrugged smiling. "Im serious." She pressed the button to the tenth floor. "Which floor are you heading to?" She asked over her shoulder.

"12th floor." I answered upon confirmation and she pressed it on the elevator.

"I think theres a celebrity on that floor." She mumbled reaching to plug her left ear with a Bluetooth earphone. "Im an occupant here by the ways and a fashion stylist by profession." She beamed brightly seeming proud of her job.

Her smile was contagious and her being a professional stylist explains her style of dressing which was cool. "Im Roxanne." She flipped her hair out of her face and stretched her hand out for a handshake which I gladly took. She laughed gently and somewhat found myself laughing too.

She was so easy and cool, this made it possible for me to be comfortable with her. "Sorry if you find me weird, Im not usually like this. I just find you captivating and comfortable, I hope you don mind."

Captivating and comfortable. Its been a while since I heard that. My inner mind mused.

I smiled. "You

e not weird if anything you

e cool and you made it quite easy for me to calm down." I clasped my hands together. "I was kinda nervous before." I revealed.

"Awwn, Im such blessing." She laughed. "You know, its okay to be nervous most particular when you have something important to deliver or fulfill but don let it consume you, okay."

I nodded. "Im Kiara by the ways." I said, quietly.

"Such a beautiful name, its nice meeting you." She beamed.

"Same." I replied. She shook her head and plugged her other ear with the other piece of the Bluetooth earphone and we eventually fell into quietness.

The only sound I could hear was that of the elevator and her occasional giggles. She was truly beautiful even with the less makeup she wore -she could be mistaken for a model. She had a purple colored hair which was braided on the left side and then clipped midway leaving the rest to fall over her shoulders. She wore a black high heeled Nike sneaker, a blue Jean trousers, a cream coloured camisole and a black leather jacket all of which screamed quality but in a subtle way. In all, she was totally cool and friendly even though Im just meeting her for the first time.

I looked at my wristwatch and discovered that it was ten minutes past eight which meant that I was officially late for work.

Such a bad impression. I sighed.

"Ding." I jumped a little at the sound of the elevator opening because I had been so caught up in my thoughts of leaving a bad impression on my employer and its only my first day. I was running through the different kind of excuse I could come up with when I heard Roxannes quiet voice.

"Hey, Kiara." She called, a concerned expression on her face. Her voice was nice and soothing like a drug. "Are you okay?" She asked.

"Yeah." I nodded more like I was trying to convince myself.

She smiled and took a single step so she was standing before me but not enough to invade my personal space, she placed both hands on my shoulders. "Its okay to be nervous but don let it consume you." She whispered peering at me. "Take a deep breath in and relax, you can do it. Youll be fine." She smiled and that did the magic.

There wasn any need for her to help me considering we were strangers but she did, those words were all I needed at that moment. I wasn much of a hugger but I pulled her in for a hug mumbling a thank you.

She beamed at me when I released her. "Ive got this feeling that well meet again." She said stepping out of the elevator and I nodded. "And until then, good luck girl and see you around." She waved at me smiling just as the doors of the elevator closed.

I sighed remembering her words, just then my phone started to ring and it was from Erika. "Good morning, Kiara." She greeted, hastily.

"Good morning, how are you doing?" I replied.

"Im fine. Where you able to locate the place?" She asked, raising her voice a little because of the noise at the background.

"Yes, though it was kinda difficult." I stepped out of the elevator having reached my destination.

"Im so sorry for the inconvenience that it may have caused you." She apologized. "I was supposed to take you there or if possible allocate a driver or someone to do that but I didn and for that Im truly sorry."

"Its okay." I sighed. "Hows work?" I asked, staring at the two doors before me.

"Its good but stressful. Are you already in the building?" She inquired. She sounded so formal and I could hear her giving out orders through the phone so I waited quietly for her to finish whatever she was doing. "Kiara, can you still hear me?" She asked, apologetically.

I smiled. "Yeah, Im on the 12th floor already and there are two doors before me one on my left and the other on my right and I don know which is the exact apartment."

"Okay, the door number is 1201. I once again apologize for the inconveniences and Ill try to make up to you. I wish you the best of luck. Have a nice day." Erika replied and ended the call.

I nodded.

I think Im gonna need a lot of luck. Even my subconscious agreed with me on that.

I took a deep breath in, arranged myself before walking to the said apartment and pressed the door bell while taking some time to survey the passage. After about few seconds, the door opened revealing the most handsome guy Id ever imagined in my life.

To be sincere, I was already fuming from lack of answer but somehow it just disappeared. The scent of his Cologne hit me with a full blast and worst still he looked familiar but I couldn pinpoint the exact place where Id seen him. He looked like he walked straight out of a magazine, he was beautiful.

The guy standing before me appeared to be a southeast Asian but I couldn tell the country he came from -though I was suspecting it to be Korea.

I am k-drama fan and I admire their actors and actresses. Me seeing one, live and direct was totally awesome but the straight and stern face that was looking at me combined with an hollow expression wasn exactly a nice combo.

"Hi, Im Kiara Michaelson." I said in a soft, low voice. "I am the new house manager and was appointed to resume work here." I smiled nervously, hoping to appease him.

"Well, hello to you," He leaned against the door frame and glanced at his extremely expensive wristwatch. "You

e thirty minutes late for work on your first day and what does that say about your attitude to work?" He asked, folding his arms on his chest.

Damn, that voice is calling and nice.

His accent was freaking polished and it some how gave me goose bumps in a good way though. A girl can only dream.

"Hello, Miss Kiara, can you hear me?" He peered quizzically at me while trying to stifle a smile.

Damn, he called my name like seriously. I think Im gonna need a breather.

Kiara get your acts together you

e already embarrassing yourself.

"Oh my God, Im so sorry." I whispered. I was already dying from embarrassment instead of nervous. For just how long had I spaced out, could my day get any worse.

I summoned a little courage and glanced at him but chickened out in the last minute. "I couldn locate this place on time and I was given little information." I tried explaining with my head lowered.

When I didn get a reply, I raised my head up to see him smiling. This time I openly gawk at him.


His smile was so captivating, brilliant and hell advertising those beautiful set of teeth. My fangirling instinct came out in full force.

He is an Asian, hes got the height, the physique, beautiful black eyes and to top that, nice British accent with good baritone that can make you want to do things that you wouldn do on a normal. He was just perfect, everything I could ever imagine for my dream guy to have. I just couldn wait know more about him.

You can wait to know him more, as in "more". Inner Kiara teased.

Excuse you and your dirty imagination. I huffed, blushing.

She chuckled. Oops girls, you sure are missing out.

He seemed to have noticed me gawking at him because he smirked. "I was just kidding, Erika called earlier me on. She said you were having difficulty locating this place and that you might be running in late." He smiled and opened the door wider. "Come in."

"Then why did you scare me like that?" I mumbled under my breath. I looked at him and smiled. "Thank you."

I was shocked beyond reasoning when I finally entered the apartment, it was beautiful and elegant although it was simple but then it left me speechless. The apartment was welcoming and it gave the vibe of being alive and on top.

The apartment had a nice view of the outside world with a ceiling to floor glass wall on the left side of the living room and with the amazing lightings illuminating the room, it was awesome. The living room was spacious with nice and top notch interiors. I had to give credit to the interior designer for the creativity. From where I was standing on the threshold, I could see the kitchen, dining area and something that seemed like a bar.

"Kiara." He called.

"Yes?" I turned to look at him.

He had a smug look on his face. "You were out for about forty seconds." He added.

"Really?" I blinked. "Im sorry, I was just admiring the place. Youve got a real nice apartment you know." I said and walked into the living room.

"So are you my supposed boss?" I asked while silently hoping for him to say yes.

He smiled and offered me a seat which I gingerly took. The sofa was soft and plush.

"No." He answered, walking towards the kitchen. "I live here occasionally, my friend owns the apartment and he is currently out of the country doing his job. By the way, Im Richard Seo."


e a Korean?" I smiled, overseeing the first name.

"Yes, don I look it?" He handed me a can of water.

I took it from him, smiling. "Thanks, you just saved a life." He chuckled. "You sure look Asian but I can tell the exact country." I added.

"Really?" He replied with a smug smile as he took his seat from across me.

"Yeah." I answered. He pursed his lips slowly shaking his head. He let out a soft breath and looked at me and I wondered why he was like that.

My mind flashed to his name, I paused and widen my eyes in surprise. I knew him.

Wait, OMG, now it clicks. The rich and plush aura; he was the famous Richard Seo. The chairman of ABS corporation.

Kiara, I am made. My inner mind squealed. Oh my gosh, Im gonna be working for him and his invincible friend.

Oh, what the whole.

A quiet gasp escaped me upon the realization of who he was. I was still reeling from the shock when I heard him talking to me.

"Okay, lets get to business. You aren really going to start work today, Im just going to give you a tour round the house and of course the dos and don s." He added, a broad smile on his face. He gave off this playful vibe but people like him when they are angry, its hell let loose. Besides that, he seemed so down to earth and quite a nice fellow.

After the tour, I was interviewed briefly but I won really call it an interview. It was more like he wanted to know about who he was taking under his employ. Well, lets get started.

"So, Kiara Michaelson, Ive got some of your documents here with me and from the look of things, you

e a graduate of a rather prestigious university, UCLA." He said, looking up from his laptop. "If you don mind me asking, why did you apply for this kind of job when you could have easily establish your own firm?"

I clasped my hands together and bit my lower lip. "I was a scholarship student and I can just established a firm without funding." I answered quietly. "And besides, I have needs and I need the money to support myself and my family. I can stay idle doing nothing while waiting for the perfect job to come."

He nodded. "Okay. No offense, but you

e a first class student and with your outstanding result you could get a good job pertaining your field of study any where in this country." He looked me straight in the eye locking me in his gaze. I felt hypnotized though talking with him seem natural like weve known each other before. And from what I noticed, he was a very good listener.

"Preferential treatment." I replied. "Im an immigrant and I don have the right connections to help me push it through even when Im interviewed." He slowly shook his head and continued to ask questions but this time they were work related and after some time, the interview came to an end.

"Damn it, this place is eerie quiet." He looked around. "Did you cast a spell on this place?" He smiled, bringing his gaze back to mine. He was trying to change the topic.

"I should be asking you that, you were probably too serious." I smiled back.

He blinked and he was so cute. "What? I was just being professional." I began to nod nonchalantly but caught myself in the last minute. "In a normal company settings, after the interview Im supposed to dismiss you but I can do that right now because you

e an actual employee." He explained.

"Hmm." I smiled. "So, where does that leave us?"

"Good question." He stood up from his seat. "Since Im not dismissing you and Im not going anywhere anytime soon, Ill treat you to lunch which means, you

e officially my guest of the day." He smiled at my befuddled expression before walking to the kitchen area. I opened my mouth to talk but it denied me of words.

Hes treating me to lunch. Inner Kiara smiled.

Could this day get any better?

Say something Kiara, you can leave him hanging. I won be happy with you if make me loose this opportunity.

I blinked. Yeah, thats true.

I shook my head and stood up. "I," I started searching for words, "y-you don have to do this." I stuttered.

What!!! My inner voice screamed. A combination of both Krystal and Rosas voice.

He smirked, his arms folded on his chest. "But Im doing it." He dropped his hands on the table. "See Kiara, feel free to do what ever you like. Be comfortable." He said, smiling softly.

"I really don like it when people are jumpy around me because of my social status or because of who I am. I don bite unless of course, you want me to." He grabbed a pot and other utensils from one of the cupboard. "Okay?"

"Yes." I answered.

"So, Im going to appeal that....."

"Don worry, I won say anything about you to the public." I interrupted.

He nodded. "Okay, I wasn going to say that. I was going to say that you should treat me like you would treat your friends. I mean you could drop all these formal act around me. Please." He smiled.

"Don worry, I won push you to do anything you don want to do. We can take things slowly." He winked.

Oh my poor heart!! How am I still alive?

"Sure, no problem." I answered and fell into silence.

I took that time to look around the living room. The room had a Chesterfield, two armchairs and a recliner which sat beside the glass wall. In the middle of these was a fancy centre table and a misplaced footstool. There was also a wall shelf close to the glass wall which held some awards and books. I moved closer to the glass and felt it, it was thick more like a bullet proof kind of glass. I wondered if other apartment had this type of glass wall.

"Not all the apartments in this building has it." He answered as if hearing the question in my head. I glanced at him to find him gingerly slicing some greens.

"Doesn the sunlight disturb sometimes?" I asked, walking away from the glass.

"Yeah sometimes, but thats why theres a blind." At that, I turn to look at the wall but there was nothing like a blind.

"Its automated. Theres a button for it." He explained.

"Its quite intriguing and surreal." I walked closer to see what he was cooking.

"Is there anything I can do to help?" I asked.

"Don worry." He answered. "You just have to relax as my guest."

"Ill relax but I still insist, there is something I can do besides cooking." I replied and leaned against the counter. "I could help set the table and wash the dishes." I added quietly.

He paused briefly to stare at me with uncertainty before resuming what he was doing. He smiled and shook his head. "Fine, you can do that but only after Im done cooking. Deal?"

"Deal." I smiled. "Excuse me, Im going to use the bathroom."

"Okay." He mumbled. He was so focused on what he was doing and he somehow reminded me of dad. Speaking of which, I needed to call him, I hadn heard from him since yesterday.

Once Id gotten to the bathroom, I brought out my phone and saw that Id missed dad and Rosas calls. Just as I was about to return dads call, he called back.

"Hey K. How are you doing?" He asked.

"Im good dad, and you?"

"Im fine, just exhausted from the multiple surgeries we had this morning."

"Oh dear, I wanted to call earlier this morning but I figured you might be busy." I said.

"Yeah, I was busy." He sighed. "Hows your sister?"

"Shes fine, we just miss you thats all."

"I miss you girls too. I can just wait for it to be over." He yawned. "Hows work coming for you?" He asked just as Rosa and Krystals video call came in.

"Its been fine so far. At least, I survived." I answered hastily and he laughed. "Dad, sorry Ive got another call now, could you please hold?" I asked.

"No need for that. I was about to hang up anyways." He answered. "Okay girl, see you later in the evening. Stay safe." And he ended the call.

"Hello girls!!!" I sang.

"Hey babe." Rosa replied.

"Hello sis." Krystal answered, flatly.

"Krystal, aren you suppose to be in class?" I asked. "And whats with that tone?"

"Relax sis, Im in class and the damn teacher isn coming. I think he decided to slack off somewhere, not that I care." She answered. "Im tired and some random girl was trying to push my buttons."

"Oops." I muttered. "Sorry."

"Enough of the sweet concerned sister act. Can you now give us your report on how things are going on your side?" Rosa asked while fiddling with her keys in a serious manner.

Rosa usually do these kind of things whenever she was nervous or there was something bothering her.

"Rosa, whats up? You seem like something is bothering you."

"Im fine." She answered earning a flat look from me and an already tired Krystal. "Okay, its just some stupid director thats getting on my nerve." She finally explained.

Who are these people pushing buttons and getting on nerves? I thought.

"What did this stupid director do?" Krystal asked, playing with her nail polish.

"He gave me a project to work on and seriously this man didn give me the exact details on what he wants. I went on my own and did the little I could, mind you with little resources. I mean I came up with some really nice ideas. Do you know what this man said?" She asked, an irritated look on her face.

"What did he say?" Krystal asked with a bored voice.

"And I quote, Rosa, I like your line of thought. These ideas are nice but not what the company needs at the moment. I think you should try and redo the project again. Like seriously, is he mad or something?" She was already turning red from anger. At least, she could vent it out before someone else suffer the wrath.

"He is really mad, does he know you have the power to end his career?" Krystal asked and I glanced at her.

Krystal was the worst kind of person to ask for help in situations like this. She would just add fuel to fire and make matters worst.

"Yeah, thats true. Its my company." She blinked like she had just realized that. "I don blame him, its only because Im an intern. He should just wait for me." She added.

"Rosa, its okay. Just redo it again then when you become a manager or director yourself, you can use your ideas." I advised.

"What?" She widen her eyes. "Kiara, did you just say I should redo the project again?" She asked with narrowed eyes.

"I will help you." I replied hastily, hoping to pacify her and it worked.

"Okay, if you say so." She smiled, her colour returning.

"Okay, enough stories. Kiara, how are you faring?" Krystal asked, wiggling her brows.

"Im fine, everythings good." I answered, trying to keep a straight face.

"Kiara, don give us that ** as an answer." Rosa said. "Be fast and give us a brief details, Ive got other things to do. When we meet, you complete it." She added and Krystal nodded in agreement.

"Fine. Brief details, here it comes." I smiled. "So, I didn exactly meet my boss but I met his friend instead and damn, the guy is freaking handsome." At that, Krystal and Rosa smiled.

"Sis, whats your definition of handsome?" Kiara arced her brow.

"Duh," I ignored her question. "Anyways, he is a popular social figure and a big name too. So, I will give you two a hint, you should figure it out." I smiled.

"Hey, thats not fair." Krystal complained.

"Go ahead, give the hint." Rosa replied, impatiently.

"Okay, he is the current chairman of ABS corporation." I said hoping they would get the hint faster but they just furrowed their brows in confusion.

"It seems like you guys don know it." I said. "He is half British, half Korean." I added upon seeing the reactions.

"Ugh." I groaned. "Rosa, you should know him, your fathers company is trying to strike a business deal with them."

"Wait a sec." Krystal said, her face brightened.

"Oh my freaking goodness, don tell me. Are you freaking serious?!!!" Rosa shouted. "Wait, you mean youve met him?" Rosa asked wide eyed. We actually did talk about him some days back in the comfort of her room.

"Who is this person both of you claim to know? Is it the person Ive been hinting about or someone else?" I smirked. They seem to have gotten the hint but I just wanted to confirm.

"Richard Seo?!!!" They both shouted.

I giggled and glanced at the door hoping he doesn come looking for me. "Shh," I whispered gesturing for them to lower their voice. "He can hear you guys." And they both rolled their eyes.

"Took you guys long to discover." I said. "And yes, he is my boss representative for now and right now hes treating me to lunch." I sang as I exited the bathroom.

The reaction that came next was quite epic although I had expected it. They both screamed that I was scared that Richard would hear and begin to wonder what was going on.

"Seriously babe." Rosa started. "Thats amazing girl, you just got what many people would pay or queue for."

"K, Im jealous, can we swap our bodies just for today?" Krystal cried.

"No." I answered with a bright smile. "Ive got to go now, Ive been gone for too long and I can have him thinking otherwise besides, I promised to help him do something. Ill see you later in evening, ciao ciao." Before they could react, I ended the call.

Taking a deep breathe, I walked into the living room and saw that he was already setting the table. I walked closer to assist him. He glanced at me, "Took you long." He said, arranging the cutlery. "I was beginning to think youd bailed out on me."

"No," I frowned softly. "I just had an important call and I sort of got carried away."

"Im sorry." I added, playing with the hem of my sleeves.

He shrugged and pulled out a chair gesturing for me to seat. "Its okay," he said, returning to his seat. "At least you

e here." I smiled at him.

"Such a gentleman." I muttered.

He laughed reaching for my glass and poured some wine. "I can be a gentleman when I want to."

"Really?" I smiled, staring at the table filled with different dishes. "This is quite a feast."

"Yeah." He said. "Im not much of a chef but we can make do with this." He added.

"What?" I glanced at him. "Youve got to be kidding me, this is fanciful."

"So, hows the food?" He asked clasping his hands on the table. It was then I discovered that he hadn touched his food but was silently waiting for my approval.

I grinned. "Its awesome." And that was the truth. He was such a good cook and he reminded me of dad at that moment.

He narrowed those beautiful eyes at me and leaned back in his seat. "Why do I feel like you

e saying that to appease me?"

I laughed. "Im serious, the food is totally nice. You

e such a good cook." He smiled, seeming relaxed at my remark. "Besides being a business mogul, are you also a chef?"

"Im not a chef but I cook to pass time." He answered.

"More like a hobby?" I leaned against the table with my chin on my hand.

"If you want to call it that." He wiped his mouth gently with a napkin.

He was elegant and beautiful. Just sitting down there, he looked like a live model that I had the sudden urge to take a photo of him and make it my wallpaper.

I sighed dreamily catching his attention, he arced a brow and smirked. "What?" He asked.


e more beautiful in person now that I think of it." I blurted out without thinking. "Do you mind gracing me with a picture?" I asked shyly suddenly losing the courage from before. Drink does that to you.

Thats a non alcoholic champagne, idiot. You couldn possibly be drunk. My inner mind teased.

"Are you flirting with me, Kiara?" I could hear the laughter in his voice.

I covered my face with my hands unable to look at him. "No." I muttered. "Its just that Im suddenly a fan of yours." I murmured rapidly but he heard. Its a good thing that I don blush -sorry, I do blush but it doesn show on my face, thanks to my skin tone. I wondered how my face would look like.

"Ah, nae." He laughed. "If its a picture you want, sure youd get one." I looked at him and he laughed.

Damn, that baritone.

"I don usually do this for people I meet for the first time." He scooped some salad on his food.


He peered at me and gestured at the table. "This don happen all the time."

I leaned my face against my shoulder and smiled brightly. "I guess Im quite lucky then."

"You sure are." He smiled and raised his glass up in the air. "A toast to our growing friendship." He said, I laughed and raised my glass.

We continued talking about different things and I discovered that we shared same kind of view on some of these things. He was welcoming, kind and friendly, more comfortable to be around with.

While we sat here laughing and discussing about things that matters, I couldn help but imagine how my life was going to be from this point onwards. It was an inevitable feeling and I dreaded it but what ever life brings, Ive got no choice but to prepare for it and battle it out.

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