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Whats wrong with my sytems??? Broke A Stick Got A Kid, Yep Totally Normal Day

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Main-Object: Defeat both opponents

Rewards: Basic sword skill, 50 EXP)

(Ding- Skill Unlocked basic Stregithing Skill)

Youve got to be joking.

[As you can see although its not very powerful it should be enough to deal with the likes of....them]

...this guy

(What are you waiting for their going to get away! And if they do whats going to happen to that poor kid? Just the thought make me want to shut down)

That sounded mildly concerning. No before that strengthening skill? how was he even meant to use something like that?

{Hey! The hell you doing? This guy ain gonna use your skill or do your stupid quests!}

....I am though, actually why was this guy being so quiet? whatever its not important right now. Qin glanced down at the branch in his hand, he shut his eyes and concentrated for a moment. He took a deep breath. The image of a string appeared--it looked so real--Qin couldn help but reach out and grab it.

Qin jolted, he glanced down, the stick was glowing slightly, just barely but it was there.

[My, you picked that up quite fast]

Qin wasn sure whether or not to feel insulted by the patronizing tone. Forget it, he shifted into a crouch, I only have one shot at this otherwise that burte will probably just bash my skull in. Qin paused they weren that far away, but he still needed to be fast. The mage and brute were talking about something--he was too focused on what he was doing to pay attention--from what he could see the brute was the hard part, once he was dealt with, dealing with the mage would be a piece of cake.

Qin watched them for a moment more, the brute crouched down to inspect the cage, Now! He sprung forwards, in an instant he was behind the brute. He raised the branch and swung down, the branch split in two--!--Are you joking, didn Azrael say this would be enough to deal with him? The mage let out a shriek and jumped back and for a moment nothing happened.


Huh? He glanced down the brute had fallen over. For a moment neither him or the mage moved, both still processing what they had seen, Qin himself had no idea how that had worked and the mage had even more reason to be confused, after a moment Qin glanced at the mage, he was shaking.



"Do you want to end up like him?"

"N-no Sir!

"Then Leave"

The mage took a step back then another after a moment he turned around and ran. Qin glanced down at the brute once more before he reached forward and schearched his pockets, soon pulling out a key, Qin shifted the brute to the side slightly, with a considerable amount of effort, and reached out to unlock the cage. He hesitated before reaching in and pulling the boy out, he set the kid down and checked him for injuries, he was slightly bruised but other than that he seemed ok, Qin let out a sigh he had been worried for nothing.

[I must say, that was quite well done Master]

"Can you not call me that?"

[Master? But you are our Master are you not?]

"Only by definition, plus it makes me uncomfortable"

[I see. Then I will refer to you as Sir Qin]

"...Just Qin is fine"

[If you insist...Qin]

(Ding--Quest Complet)

A light shone in front of him, it was so bright he needed to look away. Qin glanced back, blinking rapidly, is that a present? before him was a box wrapped in red paper with a bow on top. Qin hesitated before reaching out, his fingers just barely brushed the box and a second light appeared. Qin blinked having been blinded for the second time in less than 5 minutes.

(Granting Rewards:

-30 EXP

-2 Skill points

-1 Basic Magic Book)

(First Time Quest Completion Reward: Double EXP Rewarded)

(Current progress 60/100 EXP)

(Skill Points to alocat: 2)

Qin blinked in front of him was a book, it was suspended in the air, after a moment Qin reached out and grabbed it, on the cover the words A Beginners Guide To Elemental Magic.

[Master if I may, if you don hurry you will be unable to complete the quest I assigned you, and if your unable to complete it then....]


[Well it would be quite unfair, would it not? you put so much effort into Fuis quest yet you refuse to complete mine?]

Unfair how? its not like I wanted to do either quest I did Fuis because of the kid and I never agreed to do yours to begin with

[Not only that but you won be able to keep that skill I gave you and even if you do have that book it will take awhile before you get it down, what will you do till then?]

".....Was there a time limit?"

[No there was not, might I ask why Master is concerned with such a thing?]

"If theres no time limit then lets get the kid somewhere safe first, then well deal with the second quest"

[.....Hmm, If that is what Master wishes]

"Ok? Well before that youve gone back to calling me master. Didn you say youd just call me Qin?"

[Didn Master say he would complete my quest?]

....This guy


Qin jolted, the boy was shaking, even if hes not injured hes still a young kid he shouldn be out in the cold like this, not only that but if this guy wakes up well both be in trouble. Qin glanced at the brute he was still unconscious but Qin couldn guarantee how long that would last. After a moment of though Qin nodded to himself, he pulled off his clock and wrapped it around the boy. He was small and like this--wrapped up like a baby--he looked even smaller.

(Aww! Hes so cute! Qin we have to keep him! itll be our first adoption!)

"Does it look like we can take care of a kid? No better yet how are we meant to take care of ourselves?"


e right..sorry I guess I got a little excited)

A kicked puppy.

"Its not like Im just going to leave him hear. Ill take care of him till we reach a village" Or I wake up whichever happens first "We can decided what to do after that...Ok?"

(Ok! if thats what Qin decided to do then thats what well do!)

Hes really like a kid, so easy to please...If he was human Id be worried about him getting kidnapped. Qin let out a sigh, he sifted the kid onto his back before standing.

"Right lets get going"

{Huh, The hell we bringing that kid for. Hell just slow us down!}

"Were not just gonna leave him here. That defeats the whole point of saving him in the first place"

{Like I care! Just leave him here, I already said Im your system why the hell you doing what these prick tell you to?!}

[Because unlike someone we have actually proven ourselves useful?]

{Hey, What the hell are you implying?}

[Nothing just that if you were Masters system as you so claim to be then wouldn you have help? Instead of hiding in the corner with you tail between your legs?]

{Ha? Who the hell do you think you are talking to me like that?!}

[Did you forget already? My how disappointing. My name is Areazl, Master just gave me that name don you recall?]


(Hey! why are you two fight again! their a kid here what if he wakes up and hears you?)

This feels oddly familiar. Qin glanced them over before shaking his head. Forget it theyll get tired eventually..I hope. Qin had already began walking off the systems following not far behind.

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