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[So you admit it then? You really are nothing but a mutt]

{I ain admitting nothing cuz Ive got nothing to admit! And if one of us is the dog ain it you?! Always going out of your way to please this bastard}

[Me? A dog? My this mutt has gotten quite full of himself hasn he?]

(Ah! Will you two stop already! youve been at this for so long aren you tired yet?)

{Who the hell asked you?!}

[I apologise Fui but this mutt has yet to learn his place]

{Who you calling mut?!}

[You of course, Im certain weve established this already]

"Even if you two aren tired of it I am, so will you give it a rest already?"



[Ahm, I apologise it seems that weve upset you Master. Mammon?]

{Tch. I ain apologizing for s**t}

"Don worry I didn expect you to"

[Are you truly so incapable of common decency?]

{Ha? The hell you talking about?}

[And you wonder why I compare you to a mutt? Honestly why your even here is baffling to me]

{Like hell I am! And that ain something a prissy-prick like you has a right to say!}

[Oh? and who decides what I do and don have the right to say? Hmm? A dog like you?]

{I swear Im gonna-}

And off they go, Qin let out a sigh, those two had been at it for hours at this point. Fui had tried to stop them once or twice but ultimately got distracted by the kid every time.

(Hehe, don worry little one Qin and I will take great care of you. Hehe)

...Like now, Qin glanced over, they had stopped a while ago, hed set the kid down and checked him over properly other than a scratch or two he didn have to many injuries...well not any open ones, there were scars--and some burns from what he could tell--running down his back. Qin himself wasn too sure what it was from but it looked painful--hed made sure the cloak padded his back--he was worried about the kid panicking while they were running so other than getting some wood for a fire he hadn done much.

Qin let out a sigh honestly this dream was getting weirder and weirder....if this was a dream. No never mind if he started entertaining ideas like that it won be long before he goes mad.






is the kid-

(QIN! Qinqinqinqiqinqinqinqinqinqinqinqin! Hes waking up! Hes waking up hes waking up hes-)

"Fui stop! I heard you the first time!"

[Ill admit I had my doubts about it but it seems the boy really did pull through]

{Hold on that thing was still alive?}

[Yes, and youd have realised that if you actually paid attention to anything other than your own whining]


(Both of you be quite! The kids going to wake up! And Qin needs to focus! So until thats done neither of you are going to argue!)

...Who knew Fui had it in him


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