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Whats wrong with my sytems??? Temporary contract?

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[Host please work hard and upgrade your level and authority in-order to sign a full contact!]

huh? whats even going on anymore?

[Full body scan initiating]

[Name: Qin]

[Titles: {Hidden: One from another world}]

[Race: one tailed fox]

[Age: 12]

[Level 1]

[EXP: 0/100]

[HP: 50/50]

[Mana: 5/5]

[Strength: 7]

[Stamina: 8]

[Agility: 10]

This is....my status? no other than that a one tailed fox? Age 12? what is going on?

[Full body scan complete. Host is asked to quickly level up and sign an official contract. The system wishes the host safe travels]

...whats going on here? this a dream right, this has to be a dream....why does this feel so realistic?


Qin flinched back glancing over to the systems, he had honestly forgotten they were there, the system who spoke was the destruction system, it was a red translucent screen.

[Honestly can you keep your mouth shut for five minutes?]

{Why the hell are you ok with this?!}

[The main system made a decision, its not our place to disregard its words]

{Who gives a s**t I ain sharing hosts with a prissy prick like you}

[So you plan to go against the main system?]

{You! I never sai-}

(Ah! why are you both being so loud, honestly the main system already made the decision why are we still arguing? Oh! plus this gives the host more time to make a decision! isn that great host?)

"...I have a name you know"

(hmm? name?)

He spoke with some hesitation "Its Qin....you do know what a name is right?"

(of course! a name is what people refer to each other by, your name is Qin, I wish I had a name)

Qin could practically see the ears drooping on the translucent screen, if the system was human Qin would have been tempted to pet its head, I guess its not too weird that they don have names they are systems after all, he glance over at they Child Support system It looked very pitiful....god damn it.

".....Do you want a name?"

(!-I can have one?!)

"If you want, plus it could make talking to you easier after all saying Child support system is....well a bit of a mouthful, isn it?"

(I want one! I want one! please give me a name host!)

"Alright alright give me a second"

hmm a name, Qin sat their for a moment deep in thought after a second he glanced up a pale green translucent screen came into his view, the Support system was practically vibrating....It was kind of cute? Qin covered his mouth he could feel his lip twitching into a half smile, he paused, this system had a child like deposition it was calming in a strange way, he hesitated it reminded Qin of his little brother, it gave him an idea.

"What about Fui?"


"It means a generous and helpful person, I just thought it fit....you don like it?"

(I love it! A name! A name! I have a name!)

Qin was curtain that had the syste-Fui been human he would be jumping around like a child, absent-minded Qin wondered how old this system technically was but ultimately decided that objectively it wasn important

"ok Fui, could you explain to me wha-"


[No reason to be so loud]

Qin had almost forgotten they were their, a sigh escaped him, he had managed to ignore them up to this point but it seemed that wouldn work anymore.

"Can you two not argue for more than 5 minutes?"

{Then get this guy to shut his bloody mouth!}

[No need to shout]


[If Im not mistaken did you just give that system over their a name?]

"Yes. Do you have a problem with that?"

[No I was simply thinking that its not quite fair is all]


[Why yes, after all, all three of use have signed a contract so does that not mean that I get one as well?]

Qin was certain that if this system had a body it would be smirking

"....How about Azrael?"

[Azrael? What does it mean?]

"....Hes an angel of death, I don actually know the definition"

[...Angel of death? You do know that I am a protection system correct?]

"Of course I remember that, it just felt like it suited you"

[Hmm well it is still an angel so I shall make an exception this one time]

how was it possible for a system to sound so arrogant?

{Hey! don f***ing ignore me and whats this s**t about names?! if they get one then I get one too!}

.....what is going on?

"how do you feel about Mammon?"

{Ha! Thats ten times better that that stupid guys name! Mammon? Yes! thats me! HAHAHAHA-}


Why is he so loud?

[Azrael or Mammon? out of these two do you really think that Mammon is better? hmm?]

{Hah?! of course it is! why the hell would Azrael ever be better than Mammo-}

(Why are you two still arguing?! we all have names now! how can you ask which ones better?!)

Qin turned his head away, honestly can these guys go five seconds without arguing? Ive seen kids with more patience than them, he let out a sigh



Objective-- Save The Boy

Rewards- 30 EXP, Basic magic book, 2 skill points)

This has to be a dream....Right?

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