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Chapter 187.

Side Story 16.

Suspicious Meeting

“Are you uncomfortable”


After a silent evening, Asha opened her mouth first.


Tamon, who shrugged his shoulders, stared at Asha without a word, then drew a faint smile.


“Do I look uncomfortable”




After a sigh, Tamon brushed his hair away from his forehead.


His lips drooped bitterly.


He sighed heavily, then put down the fork.


“I was so angry earlier.”


“But I’m so glad.

Your reason came back at last.”


“…if you hadn’t stopped me, I would have just swung my fists.”


There was a slight remorse in Tamon’s voice.


Asha smiled and patted the back of his hand.


“I’m glad you heard my voice.”


When Tamon, who ran angrily, grabbed Cassion by the neck, Asha was also startled.


In an instant, his fist went up, and Asha hurriedly called out his name before his fist collided with Cassion’s face.


Fortunately, Tamon’s actions stopped immediately.


His trembling fist and fierce eyes seemed to strike Cassion at any moment, but he endured it well.




I’ll talk to him later.”


In the tense atmosphere, Cassion and the twins quickly arranged their positions and dispersed.


Tamon immediately hugged Asha.

How desperate were the eyes that carefully checked to see Asha was injured.


He was so worried as if Asha was attacked.


He hugged her tightly so her ear touched his chest.


Hearing Tamon’s violent heartbeat galloping in her ear, she could see why he was excited.


He was very surprised and scared.


Seeing the tip of the spear, which his brother swung in front of Asha, his heart was startled as if it was pounding to the floor.


Asha felt sad for Tamon’s overprotectiveness.


Perhaps the memories of the past, which he almost lost her, seemed to make him even more distressed.


At the time, he could have saved her with his blood and physical intimacy, but now he felt more helpless because there was nothing he could do to help her if she was injured or ill.


‘But you have to overcome it.’


He couldn’t live like this forever.


Not for Asha, but for Tamon, he had to get out of this worry.


It was different from the last time she seduced him and reassured him.

Tamon, lost in thought, raised Asha’s hand and kissed her, muttering.


“It would be better if I apologize.”


At his unexpected words, Asha raised her eyebrows.


A man with a strong personality and stubbornness would not be able to say an apology so easily.


It was an unexpected situation for Asha, who had expected him to take several days even if he apologized.


As if reading Asha’s mind, Tamon said with a small smile.


“I am someone who knows how to apologize, Asha.”




At Asha’s teasing reaction, Tamon murmured with a shrill voice as if his pride had been hurt.


“What do you think of me” 


“A much nicer person than I could have expected…”


Asha smiled and kissed the back of his hand, just like Tamon did.


Tamon smiled and shook his head.


“I should go.

It is unnecessary to waste time while staying in the mansion.”


Without delay, Tamon left the room in search of Cassion.


Asha, who returned home, was immersed in her troubles. 


“Baby, what can we do to get your father out of his anxiety”


She rubbed her belly gently, and strangely enough, the baby responded immediately. 


Asha smiled, and it didn’t take long for her to come up with a good way.




“Yeah Now then….!” 




At Louie’s loud voice, Asha quickly put her finger in front of her lips and pressed it.


The quick-witted Tasha quickly looked around, and Cassion unwittingly let go of his cup of tea and coughed.


He was surprised as well as Satin and Asrell.


It was a meeting that took place while Tamon went to the royal palace.


Asha gathered all the twins and Cassion, and even Satin and Asrell, and told them her plan.


Because it was a risky plan, she necessarily needed reliable helpers.


She couldn’t force them, because if the plan went wrong, they would have to deal with Tamon’s fiery wrath.

But Asha felt it was a plan worth trying and taking some risks for him.

It was also a moment when her daring execution ability that made her, who looked only calm, shine as a monarch, once again shined.


“It’s dangerous.

So I need everyone’s help.

Will you help me”


The eyes of the five people who heard Asha’s plan were complicatedly entangled.


Looking into each other’s eyes, no one could answer hastily, but their shaking eyes were fierce.

Surprisingly, Cassion was the first to cast a vote in favor. 



I absolutely agree.”


He slammed the table, lifted his head, and gave strength to his eyes.

Everyone’s attention was focused on Cassion.

Cassion looked back at everyone with a gaze filled with complicated thoughts and spoke with more certainty.


“I’m sure my brother needs stability now more than ever.”


Tamon grabbed Casion’s neck just because he showed his spear skill in front of Asha.


Cassion was not simply surprised that Tamon’s bitter death was directed at him.

He was surprised that Tamon was ‘lost his sanity’.


His brother lost his mind for one reason that Asha was in danger.


If Tamon Krasis had been a hot-blooded or emotionally-acting one, he would never have a chance.


He used to be a man with a calm attitude and reasonableness in any situation.


Because of that, he was able to lead the Krasis family without any other forces, and he performed the roles of general and diplomat splendidly.


Even Cassion didn’t notice that his older brother didn’t like him very much.


‘…But yesterday.’


The red eyes that were trembling with a deadly force and anxiety that were staring at him….


Fortunately, Tamon, who came to Cassion last night and apologized, was no different from usual.


But the fact that he lost his temper in an instant did not change.


“Maybe, Asha, you are the one and only person who can do this, but I’m even more afraid.”


No matter how far apart they lived, was it because they were related


Or was it because of Cassion’s efforts to follow him


Cassion seemed to be able to understand Tamon, at least.


“Now that I think about it, I think he always lived like a stranger.

So you and your baby are more precious to him, and that’s why he’s more anxious.

It’s the first time he’s had this kind of uncontrollable anxiety, so I don’t think he knows how to deal with it.”


Cassion pinpointed exactly what Asha had guessed.


She smiled and sipped her tea.


And she turned to the others and said.


“My thoughts are similar to Cassion’s.

Tamon’s generally perfect, but how can a person be so perfect If he’s insecure, isn’t it my duty and this baby’s, who has become his family, to reassure him and protect him”


… Although the method would be more radical than normal.


Asha omitted the rest of the words, but everyone was already able to read the meaning with just their eyes.


She calmly emptied the rest of the tea, waiting for her friends to make a decision.


Although Satin’s reaction, who has become more sensitive these days, was the most immediate and certain.


“I, I….”


Satine, who had his lips trembling at the word ‘family’ that came out of Asha’s mouth, grabbed his handkerchief and paused.


Asrell, who was watching the scene, slapped Satin on the back and clicked her tongue.


Then, as if his worries were insignificant, he immediately made a pleasant decision.


“Didn’t I already say that my loyalty is tenacious I will follow.

I think it will be very interesting.”


The twins, who had only noticed Asrell’s agreement, followed excitedly.


“Of course, us too!”


“Actually, it’s a little scary, but it’s okay! We trust Asha!”


“I’m sure you’ll accomplish this plan perfectly with no problems!”


Asha smiled softly, thanking the twins for showing their passionate support.

All that was left was Satin.


Satin gave strength to his watery eyes, and nodded his head vigorously.



There is nothing to be afraid of when everyone is together! Even this old servant will be brave for his master and his wife!”


With the last remarks of the old chieftain who resolutely expressed his aspirations, the conspiracy that only Tamon did not know about was agreed upon.




As punishment for being late, Tamon, who returned from attending the royal palace dinner banquet in brief, felt that the atmosphere of the mansion was somehow chaotic.




What was particularly strange was Satin walking around as if his limbs were broken as soon as their eyes met, but that doesn’t mean it was suspicious enough to grab him and ask him why he was walking like that.


‘Did I become sensitive because I am tired’


These days Tamon knew he was overreacting to everything, so he was consciously trying to get his nerves off.


Even if there was something suspicious about Satin, the belief that he could not do anything that could threaten Tamon’s personal life also played a part.


“I need to rest now.”


Although he was not physically exhausted, he was mentally exhausted from being tormented by Theoransha all day.


He quickly washed up and headed to the bedroom where Asha was resting.


Asha, who was reading a book with a calm expression, opened her arms and hugged him tightly.


‘Yes, this is it.’


There was no better place than this.


Tamon comfortably closed his eyes as he was satisfied in Asha’s arms.




But a few days later, Tamon had to regret passing the night that his keen senses had warned him.


The ripple that quietly spread beneath the calm water.


The servants were moving busily, avoiding his eyes.


Like fish diligently moving under the calm waters, Krasis Mansion was chaotic and suspicious throughout.


Whenever Tamon sensed something strange, Asha assured him everything was okay.


The four days passed so quickly.


And on the fifth day after finishing his work, things happened unexpectedly.


“….What What do you mean now”


While spending time training at Cassion’s earnest request.


Asha disappeared.


Without a trace.


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