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Why Should I Stop Being a Villain Calling his father

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Asher walked out his bathroom and took out his phone and called his father Arthur Von Greville.

"Hello Ash, what did you call me for" Arthur said in a surprised voice as Asher rarely called him and his mother as they always met for dinner anyways.

"Dad, I want to try awakening" Asher said in his usual tone.

"Oh you want to try awakening, ya i will....?*thud* Wait what? You want to try awakening? " Arthur jumped out of his chair, startling his butler who was arranging his documents for him.

"Did something happened to you Asher? Tell me did somebody harmed you in anyway" Arthur said in cold voice. He never thought his son who disliked practicing martial arts and will always deny the Arthurs Sword Training would ask to for something like this.

Arthur Greville despite being a extremely loving father towards him did not wanted his son to lack behind others of his age and would always try to persuade him to just watch him train but Asher who liked doing business more than fighting always denied him. He would have tried to be harsh on him but his wife Sylvie gave him a death glare when he once tried to do so.

"Dad its not like that I just found my motivation to awaken myself but if you don want me to do it then nevermind by..."

"NOOO WAIT" Arthur shouted on his phone. He got the chance he always wished for and would he waste it now. Hell no, Arthur was a smart man he knew if he questioned his son anymore he would definitely lose his motivation he just found towards awakening.

"I will tell Stephen to arrange everything don worry everything will be ready by tomorrow"

Asher wrapped up the call and decided to call Emmy and ringed the bell in his room. Emmy was his personal maid who was 20 years old. She had curly brown hair and a slender figure, she was a beauty who would probably make you turn back and look at her a few times. Although she was a maid, she was also the personal guard for Asher directly appointed by his mother.

She was raised as an assassin for the Raven House and came with Sylvie when she married Arthur Greville.

"Young Master you called for me" Emmy asked Asher

"Arrange the car we are going out for a drive after an hour " Asher asked while taking out a notebook from his drawer.

"As you wish Young Master" Emmy said while going out to get things done.

After Emmy walked out of his room he decided to note down some future events and relevant people that will happen in the near future.

"I clearly remember what will happen in the next 14 years from now and what will happen in 3 months from now" Asher said with a smirk on his face.

Asher was not the one who would change the future only a little bit so that future will remain predictable. It was just not his style, he was the person who liked chaos and peace was never an option with him.

He was a villain through and through, if he didn have something in his control then he would probably make it so that everything was under his control.

And after the one hour of him writing some stuff down in a language which only he would understand for others it would simply seemed like some doodles of kid. He walked out of his room in a White T-shirt and black jeans.

"Emmy is everything ready"

"Yes Young Master, where do you want to go" Emmy asked while signaling the other bodyguards to move to their positions.

"Go to Harkins Agency, I want to buy some things" Asher while walking towards his Rolls-Royce Phantom which was of Black-Gold combination.

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