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Yan Luqing pinches the soft bamboo shoots in her hand, but hasn’t made any response yet.

Then, Gu Ci fired another shot.

“Owner, I’m a little sad.” Gu Ci looked at her with his eyes drooping slightly.

Under his long eyelashes, his eyes looked particularly aggrieved.

He pulled the corners of his mouth and said, “You actually listened to what others said, and even want to drive me away.”


Yan Luqing’s hair exploded.

This is acting coquettish! Here we go again, right Are you addicted to coquetry!

Yan Luqing has no way to deal with this kind of him.

She obviously wants to say a lot of things, but at this time she can’t help but hold back all of them, and explained exhaustedly: “It’s really not…” She was helpless, but she assured him like a husband who had done something wrong, “Is it okay if I don’t listen to it again in the future”


Gu Ci smiled: “Okay.”

Yan Luqing breathed a sigh of relief, as if the husband who made the promise was finally approved by the wife.

After a pause, she realized what she has been filling her brain with, and she suddenly squeezed the bamboo shoots again——

Stop thinking about these dramas!!!

Gu Ci looked at the strength of her hand, which was getting stronger and stronger, and said with a smile: “If you squeeze it more, it will be deformed.”

Yan Luqing returns to her senses and follows his gaze, only to see the chibi bamboo shoot pillow in her hand.

Why This is your body, so you also feel distressed when you look at it

After complaining in her heart, Yan Luqing had to admit that she indeed squeezed it too hard and she almost squeezed it into thin bamboo shoots.

So she let go of her fingers.

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But she still wanted to get rid of the absurd little theater in her head, so she took the initiative to find a topic and asked Gu Ci: “Why did you come back at noon You don’t go to your classes in the afternoon”

Gu Ci didn’t answer her previous question, and only said: “Yeah, I won’t go anymore.”

“Oh.” Yan Luqing answered subconsciously, “Why”

“It looks quite dangerous today.” Gu Ci turned his head and said with curved lips.

“If I go back to school again, I may not be able to get in the door again.”


Gu Ci first made a joke, and then calmly told Yan Luqing the truth that he won’t go back to school again because there is no class in the afternoon.

The rest of the time after that, the suitcase that was packed at the door was happily sent back by Big Black and Little Black.

They opened it again and arranged it back in order while the two of them watched TV quietly on the sofa for a good while.

The pillow originally held by Yan Luqing has been transferred to Gu Ci’s hand.

Out of the corner of her eye, she saw the appearance of the Princess of Bamboo Shoot Kingdom holding a green and fat bamboo shoot, which was both contrary to peace and inexplicably harmonious and warm, and she had to hold back so that she didn’t laugh out loud.

During the TV commercials, Gu Ci suddenly said, “I will go to the next city with my uncle tomorrow.”

“… Oh.” After she heard it, Yan Luqing then remembered that she had heard the conversation between him and his uncle vaguely before.

It seemed that he had mentioned that his uncle should not come inside tomorrow.

It suddenly became clear to her and she said, “Are you going on a business trip”

“It could be said so.” After Gu Ci finished speaking, he suddenly began to talk about all the details of his business trip, as if he was reporting to the leader.

“When we arrive, we will have dinner with the boss in the prefecture first, rest in the hotel, and the next day…” He spoke at a moderate speed for a minute, and finally said, “We will be back on Saturday at the earliest, or on Sunday at the latest.”

The more Yan Luqing listened, the more confused she became.

It was not until Gu Ci had finished speaking that she waited for a while before she said, “… What are you telling me this in such detail for” Then she whispered again, “I’m not your boss.”

“I think it is also necessary to report the itinerary to the owner of the house.” Gu Ci turned his head and looked at her seriously, “Does the Owner do not like to listen to it”


Yan Luqing could hardly face the word ‘Owner of the house’ directly anymore.

It’s just like a ‘best friend’ who has been abused by a certain someone.


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