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Amid the grand petition, millions of beings in the universe withered and turned into nourishment for the giant pupil.

The giant pupil pierced through the vast spacetime, staring at Lin Qiye.

In the image, a figure sat cross-legged, whose face could not be seen clearly.

All it could see was a sky full of resentment, which turned into billions of ferocious ghost faces, baring their teeth at the giant pupil.

The giant pupil trembled.

The Painted-skin Demons felt their scalps go numb.

“Whats that”

“A strange pupil”

“Its filled with great terror!”

The Supreme Level demons turned pale with fright and kowtowed once more!

Millions of universes exploded.

Blood, resentment, evil energy, and Demonic Qi turned into surging nutrients that flowed into the giant pupil.

Many universes that were in danger lost a huge amount of pressure suddenly.

There was not a single trace of Demonic Qi left in the world.

The demon universe that surrounded Xia Universe and the demons nest also disappeared.

Chen Yihou was speechless.

What happened

Did the demons suddenly disappear

She and Qin You looked at each other.

“There was a huge upheaval in the demon clan.

These demons all became nutrients.

Who was it that caused such an exaggerated annihilation”

A look of infatuation appeared in Chen Yihous eyes.

“Is it the king Only the king can be so heaven-defying.”

Qin You: “…”


On the other side, Ji Qinghuan was surrounded by a few Supreme Level Painted-skin Demons.

Suddenly, the black fog shook, and the few demons sensed the summoning.

They gritted their teeth and glanced at Ji Qinghuan.

“Should we give up We finally have a chance to trap her.”

“Theres nothing we can do.

Something has happened!”

“But when will we have such a good opportunity next time”

“Lets go! If we dont leave now, something bad will happen!”

The Supreme Level demons did not dare to hesitate.

They immediately abandoned Ji Qinghuan and disappeared into the black fog.

Ji Qinghuan frowned.

“What the hell has happened This is the only time in tens of millions of years that the demons have encountered such an occurrence.

“What happened

“Is it related to Brother Ye Where is it Where is the main world”

Ji Qinghuan looked up at the sky.

“The sky has reached its end.

I have even killed six Supreme Level demons.

“Where is the path”

Ji Qinghuan looked lonely.

“Where can I meet you”

Flames surrounded Ji Qinghuans body.

The flames were burning all the demons under the sky.

Be it heavenly immortals or half-step supreme beings, all were burned entirely and turned into ashes.

It took away a part of the giant pupils nutrients.

The giant pupil started to tremble.

In the nest of the Painted-skin Demons in the main world, the scene that was gradually becoming clearer suddenly became blurry just as it was about to reveal the figures appearance!

At the same time, an overwhelming sword light descended, and the image suddenly disappeared.

A black, red, and green lotus bloomed in spacetime, cutting off the path of prying eyes.

The giant pupil shattered.

All the Supreme Level demons started to bleed from their seven orifices.

“Theres a major force that transcended spacetime and cut off our spying!”

“How could a human have such power If they wanted to cut off our spying, they must have fallen by now!”

“Immediately search for information.

We must find out which superb being has fallen within a day!”

“We must find information from them.”

“This young genius must not live.

We want them dead!”

“They must be killed as soon as possible!”

The upper echelon of the Painted-Skin Demons gave the order.

However, Lin Qiye didnt know that he had caused a commotion as he stepped into the Immortal Level.

After refining the grade twelve Origin God Realm, Lin Qiye slowly opened his eyes.

He saw Jiang Lianyi standing silently at the side.

“Im leaving.” She didnt talk much with Lin Qiye.

She merely wanted to say a proper goodbye before they part ways.

Lin Qiye nodded slightly and encouraged, “I wish you good luck.

A young lady should be strong and independent.”

He didnt expose his identity, so he didnt ask too much.

Although Jiang Lianyi might have encountered some problems, Lin Qiyes intuition told him she could solve them.

Thus, Lin Qiye was calm.

Jiang Lianyi gave Lin Qiye a strange look.

“I keep feeling like Ive seen you somewhere before.

Why do I feel a sense of familiarity”

“You must be overthinking.”

Lin Qiye shook his head.


After saying goodbye, Lin Qiye turned around and left.

He didnt even use his Lightning Warp and silently set off on his way back.

In the main world, all raging battles in the south instantly came to a stop.

For an unknown reason, the demons had all retreated, and countless cities finally got to catch a breath.

Of course, dozens of cities had also perished in this battle.

Amongst them, Star Citys battle results were dazzling.

“Its incredible.

Star City massacred the demons besieging them!”

“There was a Half-Immortal demon leading them! What a freak!”

“I heard it was the young prodigies named Lin Qiye and Chen Fan.

The two of them joined forces and killed countless demons!”

“Are you kidding me Is Lin Qiye already Immortal Level”

“It is unlikely, but the news is probably true.

From what I know, he used the defensive device of the Science and Technology Association to achieve it.”

“Thats also heaven-defying! Mobilizing the defensive system to counterattack is not something an ordinary person can do!”

The middle-and lower-tier cities were all buzzing with the recent events in Star City with great interest.

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