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Worldwide Simulation Era Chapter 3

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Chapter 3: Choosing the Nobel Prize Scientist Wisdom Card!

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[As the process of changing your fate is incredible, you have received an additional reward.]

[You can choose one of the following three bronze Reincarnation Cards.]

[Note: The Reincarnation Card can be brought back to the main world, and it will take effect in all future movements.]

[Champion Athlete Constitution Card (bronze)]: You have had a strong physique since you were young, and you have the potential to become a world-class athlete.]

[Nobel Prize Scientist Wisdom Card (bronze)]: You have been smart and studious since you were young, and you have the potential to win the Nobel Prize as a scientist. Wearing this card, you can also bring all the knowledge of two academic fields from the main world into this simulation.]

[Ultimate Energy Card (bronze)]: You have been energetic since you were young. Your energy is three times that of an ordinary person, and you only need to sleep for three hours a day.]

After reading the rewards, the two-year-old Lin Qiye completely let go of his nature. He giggled, and his laughter was like that of the characters in Teletubbies.

The rewards were extraordinary!

They were so good that Lin Qiye found it hard to believe!

One had to know that movement points were the common currency of the galaxy world and the main world. Regardless of whether it was resources or treasures, they all needed to be purchased with movement points.

And 1,000 movement points had met Lin Qiyes expectations.

His SSS grade talent, The Deduction of Genesis, required exactly 1,000 movement points to deduce the next solution to his dire situation.

In other words, with these precious points, Lin Qiye could defy the heavens and change his fate!

Thinking of this, Lin Qiye rolled on the ground happily, like a kitten caught in the sunlight.

Mother Lin picked him up and smoothed the wrinkles on his clothes. “Good boy, what are you happy about”

Lin Qiye did not speak.

His thoughts stopped on the additional reward.

He knew about it.

When he was in school, he had learned the corresponding knowledge.

It was difficult to trigger the additional reward. One had to avoid a dead-end during the simulation process to trigger it.

His teacher had said that the additional reward was something that could only be found by chance. Even if one had simulated the galaxy world hundreds of times, they might not be able to encounter it once.

However, Lin Qiye never expected that the first time he defied the heavens and changed his fate, he would trigger the rare additional reward.

As expected, life was full of surprises.

Lin Qiye clicked his tongue in wonder, and his gaze danced on the three cards.

“But... three Reincarnation Cards. How should I choose”

Lin Qiye was in a dilemma.

The Constitution card and the Wisdom card were both top-notch treasures, and he couldnt bear to part with either of them!

The Champion Athlete Constitution Card could allow the wearer to have a strong physique from a young age and not die easily.

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The Nobel Prize Scientist Wisdom Card could make the wearer smart and studious from a young age and become a Nobel Prize scientist.

Lin Qiye didnt know what to choose.

He was in a dilemma.

Suddenly, his eyes lit up as he thought of a solution.

“Ill first deduce the perfect plan to change fate and then choose the Reincarnation Card based on the plan. Wouldnt that be perfect”

Thinking of this, Lin Qiye immediately used 1,000 movement points to activate The Deduction of Genesis.

After a few seconds, Lin Qiye obtained the answer.

Conquering a terminal illness was a high-level difficulty problem.

If he wanted to directly deduce a plan to conquer it, he would need to spend 10,000 movement points.

Lin Qiye was not that rich.

The solution he obtained was to understand the technology of this world and become a leader in the field of biotechnology.

On one hand, the more profound the knowledge he had, the more exquisite the solution he could deduce.

On the other hand, he could use the entire countrys strength to conquer a terminal illness.

Lin Qiye understood. “I choose the Nobel Prize Scientist Wisdom Card.”

The moment he made his choice, a clear current surged into Lin Qiyes mind, and the speed of his thoughts increased dozens of times.

His eyes were bright and shining, appearing to be exceptionally intelligent.

“The Wisdom Cards bonus is really high.”

“I can move on to the next step of the plan.”

Lin Qiye was quite happy.

“The next important plan is to go to kindergarten.

“If I am still in the tragic version of life, I would have gone to kindergarten at the age of nine.

“But now, fate has changed.

“Everything has changed.

“I want to go to kindergarten when Im two years old. This is the most perfect plan!

“However, if I want to go to kindergarten, I have to show my talent and intelligence. Otherwise, my parents wont allow it, and the kindergarten may not make an exception to take me in.”

Lin Qiye nodded secretly and immediately cupped Mother Lins face with his small hands. “Books! I want to read! Mommy, I want to read!”

The childish words that came out of Lin Qiyes mouth frightened his mother.

“My son, what did you say”

“Books. I want to read, I want to read!”

His mother was a little confused. A two-year-old child couldnt speak so clearly. Moreover, he wanted to read right away. Wasnt that a little strange

However, she thought of the magical incident where her son vomited after drinking a mouthful of poisonous milk powder when he was young, coupled with the fact that his height was comparable to that of a four-year-old child.

Mother Lin was no longer surprised.

She placed Lin Qiye on the ground, took out a childrens drawing book, and unfolded it in front of him.

Lin Qiye was speechless.

To a genius, this book was terrifyingly retarded.

Lin Qiye did not mind. Before Mother Lin could read it to him, he flipped through the childrens drawing book. Every page he flipped, he would spit out a word.

“Lion, tiger, bear, crocodile... Its too simple. I dont want to read it.”

Mother Lin could only throw away the childrens drawing book.

She took out a childrens arithmetic book.

Lin Qiye flipped through the book and reiterated all the numbers.

“Its too easy. I dont want to read it.”

His mother was stunned.

“My little son, are you a genius With your level of intelligence, are you really two years old”

Lin Qiye did not think much of it and casually memorized a multiplication table.

Then, he placed his hands on his hips and stood proudly.

“I want to go to kindergarten! I want to study in kindergarten!”

Mother Lin was a little conflicted.

Kindergarten was for children who are four or five years old.

Should her son go to kindergarten when he was two years old

Wasnt it a little early

However, in terms of height, her son had already developed to the level of a four-year-old child. Going to kindergarten was not a big deal.

More importantly, he was too smart. He was so smart that he could memorize the multiplication table by heart!

The multiplication table should be second-grade knowledge, right

Where did he learn it


Mother Lins mind was a little confused, but she felt more excitement and pride.

Her son was definitely a genius!

She was overjoyed. Holding her cell phone, she quickly contacted the best kindergarten in the neighborhood, Hongtongtong kindergarten.

The fee was 30,000 yuan per semester.

Mother Lin paid the fee quickly.

It allowed Lin Qiye to successfully blend into the kindergarten.

Because Lin Qiye was too cute and younger than the other kids, the kindergarten teachers took extra care of him.

They coaxed Lin Qiye as if he was a baby.

However, they never expected that Lin Qiye, who had been obedient, would start to show his true colors after half an hour.

First, he mingled with the children. Then, he shouted in the crowd, “Our parents wont come to pick us up! They dont want us anymore!”

“They threw us here because they abandoned us!”

Then, Lin Qiye burst into tears. He cried so hard as if his heart was torn apart, and his voice shook the clouds.

The other children were a little confused at first.

But after ten seconds, theycried like dominoes had been pushed down.

Some of the children were more sensible and did not cry initially.

Lin Qiye would walk up to them and say, “Mom and Dad have already thrown us away, right Right Right Right Right”

Under Lin Qiyes crazed attacks, which child could control their emotions

In the entire kindergarten, not a single child was spared, and a group of crying children was not easy to coax.

Usually, after coaxing a few, they would be hooked into crying again.

It took the young teachers two hours to slightly calm down the bawling children, but they were still sobbing quietly.

In the end, Lin Qiye once again fanned the flames at the side. The children who had stopped crying fell into the second round of breakdown.

Even the children from the next class joined the wailing team.

The young teachers were on the verge of a mental breakdown!

Even the principal had a breakdown.

She hurriedly called Mother Lin.

“Is it Lin Qiyes parents Im sorry, your child is really... too different from the rest.

“Mother Lin, I beg you, please take him away! The kindergarten is willing to compensate you with double the tuition fee!”

Mother Lin was speechless.

She tried her best to apologize and try to redeem herself, but the principal pleaded with tears in her eyes.

And so... On the first day of school, Lin Qiye was honorably expelled from kindergarten.

He even got back the thirty thousand tuition fees.

After returning home, Lin Qiye looked at Mother Lin with an innocent expression.

“Mom, I want to go to primary school. I want to go to primary school for lessons.”

Lin Qiye didnt want to waste time, because his terminal illness would erupt at the age of 18.

He had to seize every second to complete his heaven-defying fate-changing plan.


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