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Worldwide Simulation Era Chapter 9

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Chapter 9: Fighting a Terminal Illness

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On the second day after he was diagnosed with a terminal illness, Lin Qiye came to his laboratory as usual.

The news spread quickly.

The entire laboratory knew that Lin Qiye had a terminal illness.

The students pursed their lips, their eyes dull, and the pressure was very low.

Lin Qiye was a good professor and a good teacher!

As long as his student chose a topic, he could guide them a hundred times until they completely understood the experiment and obtained the scientific research results.

He was the most popular doctoral advisor in the entire National University of Science and Technology.

The students fought to be assistants.

His classroom was packed with people, and even the aisles were filled with students.

However, Professor Lin, who was so outstanding and charming and only seventeen years old, suffered from a fatal disease as the first case in the world.

The students in the laboratory looked at Lin Qiye with dull eyes.

Their hearts ached, they felt uncomfortable, and their eyes were red.

“Professor... You...”


Qin Xia pursed his lips and gritted his teeth.

Lin Qiye raised his eyebrows. “Do what you have to do. I wont die easily. Its just a terminal illness.”

“By the way, Qin Xia, your acupuncture electrochemotherapy paper is quite useful.”

Lin Qiye praised him and found Qin Xias paper in the information cabinet.

“If this technique is used properly, it can control the disease cells in my bone marrow. Once a day, and I will be healthy.”

Lin Qiye smiled.

He began to design a treatment plan.

According to the deduction, he needed to find an experienced Chinese medicine doctor familiar with acupoints. He would first perform acupuncture on every acupoint in his body. Next, he would use the electrodes on the tip of the needle to micro-electrolyze hydrogen gas. Finally, he would use live hydrogen gas to treat the disease.

The process was green and safe.

Although it could not completely cure the symptoms, it could prolong the transition of his terminal illness to the middle and late stages.

In other words, it could prolong his life!

With this in mind, Lin Qiye was thinking at a high speed as he entered the plan into the document.

Behind him, Professor Yuan stood quietly for a long time.

Seeing that Lin Qiye was done, Professor Yuan rubbed his head.

Then, he held a bank card and stuffed it into Lin Qiyes hand with utmost care.

He was forceful and could not be refused.

“Child, treating a terminal illness requires a lot of money. I sold my house for six million yuan. Take it and treat your illness!”

Lin Qiye was stunned on the spot and momentarily forgot what to say.

Professor Yuan was already forty-three years old.

In this era of soaring house prices, he sold his house without hesitation in exchange for money to treat his students illness. He treated Lin Qiye as his own son.

Such pure and honest feelings!

Tears welled up in the corners of Lin Qiyes eyes.

“Professor, theres no need. I have money.”

“You spend every day in the laboratory. How much money can you have Take it!”

Professor Yuan berated him, and his fist tightened.

Lin Qiye understood that he had to convince Professor Yuan.

Otherwise, he had to take the six million that Professor Yuan had gained from selling his house.

Lin Qiye was so touched that his nose felt sore.

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“Professor, I really dont lack money. Three years ago, I casually set up a new industry and earned some money. Its not much, about 2000 billion to 3000 billion.”

As he spoke, Lin Qiye opened an electronic file and showed Professor Yuan the ownership structure of the most popular short video APP in the country.

Lin Qiye had 72% of the shares. He was in charge of the entire group. The others could only make suggestions or execute plans.

Professor Yuan was shocked. His surprised gaze swept over Lin Qiye as if he was meeting him for the first time.

“You made a little money of 2000 billion”

Lin Qiye nodded slightly, “Yes, I can withdraw 2000 billion at any time, so... Even if I spend 100 billion a year on treatment, I can still last for 20 years. Moreover, I can earn another 2000 billion.”

Lin Qiye said casually and handed the bank card back to Professor Yuan with some reproach in his tone.

“Ive already told you to have confidence in me. But you...”

“Forget it. Ill buy you a villa after a while.”

Hearing that, Professor Yuan opened his mouth and held the bank card. He felt sad and gratified.

“Child, youll definitely get better! You must get better.”

Lin Qiye stroked Professor Yuans back.

“Relax. Go to class quickly.”

Professor Yuan heaved a sigh of relief and thenleft the laboratory.

After seeing Professor Yuan off, Lin Qiye immediately called his family.

“Dont sell the house! Ive earned 2000 billion to treat my disease, so dont do anything rash!”

His parents looked at each other. They temporarily put their plan to sell the house on hold, which they were still discussing earlier.

“Good boy, where did you get 2000 billion”

Lin Qiye said, “If you dont believe me, Ill come back tonight to verify it for you. You can also call Professor Yuan to ask for confirmation. In short, dont sell the house!”

Lin Qiye warned resolutely.

His parents nodded.

“Son, we believe you. We wont sell the house for the time being. Well sell it when were short of money.”

Hearing that, Lin Qiye heaved a sigh of relief.


In the next three days, Lin Qiye began to implement the treatment plan for himself.

First, the electroacupuncture treatment was used to kill the cancer cells.

Second, through the precise adjustment of diet, he changed his intestinal bacterial flora so that it could limit the speed of the outbreak of incurable diseases in his body to the maximum level. The method was taken from Lin Qiyes thesis.

Thirdly, according to the p53 defective tumor serine treatment ideas, Lin Qiye tried to find an active substance to suppress the formation of incurable diseases in his body.

It was a multi-pronged approach.

A full-scale pursuit and interception of the terminal illness.

A week later, in Lin Qiyes custom-made private sanatorium, on the treatment bed.

Lin Qiye stripped naked, his body full of thin silver needles.

Even his finger joints were pierced with silver needles.

Each silver needle accurately pierced into the key acupoints near the bone marrow.

The medical staff was a little nervous. They carefully operated the micro-invasive electrolyzer and began the process.

Lin Qiyes entire body was numb and swollen.

It was as if someone had brushed his sensitive parts with a goose feather, making him itchy and uncomfortable.

However, as the electrolysis proceeded, Lin Qiyes body became comfortable and even a little drowsy.

Two hours later, the first electroacupuncture treatment was completed.

The CT scan showed that all the diseased cells near Lin Qiyes bone marrow had been removed, and it was temporarily impossible for it to spread to his entire body.

The doctor was excited. “Professor Lin, its effective. Its really effective! Although its not a radical cure, it stops the cells from spreading to other body parts. As long as it continues to be suppressed, it might never erupt!”

“You are indeed the legendary man who will lead mankind to conquer cancer.”

The doctors face was filled with astonishment.

Lin Qiye put on his clothes.

He let out a long sigh.

“I dont feel any negative effects for the time being.

“But I estimate that at the later stage, the faster the pathological cells will replicate. When that time comes, it might not be easy to deal with.

“Moreover, the pathological cells will absorb my nutrients and continue to replicate.

“So every treatment is equivalent to cutting a piece of meat off my body.

“I need to supplement my nutrients scientifically. Otherwise, I wont be able to last long.”

Lin Qiye did not underestimate his enemy.

Instead, he quickly perfected the life-prolonging plan based on the first treatment.

Thus, two months later, when Lin Qiye had another check-up.

Although the condition of the bone marrow had worsened, there were no diseased cells in the blood and other tissues.

Five months after the diagnosis, the rate of proliferation of the cells in the bone marrow had increased. Lin Qiyes condition should have fallen into an avalanche.

However, it was still under control.

It was just that the electroacupuncture treatment once a day had slowly started to fail to kill all the cancer cells.

It had to be done once in the morning and once in the evening.

At the same time, Lin Qiyes intake of nutrition and the consumption of the disease cells gradually equalized.

Lin Qiyes body gradually weakened.

However, there were only two months left before he broke through the limits of his life!

Lin Qiye used an intravenous drip as the most direct method to deliver nutrition.

However, the diseased cells were indeed malignant tumors.

Half of the nutrition delivered every day would be taken away by the diseased cells.

The rest of his body could only take the leftovers.

Lin Qiye began to lose weight.

Bruises also appeared on his skin.

Every treatment was extremely painful.

The doctors were panicking.

“What should we do Professor Lin, the terminal disease in your body is too difficult to deal with! If it were any other cancer, we would be able to control it, but the one in Professor Lins body is like a fierce tiger.”

The doctors voices began to tremble.

When they reported the situation to Lin Qiye, they were especially anxious.

At this moment, there were only two months left before he broke through the limits of his life!

Lin Qiye let out a deep breath. His eyes were as bright as ever.

“Dont be afraid. My research institute should have some new results...”


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