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I went back home to change into a comfortable cloth then Ryan called me

" boss we found her already "

My happiness knew no bound after hearing what Ryan said

" bring her here"

" ok boss "

After 30 minutes , they arrived ,I jumped out of the chair I was sitting on ,and then I came face to face with her ,she was looking down and her hands were at back ,she looked like a child who has been wronged .

"You can leave Ryan "

He bowed and left

Bethie kept standing there like a drenched kitten ,I was aware that she was scared so I walked up to her .

"Scared ??? " I asked her

She nodded her head

I used my hands to raise her chin up so she could look at me "do you remember me ???"

I asked her again

And she looked up at me and said in a little tone" bethie remembers luka "

Oh !how I missed her angelic voice and gosh she even remembers my name

I smiled at her reply and then urged her to sit but she didn want to

"Why did you run away from me when you saw me ?,do you hate me for what happened ???"

She didn answer so I tried to explain myself

"I didn mean to sleep with you the other night , I was drugged ,Bethie Im really sorry ,I really want you to forgive me and let me take responsibility of you and our child "

"No Bethie no...bur...den luka "she said in a muffled tone as tears welled up in her eyes

Seeing like this made my heart tighten .

I couldn bear to see her sad like that so I said "you are not a burden to me at all, yes I feel guilty for what happened but Im not doing this because of regret or anything , I just want to take good care of you ,can you give me a chance please to prove that I really care about you "

She nodded and then I hugged her tight .


I didn know how to feel about luka ,but at the end I accepted to stay with him , I didn any where to go anyways ,I might as well stay here ,at least till I find myself a job but nobody wants to employ a pregnant woman ,I was lucky enough that Ginny was willing to help me .

"Come with me "

He said and he went upstairs his house well I wouldn call it a house ,Id rather call it a mansion cause it was huge ,we entered a room

"Youll sleep with me here as from now"

I looked at him with an accusing eyes

"Ahem , I don mean any harm ,we would stay in the same room because of your condition ,you know I need to take of your needs like if you want to eat a midnight snack or you need a massage or feel emotionally unstable and if you need to go to the toilet and you need my help "he rambled

She nodded in understanding

I walked into the room after him

At the middle of the room there was a large king sized bed at the side of the bed was a small table

At The left side of the room was a door ,I guessed it led to the Bathroom and at the right side were two doors but I didn know what room it led too

I guessed luka noticed my gaze were on the two doors ,so he explained "the first door leads to my study and the second one is a library the books there are nice ,you can visit anytime you want "

I turned sad on hearing what he said but I quickly hid my sad expression

Then he pointed to a white door that was near the bathrooms door "thats a walk in closet ,you can put your clothes in there "

I nodded and walked to the door and opened it ,I was dumbfounded by what are saw ,series of suit ,differing colonies of shirt ,a box that comprises watchs and cuff links ,when I saw how luxurious his things were , I couldn put my old worn out clothes with it , what if his clothes get infested ???i closed the closet door

"Whats wrong ??why didn you put your clothes in there ??dont you like it ?i can order a wardrobe for you if you want ?? Or do you want another walk in closet ??now that I think of it ??its not feminine enough "he bombarded me with its questions

I didn know whether to laugh or cry

I looked at him and then tried to make him understand said "Bethie ...cloth in...fest luka cloth,Bethie cloth too old "

He looked at me questioningly before he then said made and oh sound with his mouth

He chuckled and said "you think you clothes are old and you don want them to infest mine right??"

I big my lip and then suddenly found the ground interesting

"Don worry ,since you said you clothes are old ,we can throw them away and get a new one ,we can go shopping for your needs tomorrow ,is that okay with you ???"

Oh no!i didn mean it like that

I sighed and said

"Bethie don need other....clothes ,old one ...just fine "

"No we have to buy you new clothes "he said stubbornly and then said "you can take a shower and wear my shirt for tonight ,tomorrow Ill send my assistant to the shopping mall to get you clothes "

He walked to his closet and brought out a white floral printed shirt and gave it to me

"Take a shower and then come downstairs for dinner "

He then left the room

I stood there transfixed with my bags in my hands and began recollecting all that happened today .After some minutes I took the shirt and went to the bathroom .there was a tub but I don really know how it worked so I decided to use the shower .

After showering and wearing the clothes he gave me ,I went down stairs .

He served me some pancakes and then milk

He scratched his head and then said "I don really know how to cook that much , I eat out most times so please bear with me ,I promise to learn how to cook in three days so that you can eat food that are good for your health .i hope you don mind ??"I shooked my head and then I started eating .he sat down in front of me and also started eating but I could feel his gaze on me .

After we finished eating ,I followed him to the room .i was hesitant to get on the bed so I stood at the side of the bed ,I was not used to sharing a room with someone ,not even my parents sleep in the same room with me .

Luka went to the bathroom to take a bath ,by the time he came out I was still standing by the bed side ,a towel was hanging around his waist his upper body was bare , he was undeniably handsome ,I took my eyes off him knowing how disrespectful it was to look at people like that .

Luka chuckled and then went into his closet to change his clothes .

When he came out he still met me standing

"Go to sleep, don be scared ,ok??,Ill be in study if you need anything he said and walked into his study .

I stood there for about twenty minutes when I saw that he wasn out ,I carefully laid on the the tip of the bed and very soon I fell asleep ..


Truthfully I didn have any thing to do in the study but I went there anyways because I didn want her to feel uncomfortable .

After like three hours I went out ,as expected she had fallen asleep ,but she laid at the tip of the bed ,just one movement and she would be down on the floor so I shifted her to the middle of the bed and carefully laid beside her ,I gazed at her sleeping self she was really pretty ,she had soft delicate features ,soon I also fell into slumber island .

The next morning .....

The rays of the sun shone very brightly on my face ,I looked at the soft figure sleeping beside me ,she looked peaceful sleeping like this .

I got up and ordered us breakfast since I couldn make food .

And then I messaged Ryan on WhatsApp

Boss: I need to learn how to cook within three days ,help me arrange that .

Asst ry: .....

Boss:Cats got your tongue???

Asst ry:on it sire ...

I heard shuffling ,I looked towards the bed ,my beloved was awake ,I walked towards her and touched her forehead ,she seemed to cower at the touch of my hands

" are you feeling ok???"

She nodded her head

" okay ,my assistant will buy you some clothes today so you can just take a bath and choose some of my long shirts "

Boss:get my beloved some clothes too and bring it in the next two hours

Asst ry:....

(Did the president wake up from the wrong side this morning ,first he wants me to get someone to teach him how to cook In three days and now he wants me to buy his baby mama tons of clothes and bring it over to his house within two hours

Ahhhhhh.....this is torture ,boss is truly merciless)

"Ding !"

I heard the doorbell

" that must be the delivery guy " I said and went out of the room ,we ate together .

When we finished having our breakfast ,I heard another DING

Ryan came in with about five shopping bags ,I collected it from him and pushed him out of my house .

Ryan : "...." (thats it ,not even a thank you )

Authors pov

Back inside Lukas mansion .......

Luka took the clothes inside their room and Bethie followed him like a lost puppy looking for its mother ,

He hanged everything neatly in the closet ,he then took the last bags which consists of underwears

Bethies face turned red in embarrassment.

He then proceeded to take out a short A-line Dress for her and said " wear this "

Bethie took the dress and then went into the bathroom to change her clothes ,when she walked out ,Luka was almost drooling ,she looked very clean and cute her long red hair fell to her waist .

" do you want us to visit the spa ?to cut your hair short "

She shooked her head "Long hair ,fine Bethie "

Luka nodded in understanding and then said "lets go then " he then took her hands ,she followed him silently ,when they got into his car ,he safely fastened her seatbelts for her

And then she asked " where??"

Luka looked up and answered" oh!,we are going to the hospital for a check -up ,I need to know if you and our baby are alright besides I also need to ask the doctor what you can eat and what you can ,time you must sleep ,the time you must wake up and most importantly what things you can do ,and also maybe its ok for you to bath yourself "

After jumbling those words luka took a deep breath.

Ever that ever since Bethie came into life ,he had unknowingly became a chatterbox

Bethie blinked ,and she nodded and then said " thanks Luka " .

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