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Her head was burning like a hot volcano lava and her body ached all over.

carefully Opening her eyes,she could burly see the faint picture of a chandelier adorned with crystals of lights.


The memories of the previous nights instantly flooded into her head.

She was drugged by director yang,but mistakenly entered somebodys room

damn it director yang....wait for it She caursed

"hehehe flat chest you are up" a deep but oddly familiar voice came from beside

Kat was startled

hat voice

Turning to the side

"Arrrrrgggggg"she immediately screamed when her gaze fell on a familiar face

he man with the platinum hair

Without thinking twice she leaped off the huge bed and screamed as her normally green orbs turn red

"you rapist"

"How dare you mother **er **** me"

"Id kill you"

"Id sue you"

"Wait no...no...Id beat you first mother **er and then report you to the police PERFECT!!!!"

With her last statement she attacked the man who lazily sat on the bed with his back laying on the bed rest .

Xavier was shocked when his gaze fell on the blood that was trickling down his chest...but it was surprisingly not healing

Wait somethings not right

It was faster than a lightning...but still couldn escape the Sharp gaze of Xavier

magic dust...

Xavier wasn dumb he could perceive that something was not right.

staring intensely at her eyes he was again shocked...by the changed color of her orbs

here could only be one explanation to this

if its what Im thinking...it seems almost impossible

"what are you" Xavier asked coldly

kat was totally caught unaware...he was no longer there....the cute annoying and flirtatious man was now replaced with a cold and brutal looking man

dose he know something


gathering all her courage she spoke up in a murderous tone

" Im your worst nightmare" she cooed as dangerous hint glittered for her blood short orbs

Xavier was taken aback for a second

"flat chest you misunderstood me....I didn touch you... even if you were the last woman on earth I still wouldn " Xavier said coldly as he nimbly walked out of the room

kat was stunned....I misunderstood him

recalling her previous actions she muttered

im sorry mother...I broke my promise"


CUT!!! a mans deep vioce echoed in the production hall

heaven breathed in frustration

here we go again

"you need to let the emotion out make it real"director yuyu harshly said to heaven

shifting her attention from heaven her gaze softened as it landed on an elegant looking lady in a red gown

"young madame dina... if you don mind we need more action in this scene" director yuyu said politely to dina.

dina stone was a popular A list actress,who had millions of loyal fans.

she was the hairess of the stones family

the stones were one of the most influential and wealthy families in city D.

the stones were greatly feared in city D. they were know to be in the black, White and gray path.

meaning...they were in the mafia, business,and political world.

"no problem yuyu" dina said calmly


marching towards heaven dina smiled coldly as she landed two hot slaps on the both sides of her face.

"Yao Yao how dare you seduce my husband...how dare you bitch!!!" dina yelled as she landed a hotter slap on heavens left cheek inflicting much Pain on her

heaven didn expect less.dina had always hated her for no reason at all.unfortunately because of her desperateness for money she landed up accepting a scene with dina stone of all people

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