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faith of fate chapter seven the Journey i

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Jimi lay on her bed she been crying for two days she was restricted by elder Jimena she has been into door no one was allowed to see her except soso "clam down Jimi please stop crying" soso have been counseling Jimi for the past two days .other elder tried taking to elder Jimena but she never listen because she found out that Jimi usual cross over the white sea to the other district against her order "she is our future I can allow her to associate with them " elder Jimena always said when ever she was told to let Jimi off ,she never wanted Jimi to end with an Ill fate just like her mother .

After must pleading from the elders on behave of Jimi elder Jimena decided to let her off "you are free to go anywhere you like Jimi i won stop you again but please don take off your necklece no matter what". Jimi was happy was have finally been free " I will be going to the capital "she said to herself , she had always wanted to see how the capital look like she quickly took few of her cloth and put them into a bag then she set off soso I complained her to the white see "I will miss you Jimi " soso said as tears runs down her eyes " don worry I will come back" Jimi said as they embraced each other.

Jimi found her way to the village ,she was confused on the direction to fellow not finding her way Jimi sat on the roadside crying her cry attracted some many people " what the problem everyone ask but all she could say was that she was looking for Kim there were so many people bearing the name Kim so they were confused on which Kim she was actually looking for after some times Jimi got up and walked to the middle of the road and started shouting help me! help me! many people thought she was insane until a gentle hand torched her back she turned round immediately it was Kim Jimi immediately jumped on him "what are you doing here Kim asked" I came to look for you " Jimi answer .

Kim took Jimi home she was surprised to see

old yan but was welcomed by everyone "she is beautiful zlu said to her husband Lya Jim told them she was leaving for the capital by tomorrow morning oh on! zlu said " my son is also leaving for the capital" Jimi looked at Kim "we are. going together" she suddenly shouting she finished up all the jugs of wine .

Old Yan walked at the back of the house with a letter that was written by him ,he made some enchantment and a white Sparrow came out he handled the letter to it and it fly to the capital were it handled the letter over to the evil wolves the letter was boldly written


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