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I don know if i should really go back to work or not , the workers all blamed me for the company loss.

I entered the building i was really nervous expecting more awful word from the workers but they all stood up cheering for me.

"Miss Kim we

e sorry but we heard what Mr cha said and his right we should always have each other back", i nodded not knowing what to say they all caught me by surprise.

I made my way to my office , "it good to have you back Miss Kim" Tae young said , i smile at him.

"Thank you", "Gosh! go back to your normal self you

e creeping me out and your smile gosh! It really creepy".

"Hey! Do you want to die my smile is really beautiful you this crazy jerk" i yelled looking at the disgusting thing in front of me.

My eyes lock with Cha who was smiling , gosh! He look so cute wait! What am i doing , i slap my self to get out of my crazy fantasy.

"Miss Kim" i didn hear his call until the third time.

"Yes , sorry Mr cha good morning ".


sorry that I haven been updating been busy with stuff please kindly check out my new book heavens will p.s the book is in a contest so please do vote love ya

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