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Chapter 43: Veramood Lunatil


“Aren’t you here to work”

“I’m here to make friend.”

“Then you have to work.”

“Does working make you become friends”

“That is unknown.

But if it doesn’t work, at least the chance of becoming friend would be zero.

I’ll fix the window first.”

“I’ll go up the roof,” Arcana said. 

“Oh, yes.

Thank you.” Ludy was restless seeing Sigrid and Arcana quickly begin to work. 

Lunatil looked earnestly at the sofa, and asked Ludy, “Hey, could you tell me how to take the cover off”

“What Oh, yes, yes.”

The three—no, the four—began to work together on the housework.

Ludy, who was at loss at the beginning and reluctant, soon opened her heart to Sigrid and Arcana, the common people. 

Sigrid plucked all the nails from the hinged window and carefully placed them on one side.

She must not lose any of it.

She then flattened the bent nails and bent hinge by tapping them gently.

After fixing the wooden windows so that they could be opened and closed, she opened the window wide to allow the sunlight to go into the house.

She also fixed all the ratling shelves and tilted tables.

In the meantime, Veramood, who was kicked out due to nearly tearing the bedsheets, took on the role of playing with bored children. 

While Arcana repaired the roof and took care of the clogged water pipe, Sigrid and Ludy headed to the stream with a large laundry bucket.

“I didn’t know Alkerto could tell his colleagues about us.”

Sigrid was puzzled hearing Ludy’s words, “Why”

“Because Alkerto has a lot of pride.” Ludy’s face turned red.

She had a twinkle of happiness in her eyes.

“Alkerto is a knight.

The knights, all live in nice house.

But Alkerto sent most of his money to us.

He’s never said anything, but I knew it was hard for him.”

Sigrid pondered.

‘Come to think of it..’

Sigrid always thought that Alkerto has a lot of fortune seeing how confident he was.

The memory she had about Alkerto was that he liked to play around.

Whenever she recalled her old memories, it was always like that.

Therefore, she would never imagine that his house would be in this poor condition.

Did Morris know about it Sigrid wondered, but couldn’t figure out how much Morris knew. 

The two put the laundry in the laundry tub after arriving at the creek, poured water, and then unpacked the soap.

Then they tread down the clothes. 

Sigrid then asked a question. 

“I heard that Alkerto has four siblings, where is the other one”

“Ah, Sarah is at school now.”


“Yeah, Alkerto said she has to study, and sent her to school.”

“I see.

What about the age gap”

“I am 18 years old, Sarah is 16, and Jay and jeje, the twins, are 10 years old.

They’re the youngest.”

“There is a pretty big age gap.”

Alkerto was almost eight years older than Ludy. 

“It’s-” Ludy scratched her cheek, then explained quietly, “Alkerto is the child that my father brought.

My father remarried my mother.

That was why our eyes and hairs are completely different.

It was said that he looked like his mother.”

“What about your father”

“He died seven years ago.”

“I see.”

So Alkerto was taking care of his stepmother and four half-siblings with his salary. 

“Is your jadang not in good health”

“After my father dies, she became ver ill.

She has been taking medicine since then every day….”

“Why don’t you go see a healer”

“Healer is expensive, so we can’t afford them.” Ludy shook her head.

And then she continued, “and it was not only because she has a weak body, but she is also mentally ill.”

Ludy laughed awkwardly. 

Sigrid nodded her head. 

‘What if I bring her his mother to see a healer’

She felt that her remaining savings would be enough. 

“In fact, I’ve been preparing myself for Alkerto not to return home since a long time ago.”

Sigrid turned her head hearing Ludy’s sudden words. 

Ludy then smiled, “aren’t we big burdens to Alkerto That is what I thought.

But I was relieved that his colleagues even came like this.”

Ludy was relieved that they weren’t abandoned.

She was glad that they were recognized as his younger siblings, not a burden.

Ludy was overjoyed that Alkerto told about them to his colleagues.

Sigrid was bewildered hearing Ludy’s trembling voice as she said those last words and seeing the tears flowing out from Ludy’s eyes.

“Are you okay”

“Yes, yes, I’m fine.

I’m sorry.”

“No, it’s nothing.”

Sigrid restlessly patted Ludy’s shoulder, suddenly wanting to cry. 

Ludy looked up after a short sniff, her nose was red. 

“I’m sorry.”

“No, it’s fine.”

“I must be very ugly.

I’m not usually like this.”

Ludy got out of the tub, embarrassed, then washed her face a few times. 

Sigrid also came out of the tub.

“I think we’ve been stepping on them properly for a while, let’s rinse it off.”

“yes, because it’s heavy, so the two of us—”


When Ludy’s turned around, Sigrid had already taken out the laundry and was holding it.

The bedsheet was big and heavy.

It was even more so when it was wet.

But for Sigrid, it wasn’t that heavy. 

Sigrid put the laundry in the water and began to shake vigorously.

“Oh my gosh… you’re really strong.” Ludy murmured blankly.

“Because I train every day.” Sigrid said proudly.

She then shook the sheet two or three times until the clear water came out by herself.

Finally, after rinsing the laundry, the two put the sheet in the laundry box and went home with it. 

As the house drew closer, a small scream was heard.

It was the scream of a boy. 

Sigrid and Ludy ran quickly to the backyard.

“AAHHHH!!” Jay and Jeje shouted while running away. 


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