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Episode 3- 4 Hey, is that okay That’s not the reason why we don’t have many customers, is it


A dragon.


The monster I saw on the rooftop the night I was sent to another world by the [Transfer Gate].


In my impression, it is a strong monster, a creature that appears in the middle or end of the story, or as a boss, depending on the story.


“Barbera, a dragon With this little body”


“… hmmmph”


“Come on, come on, don’t pout, Barbera-chan.”


Barbera puffing her cheeks out, Anna-san patting her head.


Looking at them like this, they look like a well-matched parent and child …… I mean, they look like sisters.

So don’t look at me like that, Anna-san.


“I know, I couldn’t believe it at first either! Barbera, you should show this to Naoya!”


“I agree, Chloe-san.

Barbera-chan, could you please This way, captain!”


As Anna-san called out, a mohawk-helmeted skeleton in fancy armor approached.


“Ah, he’s not just great-looking, but really great.

so he’s the captain.”


The captain of the skeleton squad stands majestically before me, cloak fluttering, arms crossed.

Captain Skeleton.


Barbera is completely hidden behind the skeleton captain, and I can only see Chloe and Anna-san.


“Come on, Barbera, put your hands up!”


“My God, Barbera-chan! How many times have I told you to put on your underwear”


“…… it tingles.”


I can hear the women talking and the sound of cloth falling off with a rustle.


“Eh What are you doing Don’t tell me you’re undressing her”


“Don’t look at her, Naoya! I can’t believe that Naoya, with his taste for young girls and his lust for them, would go after Barbera, me and Anna in the open and assault all three of us in a one-on-three fight.”


“Because I don’t.

I’m not into little girls, and I’m not going to assault anybody.One against three would kill me in an instant.”


“Okay, this will be fine.

Then, Barbera-chan, can you do it”


“…… alright.”


Chloe and Anna-san coming out from behind Captain Skeleton.

Well, I could catch a glimpse of the two of them.


The only one I couldn’t see was Barbera.


“You’re doing it, eh.

Really, you’re doing it Seriously, a dragon”


“…… HRRRG-.”


I heard a faint voice, but despite the faintness of the voice, Barbera jumped out of the air with great force.


“The jump is amazing, that’ s not it! Clothes! Let’s get you some clothes.

…… eh”


Barbera leapt from behind the skeleton captain and flew diagonally upward.




No, she looks 10 years old, she’s flat-chested, and I don’t think anything of it, but it’s not good, or so I thought.


In mid-air, Barbera glowed.


I closed my eyes against the dazzling light.


When I opened my eyes, it was there.




There was a dragon.


Barbera was gone.


“Ha, ha, ha, it’s another world.

I was smiling when I saw a girl in elementary school saying “Gaoao,” but now I hear “Guoaa!” It’s not cute at all.”


“Mm-mm, it’s still cool! See, Naoya, this is Barbera!”


“Barbera-chan is a red dragon, 140 years old, but still a little kid for a dragon.”


“No, that’s ridiculous! What about the law of conservation of mass Oh right! This is another world!”


“Dragons are an immaterial and insubstantial species of phantasmagoria.

It seems to be able to change without being bound by mass.”




The Red Dragon tilts its head in front of us, as if it can hear us.


A lizard-like face, horns sprouting from its forehead, large wings, red scales.


It looks like something familiar.


“This is the dragon that was on the rooftop on the first night I was here! So it was an employee!”


“Oh, so you seen her in the form of a dragon.

Naoya, the reason why almost no monsters come to this Aion Mall Otherworldly Store is because of Barbera.”




“Barbera-chan takes on the form of a dragon and sometimes intimidates them.

She told them that this is the territory of the dragons.

That’s the only reason most monsters don’t come close.

Still, the monsters that do come close are ……”


Anna-san glanced at the skeleton, and Captain Skeleton thumped his chest with a clang.


As if that was a signal for their turn to introduce themselves, is what I thought.

No, honestly I don’t know what are they doing.


Apparently, the Aion Mall Otherworld Store was protected by dragons and skeletons.


On my first night, there was a herd of big, horned rabbits that came through the parking lot, but that was a rare occurrence, apparently.


“Skeletons infesting dragon territory.

Is that okay That’s not the reason why we haven’t had many customers, is it”


“N-, no way, the human race is supposed to be insensitive to the presence of monsters and undead.

It is okay, it is alright as well.

It’s all right, isn’t it, Anna”


“Come on, Barbera-chan, let’s go back to your human form.

Captain, please help me again.”


“Huh Hey, Anna-san, aren’t you somehow trying to divert the conversation Everything’s going to be okay, right”


“L-let’s see, I guess I’ll go ahead and get ready for the store to open! Anna, you take care of the rest!”


“Hey, Chloe Eh, are you kidding me It’s not like the employees are making it hard for customers to come to the store, is it”


“Captain, please stand by until Barbera-chan finishes getting dressed.

Everyone on the skeleton crew will do their usual cleaning and security duties.”


“Excuse me, Anna-san”


While I was upset, the Red Dragon disappeared.


I guess they are putting the clothes they took off back on Barbera in human form, as I can hear them rustling in the shadows of the skeleton captain.


There are no convenient clothes for that, are there Although she says something like “an immaterial and insubstantial phantasmatic species,” she is being realistic there, isn’t she Heh.


Since I became the store manager, the third day of business at Aion Mall’s Otherworldly Store will soon begin.


The store is a place where me, the human manager and a Japanese, Chloe, the elf and former manager, Anna, the undead and Lich, Barbera, a transformable dragon, and skeletons and ghosts who take care of security and cleaning work.


…… I don’t think this lineup of employees is sane, no matter how …… otherworldly it may be!


Give me a personnel plan, Ioriiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii! I’ll be inquiring about this after 6 months!


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