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Episode 3-5 If you came to Aion Mall in Kasugano dressed like that, security would be called right away.

And he has a blade.

This is the third day of business for the Aion Mall Otherworld Store since I arrived in another world.

I decided to observe the store while it was open for business, just as I did on the first day.

It seems I missed a lot of things.

The first to arrive today are the local farmers.

“Good morning, Auntie!”

“Good morning, Chloe-chan.

I brought my husband here today.

Can you show me what you did yesterday”

“Of course I can! Come on, come on, uncle, come here!”

“Ha-ha-ha, Chloe-chan, we have to get the vegetables down first.”

“Oh, right Hey, Barbera!”

Chloe greets the ladies and one of the old men as they enter the property of Aion Mall.

Unlike the first day, Chloe approached Barbera.

“Did you call ……”

“Help them unload! I have to get the scoop, shovel, and cart wheel!”

“…… got it.”

It seems that Chloe is ready to sell gardening equipment again today.

Leaving the vegetable deposits to Barbera, Chloe is apparently going to start preparing for the demonstration sale right away.

Damn, if only we had a better selection of gardening products! As long as we have as good a selection of goods as at a home center!

No, that’s not Aion Mall anymore.

Unless there’s a specialty store.

I continue my observation, gritting my teeth at the business opportunity I missed.

Barbera, who was trotting up to the door, ducked under a cart.

“Eh What is she doing”

I muttered to myself, questioning.

The carriage .

was .

lifted .

with .

a .

crate .

full .

of .


A whole crate of vegetables.

“Excuse me That thing must have weighed quite a lot, and a girl alone can’t …… carry it.

A dragon in human form could have easily done that! I’m tired of being surprised.


Barbera lifted the cart in a single stroke and strode away.

I wonder if this happens occasionally, but the farmer lady said, [Barbera, you’re a strong girl.

How would you like to marry into our family] and smiles at her.

“Too easily accepted! Don’t people know that Barbera is a dragon As expected, you don’t ask a dragon to marry your children.

…… No, I don’t think so.

She’s just a regular employee of the Aion Mall Otherworld Store.”

The usually expressionless Barbera looks happy, as if she knows she’s being praised.

Her walking speed is a bit faster.

“…… follow me.”

Barbera led the ladies to the supermarket in the Aion Mall.

The carriage could not pass through the entrance, and I wondered what she was going to do, but this time she was holding a wooden box with both hands.

Not just one box, but several boxes.

“What was she going to do It’s not right.

It’s not right for a 10-year-old girl to be carrying around like a forklift.

As expected of a different world!”

The ladies were guiding the wooden boxes that were too big to see in front of.

“What an outstanding teamwork between the full-time employees and the part-timers! Well, I can count on them! Haha ……”

It’s a good thing there are no employee factions.

I laugh through the fact that humanized dragons are employees.

Thanks to Barbera, monsters don’t come close to us and we can carry heavy loads easily.

Yes, she’s a competent employee, just ignore the fact that she’s a dragon, look, you can’t tell by her appearance.

That’s what I told myself.

“Auntie, I’m ready! You’ll see what I’m talking about with the scoop and shovel from Aion Mall.”

Chloe returns just as we’ve finished displaying the vegetables we’ve just received.

An elf in white metal armor with green stripes and carrying a scoop on her shoulder.

The gap is amazing.

But it doesn’t look too strange.

(Shovel knight…..)

“Now let’s go! You never know what you’re going to get until you try it! Don’t worry! I’ve prepared a shovel for you to try it out!”

“Yes, yes, Chloe-chan.

Come on dear, let’s go!”

The farmer’s auntie pulled the husband’s hand and they proceeded on their way.

Yesterday we had the demonstration and sale, so I don’t think I need to see that one.

“Oh, I’m going to interrupt you again today.

Well, it’s hard to go out in the open once you get to know this restroom.”

“No **.

It’s different.

There’s no comparison to the inns in the city.”

As if replacing Chloe who left, adventurers in dirty clothes came in.

A group of five men in leather armor and robes, each carrying a weapon.

One of them is holding a wooden staff.

They were probably wizards.

“If they came to the Aion Mall Kasugano dressed like that, security would be called immediately.

And he has a blade.

They wouldn’t let a customer armed with a sword and a spear in there, would they It’s another world after all.”

Speaking of which, I feel like these are the same adventurers I saw on the first day.

From eavesdropping on conversations between adventurers, it seems that they were returning from a two-night, three-day monster hunting trip.

They used to sleep outdoors and were on their way back from that trip.

I’m more concerned about the liquid dripping from their cloth bags than the dirt on their clothes and armor.

Regardless of my musings, the adventurers headed straight for the restroom.

I understand how they feel.

The clean restrooms at Aion Mall are very comfortable.

During my time in Japan, I didn’t like to use the restrooms at train stations or parks, but I could do my business in the bathrooms at the Aion Mall in peace.

Oh, except at home.

I used to have a portable toilet outside my house, but I remodeled the main house when I built a new house.

I guess the most comfortable bathroom is the one at home, I wonder how my house is.

I can only trust that Aion is taking good care of it as per the papers.

“I’m glad the first floor has a marble floor.

If that liquid drips on the carpets on the second and third floors, it’s going to be hard to remove the stains.”

“Hell yeah! Now that I’m refreshed, let’s go back to the city! Oops, we can’t just use the bathroom and go straight home, can we”

“Of course not! Hey miss, get me a couple of these for each of us!

Just as I was thinking about Japan for a moment, a group of five adventurers came out of the bathroom.

I thought they were just going to leave, but they were going to buy some merchandise from us.

They were going to buy some of our best-selling gourd vegetables, the same as the first day.

“Despite their appearance and tone of voice, they are very considerate.

Even in Japan, there are customers who just use the restroom, take a break on the sofa, smoke a cigarette, and then leave.”

“Here you go, five portions.

Thank you for coming.”

“…… Hey, miss, what time do you finish work How about going out for a drink”

“Ufufu, thank you very much.

But I have some business to attend to.”


I see.”

“Oh, what is it Have you fallen in love with me”

Chloe is outside today doing a sales demonstration, and I’m observing the sales from a little distance away.

Now it is Anna who is standing at the cash register.

Anna completed the checkout with no problem, easily dodged the adventurer’s attempts to pick up on her, and sent the customer on their way.

“Isn’t Anna-san too competent For the cost of one person, you get security and a cleaning team! Or rather, adventurers! If Anna had said OK, she would have left us alone with our guests and asked, ‘Can I eat you’ I don’t mean sexually! I mean literally!”

“You’re not going to eat me, are you”


I was talking to myself, but I heard Anna’s voice in my ear.

I got startled and turned around.

Anna was there.

She was supposed to be seeing a customer off at a distance.

“I am Lich, but I eat food just like a human being.

I can live even if I don’t eat.

It’s funny that I can live even though I’m dead, isn’t it Ufufu.”

Is this some kind of undead joke No, it’s not funny!”

“Naoya-san, we don’t have any customers, so I asked those girls to clean up.

Well, I just wanted to let you know in case Naoya-san might see them.”

“T-thank you very much.

I’m sorry I made you feel awkward.”

With a smile, Anna went back to the cash register.

I looked in the direction of the restroom used by the adventurers.

A shadowy figure appeared, slipping through the wall.

It’s daytime.

A ghost.

“Good, if I know what happened, everything will be alright.

It’s bright inside, and Anna is nearby.

And they’re under Anna’s command.”

The ghost was floating in front of the passageway that leads to the restrooms.

Several skeletons wearing aprons passed by.

“Oh, the ghosts watch to see if any customers come in, while the skeleton team cleans up.

No wonder we didn’t see any skeletons during business hours.

She said she was trying not to show them to the customers.

And that they’ve been considerate to me up until now.”

Instead of blaming the customers for the dirt, they clean up the dirty areas right away.

Moreover, the ghosts and skeletons work together so that the customers don’t see the staff behind the scenes.

“They’re too good at what they do.

They can disappear at a moment’s notice, they can work 24 hours a day, and they are even better than the staff in Japan.”

This was the way the Aion Mall’s Otherworldly Store normally operated.

The fact that I was late in greeting the employees even though I was assigned as the manager, and the fact that I didn’t realize the true nature of the Aion Mall’s Otherworldly Store on the first day, I may have been shaken up by my arrival in the Otherworldly Store.

“Of course I was shaken up! It’s another world! There are elves, dragons, and undead! I’d rather praise myself for accepting it on my third day of operations than for being upset.”


There aren’t many customers, and the employees may not be [normal people], but they’re all excellent.

I was shaken up by the whole otherworldly thing, but being the manager, I’m starting to calm down too.

“All I have to do now is work hard to make 100 million yen in monthly sales! Though that’s the hard part!”


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