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A Beautiful Luna After Rejection Chapter 100 - A Date

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“Why dont we start all over again and do something normal people would do.”

I looked at Michael and didnt understand what he meant.

“How about we go on a date” Michael looked at me expectantly.

“A date”

Michael nodded. “Ill decide the time and place, as well as how the date should be. But, of course, you must follow my arrangements during the date.”

I looked at him strangely, not understanding why this could be used as a trading piece.

Although werewolves had a mate relationship, the process of love differed from that of humans. We often did not have too long to test and understand each other before going into a physical relationship.

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But in the middle of this, we would still go on a date with humans. Besides, Michael and I had been intimate countless times, and Michaels condition was just a date

“Of course,” I replied cleanly. “When and where do you want to take me”

“I cant tell you for now. Youll know when the time comes.” Michael smiled slyly.

Michaels expression always gave me the feeling that he was planning something. My intuition told me I shouldnt agree to it, but I ignored the signal my brain sent me. What I wanted to do the most now was to see Kate and ensure she was all right.

“Alright, I will completely follow your arrangements,” I said.

“Youll see your friend tomorrow then,” Michael announced. “This agreement is considered to have been reached. So youll keep your promise this time, right”

I nodded.

I was not a person who didnt keep my words. I also hope Michael would forget about the unhappy past and have a brand new and flawless start together.

“Alright, since weve settled all these, shouldnt we move on to the next activity, my Cecily” Michael looked at me deeply. I started to feel like I was being stripped naked by his gaze again.

“Wait…” My resistance was always weak when it came to Michael.

Michael had already bent down and started to undress me.

“Dont think of rejecting me, Cecily.” Michael put his face close to my neck and licked it lewdly. Then, he said, “I think Sasha has told you something. Youll know that everything Ive done for you is right. And Ive already used enough patience. Dont let my beast come out this time. When he acts recklessly, youll be scared.”

The next day, I smiled widely when I saw Kate outside the door. We hugged tightly.

“Oh my god, Kate! Im so happy to see youre okay, “I said. I couldnt wait to pull her into the room.

“I brought you that burger.” Kate pushed the bag in her hand to me. It was the same burger we had at Aunt Carols, and I smelled something familiar when Kate walked in the door.

“Youre so sweet.”

We shared our food like in the Ancient Woods Pack, enjoying our cold sodas. It was the best time Id had in days. We leaned contentedly on the sofa in the small living room, and Kate was excited to see me, too, and kept talking about what had happened to her.

But I saw the dark circles around her eyes and was reminded that leaving her mate would still affect her. I had experienced insomnia, so I knew what was going on. I suspected that Kate was only trying to put on a strong front, but I couldnt go poking at her scars.

“So, how have you been these days” Kate looked at me and said, “That b*stard almost forcefully marked you. His Highness said you were injured and had been recuperating at home.”

“Dont listen to his nonsense. Im fine.” I made a face at Kate and said, “But you know Michael. Hes a possessive and controlling freak. He wants to lock me up here.”

“You dont seem as disgusted with this as before.” Kate tilted her head and looked at me.

“I think I know what I want now.” I took a sip of my drink and asked, “So what happened after I left that day What happened to Robert in the end”

Recalling what happened that day still felt like a nightmare.

Roberts ferocious and crazy face first appeared in my mind, and then Michael came down from the sky and gave Robert a fierce beating. After that, Robert was as helpless as a child, and soon, Robert was covered in blood, lying under the tree like a corpse.

This scene appeared several times in my dreams, and I hated these bloody scenes.

Kate had a sympathetic expression on her face as she said, “I wasnt there that day, but when your Royal Highness came to pick me up at my aunts house, I heard that Robert was left in the forest, and no one cared if he was dead or alive.”-

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