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A Beautiful Luna After Rejection Chapter 109 - The Strange Throbbing

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“Keep your chest out,” Michael said in an urgent, commanding voice.

I hesitantly followed, pushing my nipples deeper into Michaels mouth.

Michael accepted them without hesitation as if they were some delicious candy. Michaels lips were icy, but his tongue was hot. He pressed one hand on my other side of the suckling flesh and held the tip of my nipple with the tip of his tongue. He sucked on it repeatedly until it made a slurping sound.

I shivered from his advances, but my mind was clear.

This was Michael, my mate.

My heart was beating faster and faster, and I couldnt control my reaction. I was frightened by Michaels aggressive intrusion, but I was comforted by his delicious mate scent, which turned Michaels somewhat rough movements into a strange thrill.

Michael finally let go of me before he could suck the skin off me, and his hand came off the suckling flesh and turned to hold my butt.

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His fingers were so close to mine that they almost sank into the soft flesh of my butt. With this, Michael adjusted our position, pushed my thigh to the far side with his knee, and indecently rubbed his penis against my lower body.

The feeling between my legs was so hot that it felt like it was boiling. I could feel Michaels member. No matter how often we did it, I was still flustered.

I said, “Wait…”

“I cant wait anymore.” Michael pressed his hand on me and said hoarsely, “A servant of your level is already a gift to be able to get into the masters bed. How dare you order the master to do things”

I didnt expect him to remember my initial role-playing. For a moment, I felt so ashamed that I wanted to die.

Our bodies were tightly pressed together. Michaels hand moved back and forth between my waist and buttocks. His fingertips caressed my waistline. From time to time, he pinched my buttocks and looked down at me; the Lycan Princes eyes revealed his usual aggressiveness. He said without any doubt, “Cecily, you have to know whom you belong to.”

“Im yours,” I whispered, wholly suppressed by Michaels aura.

A strange throb came from my heart as if something in my blood connected us, making me want to submit to Michael.

I had the same feeling when I saw Michael before I became his mate, but that was the werewolfs natural fear of the Lycans, and it was due to the suppression of power. But now it was different, more like something new had come into my blood, something that required me to be honest and loyal to Michael.

I looked at Michaels face, gods favorite, the creators work.

I didnt know if there was anything about Michaels face that made me accept him as my mate so quickly, but his wonderful blend of youth and beauty and his slightly devilish, domineering gaze were part of his charming personality.

Michael finally moved his hand to the really important part. He moved his slightly cold palm from his knee to my thigh, straight into my secret crevice. His finger landed on my delicate labia, and I couldnt help but tremble. I closed my legs, and Michaels hand was caught right in the middle.

“Let go,” Michael whispered.

I frowned. I felt Michaels fingers moving restlessly in there. I slowly opened my legs again and exposed my wetness to Michael.

Michael reached out and rubbed it twice. This time, he didnt stop. Instead, he put his fingers in and then moved inside wantonly. One, two, three. More and more fingers were moving around the inner wall as if trying to carve out a path for the sex to come.

It wasnt pleasant, but it wasnt unpleasant.

I twisted my hips a little uncomfortably. The discomfort wasnt so much from Michaels movements as from inside me. It was as if this level of discomfort was not enough to satisfy me.

Michael looked down at me as if he could see my discomfort.

He leaned over and kissed me hard on the lips.


I wanted to say something, but Michael stopped me. His breath surrounded me. Sweet, fresh, and wonderful breath surrounded me. It brought with it a feeling like I was floating. It was like a wine without the acrid taste of wine. It was like flowers without the sweetness of flowers. His breath seeped into my mouth and nose; Michael completely soothed my nerves.

Michael was still moving his fingers in me, and my breathing rhythm was a mess. I wanted Michael to take out his fingers and give me more, but I didnt want Michael to be separated from me at the moment.

I unconsciously gripped Michaels clothes on his chest, and I could feel his heart beating as fiercely as mine under the thin layer of clothing.

I let out a suddenhmm and felt Michaels fourth finger, which was a bit of a stretch for me.-

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