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The sheets were filled with the fluid from my body and Michaels. How could Idrink it

I was shocked by Michaels lewdness and stared at him in disbelief.

Michael saw my expression and laughed. At first, he was still laughing softly, but later on, he started laughing loudly.

Only then did I realize that he was just joking with me. I turned my head away in embarrassment.

“Dont worry. I like the way youre treating me.” Michael winked at me.

I glared at him, and my gaze fell upon the shirt scattered on his chest. Michaels strong chest muscles were faintly discernible. Although Michael was often nasty to the point of being frivolous and annoying, he was a sexy man. I only really couldnt take it anymore today.

Michael noticed my gaze and sighed. “If you dont want to continue doing it, dont keep looking at me like that. Ill think that youre still trying to seduce me.”

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“How did I look at you” I asked back.

“With that kind of gaze.”

Michael grabbed me onto his thigh, took my hand, and placed it on his shirt. “Come, help me button up. Good girl.”

I hesitated for a second. Finally, I knew I had no advantage in this position, so I gave in.

I straddled Michaels lap. Michael had a smile on his face. My legs were on either side of his hips. I tried to ignore the numbing sensation and reached for his buttons shakily.

The buttons on his shirt had a hidden design, tucked between two thin sheets of white fabric, and were hard to find.

It took much effort to get the first button, and as I began to prepare for the next one, the corner of Michaels shirt was pressed against my thigh, and I rose slightly to rub against Michaels body, trying to free the corner.

I heard Michael take a deep breath, then grabbed my wrist.

My hand was forced away from his shirt, and I looked at him in puzzlement.

“Youre trying to get something by luring me, arent you” Michael touched my waist and said with a smile, “Your methods are very clumsy.”

“But youre still tempted, arent you”

I looked at Michael as if I was challenging him. His golden eyes symbolized a ferocious beast in many peoples eyes. So naturally, this made people afraid. But at this moment, that golden light gave me a warm feeling. It was like the autumn sun, dazzling but harmless.

Michael clenched his jam, revealing his appearance that made me lose my mind. He was the monarch and the emperor. He had me firmly wrapped in his body, under his sphere of influence.

But I knew that I was the one who had the upper hand now, just as I was with Michael now. Even though he could see through my tricks, he was willing to fall into my trap. So it was a victory, and it was love.

“Because its you, and I will fall for you no matter what you do.”

Michael lowered his head and sucked on my neck, and then rubbed his head around the back of my neck.

I knew he wouldnt mark me, but I didnt know why. I thought Michael had his reasons, and he would tell me when he thought it was appropriate.

I obediently surrendered my delicate throat to Michael, who had a sheen of sweat on his forehead that dampened his sideburns and made me feel he was ridiculously sexy.

I tried so hard to seduce Michael, but he remained calm and thought about the purpose and the logic behind my actions. On the contrary, Michael didnt have to do anything to seduce me enough to make me forget what I had wanted to do.

Michael noticed my lack of concentration and gave a confused snort.

“I dont think Ive ever formally apologized to you, Michael,” I finally said what had been brewing in my heart for a long time. “Im very grateful you came to save me and drove Robert away.”

I looked at Michael with some trepidation. We hadnt really discussed what had happened that day. Although Michael had acted out his anger and punishment on me, and I had acted out my regret and obedience, I still felt that I needed to give Michael a genuine apology.

I was grateful to him, both from when we met and when he saved me.

After we met, even if we werent mates, Michael brought so many wonderful things to my life, introduced me to people Id never met before, and introduced me to another world.

It might have been small or seemed natural to Michael, but I was glad he brought them all.

I didnt know how to express it, but Michael seemed to understand everything I wanted to say.

There was a look in Michaels eyes that seemed more complicated to me.-

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