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A Beautiful Luna After Rejection Chapter 12

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At the head of the line was not Alpha John but a tall young man. He was followed by Alpha John, the Luna, and Robert.

I could see that Robert did not look well. He had come to the ceremony bearing the pain of rejection, and I guessed that he did not dare speak to his father about it.

My gaze fell upon the man at the front. He was wearing a casual black suit, not a formal one. The white shirt was unbuttoned at the collar, revealing a little bit of his chest.

On the most important day of our pack, he appeared before everyone in a dignified and casual manner. I looked at him from a distance. He looked familiar, but I didnt know where Id seen him before. I didnt think I knew anyone of that stature.

But suddenly, he stopped in his tracks. I saw him stop for two seconds. Then, he looked at me.

This time, I saw his face clearly. He was Michael who had saved me at the last party!

At the same time, Mia in my body started screaming.

I didnt understand what was wrong with Mia. She was weak in my body just a moment ago, but now, she seemed excited. Usually, she would only react this way when encountering something she especially liked.

I wanted to speak to Mia, but she was still too weak to convey any more information to me. She could only continue to convey her high spirits to me.

My eyes met Michaels. I felt as if I had crossed all dimensions of time and space for a moment. His dark brown eyes deeply attracted me. I didnt understand what had happened, but the pain of rejecting my mate just now had lessened quite a bit, and Mia became even more excited.

“Come here.” It was Michaels voice.

I walked toward him as though I had been bewitched. We continued to look at each other as though we were the only ones in the entire world. I could feel everyones gaze on me, but I did not care anymore.

I could not reject Michael. His body emitted an aura of its own accord. It was a force that made people submit to him. I saw everyone around me lowering their heads, but this force wasnt applied to me. So I continued to look at him. There seemed to be stars in my eyes.


Michael grabbed me, and I suddenly got close to him.

He was still so beautiful. He was handsome and full of masculinity. I could feel his body temperature passing to me through the hollowed-out patterns on my dress. There was also his surging strength.

He didnt look like a big, muscular man, but he had a firm grip on my hand, and I could feel his muscles smooth, beautiful lines under his suit.

I could smell an incredible scent, like countless water bombs exploding around me. The smell was so strong that I didnt even know why I had never smelled it on Michael before.

It was so strong that it was impossible to block it from a distance. But it was so sudden and overwhelming that it smelled even better than Roberts. I was almost mesmerized by the way Michael touched my skin.

“My Destined Mate!”

Michael touched the skin on the back of my neck. He wanted to mark me. He didnt say it, but I could feel it from the movement of his fingers.

I put my hand on his and gently touched his fingers.

He looked at me with a wolf-like possessiveness.

“I told you we would meet again.”

“Who are you” I asked softly.

“I am the Royal Prince, Michael.”

This was unbelievable. I had just rejected Robert, who was about to succeed the Alpha, and now there was a Royal Prince, who was my mate!

This was too dramatic! Michael seemed to be a hundred times better than Robert in many aspects.

“No, shes not! Shes my Destined Mate!”

A voice suddenly interrupted all of this, and everyone turned toward the person who had spoken.

It was Robert who had said that. His eyes were red, filled with jealousy, unwillingness, and anger.

“What did you say”

Michael took a step forward and pulled me behind him.

A werewolf, especially Michael, a royal Lycan, was always possessive of his mate.

“Robert, what are you doing Stand back!” It was Alpha John who spoke now.

John had always been a conservative and a steady Alpha. Under his leadership, our pack had always maintained a good relationship with the other packs and even the royal family. He must have thought that his son Robert was crazy to challenge the dignity of a Royal Prince in public. This would ruin our relationship with the royal Lycan. After all, the royal Lycan would not allow any ordinary werewolf to challenge their authority.

“No! Cecily is mine, mine!” Robert shouted.

I didnt know what made him so paranoid. Maybe my rejection made him lose his last bit of sanity. He didnt care about anything, but it was extremely stupid.-

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