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A Beautiful Luna After Rejection Chapter 15

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I was in a passive position. I had no room to break free from Michael as he was still holding me tightly with his strong arms.

“Uh, stop for a sec, Michael. Just stop for a moment.”

I pleaded.

I felt his sharp teeth finally leave the area that felt dangerous to me, which made me feel a little safer. But he was staring at me dangerously, and he asked, “How do you want me to punish you”

“Why should I be punished” I asked discontentedly.

“Because youre mine,” Michael said this so naturally. “From the first time I saw you, I knew you were different to me. Although I couldnt completely smell you then, I had a feeling that our sense of smell is far more sensitive than yours, and I knew it must be you.”

I looked at him in surprise. He knew from that night that I might be his Destined Mate Everything that happened wasnt a coincidence. Back then, I thought that I was l lucky enough that Robert didnt do anything.

Michael seemed to guess what I was thinking.

“I went to that party by coincidence but saving you wasnt. I am not so kind as to save every little wolf that was forced by her mate. That is not my business. What does it have to do with me” Michael said casually, “But I have to save my little she-wolf.”

I blushed a little at the title as if I was just his property.

“Ive wanted to hold you like this since then. You taste even better than I imagined.”

His forehead pressed against mine, and our cheeks rubbed intimately.

I could feel his burning passion.

“Im sorry, I cant yet.”

I explained what had happened to Michael in a low voice.

My wolf Mia had gone through many emotional and downs with me today. Most of the rejections and attractions between werewolves would have been on her. She had been through a lot in the last few months, and she was still fragile.

Although none of us now rejected Michaels scent being close to us, she still needed more time to accept a mark or other behaviors. Mia would easily be stressed if she forced herself to do something she didnt want to do.

“Okay,” Michael mumbled, clearly displeased. “Dont make me wait too long.”

His teeth landed on my neck again, gnawing at it to vent his displeasure. I felt that he must have bitten it so often it had turned red.

I panted and gently pushed him away. “I should go back.”

“Yes, but with me.” Michael stared at me intensely.

“You cant take me away like this.” I pointed this out.

“Why not”

“My parents and friends are inside. Theyre still waiting for me to explain what happened tonight.”

“You can come back anytime to explain. But youre my mate, and youll live with me.”

I didnt know how to explain it to Michael. Whatever it was, I couldnt just leave with him like that.

“Well, then let me say goodbye to them,” I said.

“Dont forget I said Id punish you, so I wont allow it.” Michael decided domineeringly.

He ordered the driver back to drive us, and I had to go with him.

“You can at least tell me where were going,” I said helplessly.

“To my home.” Michael finally let go of me a little. We were now sitting side by side in the backseat, but he held my hand.


The royal Lycans had their gathering spot, but it was up in the north and far away from us. The royal Lycans were physically stronger than us, and they lived in colder climates, so Im not sure where Id fit in.

But the truth was, a werewolf would choose to live with his mate. Usually, the woman went home with the man, but some men lived in the womans pack. However, Michael was a prince, so he couldnt live in my pack, so I had to go with him.

I looked troubled, I didnt want to go so far away from home. Although I did have the idea to go away after learning about Robert and Alison, I didnt want to go that far. My parents were still here. If they were in trouble, I wanted to be nearby where I could come back and see them anytime.

“Dont worry. We wont go back to the palace. If the time is right, Ill take you home to see my parents, but well live in my place most of the time. Im not too fond of the north. Its too dry.”

Michael wrinkled his nose.

They soon drove out of the city, and I watched the green plants on both sides of the road flash by. I had no idea where Michael would take me. I was now a lamb at his mercy.

It was precisely this that was annoying. I always seemed to have no say when it came to mates. It was so when Robert turned me down, and now when Michael took me away. My mates always gave me more anxiety and pain than joy, and things always happened when I was utterly unprepared.-

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