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A Beautiful Luna After Rejection Chapter 17

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“Whats the difference” I couldnt help but shout.

Michael frowned and pulled me over.

I obeyed his pull. I didnt want to quarrel with him. But since we were mates, he should understand that he couldnt arrange my life according to his wishes.

Michael gently stroked my back. He was tall. Even though he was sitting on the bed now and I was standing in front of him, his eyes were almost level with mine. He looked at me with his beautiful eyes, and I had to keep telling myself not to fall for his beauty, but it wasnt easy.

His breath was all over me, and my body quickly heated up. Michaels hand moved from my back to my hips, brushing past gently and then back to my back again. I felt numbness on the part of my body that his finger had touched. I couldnt help but soften my gaze.

“Youre much more stubborn than I thought.” Michael pushed me onto his lap.

He placed one of his hands on my thigh and gently patted my inner thigh.

I unconsciously bit my lip.

“You like this, dont you” Michaels chest trembled slightly as he breathed. “Your wolf doesnt hate my touch, right”

I couldnt answer. Michaels hand had already gone under my skirt, and I could feel his finger circling my most private part through my underwear. I wore a maxi skirt today. Due to Michaels movements, they were now stacked on my thighs. My calves were exposed as if I was wearing a miniskirt.

“If we do a little bit of something, it wont be a problem, will it”

I almost gave in. Michael looked so beautiful. Everything in the room seemed to fit. I liked his touch, and I also liked him as a person. His intoxicating breath was like a drug. It made me want it greedily.

‘Cecily! No!

Suddenly, I heard Mias cry. When I came back to my senses, the tip of Michaels teeth had sunk into the back of my neck, almost piercing into it. I could even feel a little pain. But Mia was protesting. She refused to accept a mark. She couldnt accept this at all.

I had no choice but to push Michael away.

“No, I cant do it.”

Michaels beastly gaze was fierce as he stared at me. Obviously, being interrupted at this moment made him feel extremely uncomfortable. I also felt a little guilty about this. I was the one who had allowed him to do this to me, yet I stopped him at this very moment. This was a little cruel to him.

“Mia, my wolf, shes fighting it.”

I explained uneasily, not daring to look into Michaels eyes.

However, I could feel that the gaze of that wild beast was constantly staring at me. Every second of the silence made me feel unbearable. I could almost hear the condemnation and roar from his wolf.

I couldnt help but think that if Michael didnt care about anything else, then there was nothing I could do. In terms of strength, I was completely no match for him.

Finally, I heard him let out a long sigh.

“Im going to take a shower.”

I heard him say in a low and hoarse voice.

“Okay,” I replied softly. I still didnt dare to look at him or move.

“Are you not getting off Do you want to join me”

Only then did I realize that I was still sitting on his lap. I hurriedly jumped down from him.

Michaels gaze lingered on my thighs, and I tried to pull my skirt back down. My face must have been red from the intimacy.

Michael began to undress in front of me, first the suit jacket, then the shirt. I saw the chest and abs underneath, and he didnt look very muscular in his clothes, but the abs were prominent.

Now he was undoing his belt. I didnt know where to look. I just stared at my feet and peeked at him from the corner of my eye. His suit pants were pooled at his feet, and he kicked them off carelessly. He didnt seem to be in the habit of tidying up. He was probably a master who a housekeeper had serviced since he was a child.

I only dared to look up when I saw him walking toward the bathroom. He had a broad back and narrow waist. A perfect body proportion, and even his back had smooth muscle lines. I subconsciously pinched my lower abdomen. Although I had become much healthier over the past few months and was no longer scrawny, my stomach was still a mass of soft flesh. There were no signs of abdominal muscles.

I stared at Michael, wondering when I would be able to develop a body that matched his. Michael turned around and caught me off guard. Our gazes met. He was only wearing a pair of underwear. I saw a bulge in his groin area, pushing hard against his underwear. It was obvious that it had not gone down.

He noticed my gaze, and his lips curled into a rather playful smile. He raised his eyebrows. “Why now, have you changed your mind”

My face flushed like a burning cloud.-

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