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It wasnt too much to ask. Kissing was the most common thing couples did.

“Okay.” I drew myself closer to him. We were now so close that I could see the stubble above his lips. I was inevitably embarrassed by this behavior. I had never kissed anyone before. I stared at his lips and thought, what should I do now Should I use my lips to touch his It seemed like this wasnt the only thing that happened between other couples..

“Whats wrong”

I saw the lips in front of me opening and closing. It took me quite a while to realize that it was Michael speaking.

“I dont know how to do that.”

I saw Michaels shocked gaze. I suddenly felt a little ashamed. Michael must have thought that I was extremely stupid. However, I was surprised to see Michaels smile. His smile was very bright. He seemed to be sincere and not mocking me.

“Thats great.” Michaels eyes were filled with undisguised surprise. “Let me teach you.”

“Dont you think that Im very troublesome” I couldnt help but ask.

“I dont like you to use the experience youve learned from other men to please me. I prefer that you only have me as your teacher in this regard.”

Michael put his arm around my shoulder. His lips first gently pressed against mine. I followed his lead and raised my head. Then, I felt the pressure on my lips increasing. He repeatedly clamped down on my upper and lower lips, but every time there was a slight tingling pain, it was coupled with gentle comfort.

The tip of his tongue lightly entered my mouth and swept over my teeth. I passively endured it, and we exchanged breaths. His breath completely enveloped me. Then, a wonderful experience that I had never experienced before swept over me.

After some time, Michael finally let go of me.

“Have you learned it” he whispered in my ear. “Now, its your turn to kiss me.”

“Didnt we just kiss” I questioned.

“I was the one who kissed you just now. I wanted your kiss,” Michael argued.

I didnt say anything else. I leaned forward. In fact, I wanted to kiss him as well. The feeling of kissing him just now was wonderful. When we were both out of breath, we finally broke apart.

Michael stared into my eyes and said, “Im the only one who can see you like this, right”

I nodded and looked at his bright red lips. There were also bite marks that my overly excited biting might have caused. I didnt want anyone else to see Michael like this.

“Ill wait for you downstairs.”

Michael rubbed my forehead affectionately.

By the time I packed up and went downstairs, Michael was already neatly dressed and seated at the dining table.

Michael always recovered faster than me. I didnt want to admit defeat, but I thought this was due to his good self-control and experience.

Two other people were sitting at the table. They all looked like the royal Lycans.

The woman stared at me curiously. She had long reddish-brown hair. Her hair was thick and smooth. She also had a pair of green eyes. Her skin looked great. It was very smooth. Her facial features were also very soft. There was no doubt that she was a beautiful woman.

“Is this the person you brought back yesterday, Michael”

She spoke to Michael in a very familiar tone. I was a little confused about who she was. After all, Michael was also a prince. Everyone I met treated him with great respect. No one had dared to treat him so casually.

“Shes my mate, Cecily.”

“Oh, weve all heard about it. Hello, Im Sasha.” Sasha extended her hand to me. I shook her hand.

Sasha got up to get a coffee for herself and sat down beside Michael. She wrapped her arm around Michaels neck and said intimately, “Come, tell me whats going on.”

“Dont go too far, Sasha. Shell get jealous.”

Michael pulled her arms away and looked at me. I knew he was teasing me about being jealous last night, so I glared at him.

Sasha saw us looking at each other and giggled. She walked over to the other side of the table and sat down. She spread some jam on her toast and said, “You two are interesting.”

“If you insist on going to school, go with Sasha,” Michael said and turned to look at me.

“Ill be good. I wont go anywhere else,” I promised.

This was the agreement that Michael and I had reached this morning. I would go with his arrangements. He wanted me to go to school. If possible, I didnt want to agree to this kind of treaty so sullenly. But this was an opportunity that I had fought so hard for. I didnt want to miss it.

“Hey Cecily, you dont have to listen to Michael. Hes not scary.”Sasha smiled mischievously as she moved closer.

“Sasha.” Michael looked at Sasha warningly.

“What Are you trying to scare me” Sasha said nonchalantly and made a face at Michael.

“Youre not allowed to bring Cecily anywhere.”

“How could I Your Royal Highness.” Sasha winked at me slyly. She looked really interesting. She wasnt as high and mighty as I had imagined the royal Lycan family. She was lively and approachable. She treated me completely as an equal. She wasnt like Michael, who always tried to control my actions.

“If you do something you shouldnt do, Ill tell Mr. Thomas.”

I saw Sashas face fall. I didnt know who this Mr. Thomas was, but he seemed more intimidating than Michael.

“Alright, Ill bring her straight to school,” Sasha promised reluctantly.-

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