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A Beautiful Luna After Rejection Chapter 31

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Michael spoke again, “Mr. and Mrs. Levine, I hope you understand that I havent marked Cecily yet because I dont want her to get hurt again. I feel the same way about her as you do. And what my words are also a promise and an assurance. Why do you think I am doing this”

Michael was polite, but his tone was cold.

My parents were silent. They were confused by Michaels demeanor, which clashed with his words, which sounded like he was taking care of me but forcing me to stay with him.

They exchanged unmistakable looks of deep concern. Michael was not convincing, and they didnt know if they could trust me with him.

I glanced at the three of them uneasily, and it was clear that Michael was in a bad mood. My parents spoke to him as if he were an imagined enemy, which seemed to have provoked his ego. His eyes were downcast, and his dark brown pupils glowed goldenly. I shuddered at the thought of Michael. I couldnt get any closer, but Michael didnt loosen his grip.

He yanked me off the couch, and I stumbled into his arms. My parents stood up nervously, blocking his path.

Crap! I thought to myself.

This would make Michael feel threatened.

Michael said arrogantly, “Everything I said is still valid. You can think about it. I hope you accept it. Now, Im going to take Cecily with me.”

“No, Your Highness,” my mother said forcefully.

My mother said firmly, “Your Highness, we dont need your promises. We beg you to promise Cecily and give us some assurance so that we can be at ease.”

Michaels facial features tightened, revealing a coldness as he said, “Mrs. Levin, you may not know the current situation. The royal Lycan family is different from your ordinary werewolves. We have been plundering since birth, and it is precisely that we have a higher status than you.

“It is not so easy for us to find our mates. Therefore, when we do, we usually bite into the back of our mates neck to mark her and allow our scent to envelop her, not giving anyone the chance to get close to her.

“Im already tolerant enough, but dont expect me to make more concessions. I will mark Cecily sooner or later. This is not up to you, and you have no right to interfere. And before that, I will use all means to ensure that Cecily will stay by my side.”

That was extremely rude, but my parents were unable to refute him.

I was so angry that Michael threatened my parents right before me, leaving them defenseless. Everything that my parents demanded was demanded out of love and the want to protect me. Was this how the royal Lycan family treated their mates

Or was it just my parents low status that made Michael think he could act recklessly

I tried my best to break free from his grip that was locked around my waist. I didnt want to be with him again.

Why were my mates always this crazy Before, Robert was a complete b*stard. He had been hurting me from the start. Now, Michael was no better than him; he only wanted to control me and Everything around me.

Michael noticed what I was doing. He tightened his grip. I couldnt break free at all. I raised my head and glared at him. He lowered his head and gave me a warning look. Then, he turned his dangerous gaze toward my parents.

“Ive said enough. Now, please move aside,” Michael said.

My parents took a step back. I saw the tears in my mothers eyes and my fathers angry but unwilling expression. They were sad because of me. My heart was aching like never before. It was all my fault that they had to suffer such humiliation in front of me.

“Wait,” I said softly.

I grabbed Michaels hand and realized that all my resistance was futile. I could only obtain a bit of freedom that he allowed through obedience and submission. If so, I would choose to do this. I would follow Michaels arrangements to survive. This would make things easier.

I took the initiative to get close to Michael and show him my meekness.

I said, “Let me talk to them just a few more minutes. Just a few more words to say goodbye.”

Michael ignored me and dragged me toward the door, so I trotted after him.

I pleaded, “Please, Michael. Just a few words. Youre with me. Im with you.”

My soft attitude worked, and Michael seemed to calm down a little. He stopped in his tracks, and I took the initiative to hold his hand with my other hand. I promised him, “Just this once, Ill be good after this. I wont run around on my own anymore.”-

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