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A Beautiful Luna After Rejection Chapter 40 - Drunk

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After Michael left, I sat alone on the couch and stared at the gold card.

I wasnt done with my class, I hadnt finished my homework, and I didnt want to do anything.

The reason Michael gave me the gold card haunted me. It was obviously a significant card, but I couldnt figure out what its owner meant when he gave it to me.

I had never felt so emotional about a person. After a week with Michael, I had started to settle into a routine, and so had Michael.

We had breakfast and dinner together. I did my assignments in the evening, and Michael would take care of some things at the table. We would sometimes play games together, watch movies, and sleep in the same bed at night.

Michael kept his word. He didnt do anything to me that would upset my wolf, and we got along so well that I couldnt help but develop feelings for Michael. But now it seemed we had gone back to square one, where we were not lovers but caretakers and prisoners.

I tried to think from Michaels point of view that maybe he had feelings for me and cared about me. But he was too used to being noble. That caring he had toward me was like loving a pet. He loved someone as if he wanted to bring them into his territory.

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Then, I laughed at the thought of him yelling at everyone who tried to get close to his pet, like a dragon guarding its jewel. But why couldnt Michael understand that it was wrong

I didnt want to think about it anymore. I got up from the couch and walked over to one of the cabinets. Id never opened any of these cabinets, but Sasha had said that Michael had a lot of good alcohol, and that had to be true. I looked over the rows of cabinets filled with words that I couldnt read.

I thought mischievously that I wanted the most expensive one and emptied all of his finest wines.

I saw a green bottle in the middle of the cabinet, covered in a glass case, and I decided it was the finest.

I took the green bottle off the cabinet and clumsily opened it with a bottle opener, only to find another problem: I couldnt find a wineglass here.

I looked at the wineglass on the coffee table that Michael had used to drink from. Where had he taken it from Damn it. I wasnt going to use the glass used by a man who had broken my heart. I didnt want the butler to see me like this. After two seconds of hesitation, I began to drink from the bottle.

See, I wasnt noble at all. The noble Lycan of the royal family would fill a beautiful glass with the right amount of liquid and drink from it while I drank from the bottle.

How could I be worthy of the noble Lycan prince I should be grateful that he was my mate, shouldnt I How could I ask him for my freedom on top of it all

I felt the alcohol working on my brain. I had only taken a few sips. I realized that I didnt check the alcohol content, so I leaned in closer. The only labels on the bottle were strange words, and the only number I could find was twenty.

Was this the alcohol content It wasnt very high.

I took another big gulp. The wine tasted sweet when it entered my mouth. There was a hint of menthol, but it felt like my throat was on fire when I drank it. When it entered my stomach, I felt like my entire body was burning up, my body was burning up.

“Its so hot… why is it so hot” I muttered.

I put my face close to the bottle, trying to get some coolness from its glass bottle. However, it was useless. My body was still scorching. I felt extremely uncomfortable.

“F*ck you, Michael! You b*stard.”

I remembered what had happened before and cursed in a low voice.

I had gone through such a terrible high school and had such a terrible ex-mate, and even now, the nasty sequelae he had left for me still haunted me.

I thought that I was strong enough to protect myself, and when I met Michael, I thought this would be a new beginning in my life.

But what about Michael What did he bring me Control, restraint, and imprisonment. He always had a reason, as if everything he did was reasonable.

F*ck him, Michael.

It was his fault that he hurt my feelings, and he said he would protect me. It was all nonsense. If he was protecting me, why was I not happy at all He was always suppressing me and threatening me, but I…

“I seem to have begun to like you. How could you treat me like this How could you…”

I felt that my vision had become blurry. I touched my face and realized that my tears were pouring down my face unknowingly. They had even wet the bottle, making it slippery in my hand.

It was because I had feelings for Michael that I felt so uncomfortable. How could one not be tempted by ones mate Furthermore, we were together every day.

“Michael, b*stard!

“You b*stard…”

I finally lost my consciousness and lay on the bar counter.-

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