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A Beautiful Luna After Rejection Chapter 41

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In the daze, I felt a figure approaching me. I waved my hand aimlessly, trying to tell him to get lost. But my head was so heavy, and my arms were weak. I waved a few times and eventually felt like I couldnt lift it anymore. I gave up and looked at the wine bottle before me. Only it could make me forget those jumbled-up thoughts and allow me to simply be happy.

Suddenly, a flawless hand took my wine bottle away. I glared unhappily at the person.

In reality, my brain, desensitized by alcohol, had long been unable to see anything clearly. In addition to the dim lights on the side of the bar, I could only see a flickering yellow light and a blurry figure that was sometimes far away and sometimes close.

“What are you doing Give… Give that back to me!” I shouted at the figure, upset.

I tried to reach out to grab my wine bottle, but the person gently pushed it away. I tried to focus and saw the person pick up the wine bottle to have a look. Then, I felt a terrifying gaze boring into me. Out of instinct, I felt a little scared. I swallowed the words I wanted to say and muttered, “If you dont want to give it back, then dont… There… there are still so many here. Ill go get more…”

“Youve had enough.”

“No… Not Enough.”

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I turned around and wanted to jump off the chair to get some alcohol from the wine cabinet. However, it was obvious that I had overestimated myself after getting drunk. Before I could leave the chair, I lost balance and fell. My chaotic brain wanted me to catch myself, but it only managed to make my hands wave in a futile attempt to stabilize myself.

Forget it. Just like that, just as I was about to accept my fate and receive the pain, I heard a sigh next to my ear. Then, a pair of strong arms caught me, and I fell into that persons embrace.

“Lets go. Ill send you back to the bedroom.” I heard that person say.

“No.” I tried to push that person away, but that person didnt move at all. He was like a rock.

“Youre drunk, Cecily. Listen to me. Come back with me.”

“Dont try to control me.” I increased my strength, but it didnt work. I continued, “Youre holding me too tightly. I cant breathe.”

When he heard this, he loosened his grip on me a little. We finally put some distance between us. I saw the bottle in his other hand and tried to reach for it again. He looked down at me, stretched his hand away, placed the bottle on the table in the distance, and pulled me back.

‘Ah, I cant reach it! What should I do

I looked at the bottle in the distance as if there was a chasm between us, and this person had separated me from my bottle of relief. I couldnt help but complain, “What are you doing I havent had enough of it. Youre a bad person, just like that b*stard! B*stard!”

“Who are you talking about” The persons deep voice rang in my ear.

“A bad person. Hes so bad. He bullies me every day…” I felt wronged again. My snot and tears flowed down my face. I probably looked a mess right now.

The person in front of me was also a bad person. I felt a little vindictive and buried myself in him, rubbing all my disgusting fluids onto his clothes.

“Hey, you…”

At this moment, I smelled a nice scent on his clothes. He smelled sweet and fresh. It was a kind of pleasure I couldnt describe. In an instant, I felt that alcohol wasnt as attractive anymore. I couldnt help but sniff his body again. I grabbed his clothes and sniffed my way upward. I wanted more of it.

“Youre still rubbing against me” The person seemed to have misunderstood my actions. However, he didnt sound angry but more helpless.

I looked at him in confusion. “Your body smells so good. Who are you”

The pleasant smell on his body became even stronger. I sniffed again and said, “You smell really good.”

Suddenly, I felt my body lift into the air. Before I could scream, I was in a strong embrace.

This man lifted me into the air. His arms were strong, like two steel cables supporting me, making me feel safe even in the air. I stared at him. He was handsome and exuded a powerful aura that only a powerful werewolf could give off.

I felt that his dark brown eyes were very familiar. He should be someone I knew, but I couldnt think straight to figure out who he was.

I muttered, “You smell so good. Do you want to mark me No, I cant do that.”

“Stop talking.” The mans voice turned hoarse. “If you continue to seduce me like this, I might not be able to hold myself back.”

I stared at him. Although I didnt understand what he was saying, I could vaguely feel that something terrible would happen if I didnt do as he said. So I obediently shut my mouth and hooked my arm around his neck, immersing myself in the pleasant smell of his body.-

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