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However, not long after, I felt my body becoming restless. I couldnt help but wriggle against his body to alleviate the discomfort.

What kind of alcohol was this Why did it have such a strong aftereffect

My consciousness became increasingly muddled. I couldnt even remember who the person hugging me was.

“Dont move.” I heard a voice say.

This time, I didnt want to listen to him anymore. I felt like my body was on fire. I struggled even more violently. “Let me go. Let me down. I want water…”

“I told you not to move!” that person said through gritted teeth. I felt wronged and shrank back into his embrace, but my body was really hot and uncomfortable. Why was I still being scolded This person was a bully and completely unreasonable. Yet, why was I so reluctant to leave his embrace

“You look like that b*stard,” I whispered. “Hes always controlling me and wont let me do anything. He even threatened me and left me here alone. Hes just a human. Whats there to like…”

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I felt dizzier and dizzier, and my voice became softer and softer. I felt as if I had landed on a piece of cotton. My surroundings were soft, and the pleasant smell still enveloped me. I closed my eyes and mumbled, “Dont go. Stay.”

“Ill get you some water.”

“Oh… Dont go…” I tugged at his clothes and said.

“Do you still know who I am You want me to stay” the person asked.


My consciousness was sinking into the soft cotton with my body. I wanted to sink and fall asleep. Why was this person still talking to me

“Say it. Who am I”

The person pinched my face. I felt pain and had to force open my eyes, but I still couldnt see anything clearly. What did he ask me Who was he

How would I know I only knew that he smelled so good that I wanted to keep him. So good that no matter what he did to me, I was willing to accept it. Even if he hurt me, I would stay by his side.

I said, “You smell so good. Dont go. I want you, Michael…”

I felt that person finally let go of his hand. He immediately turned over and buried himself in the cotton. He pinched me so hard that it hurt. He was indeed a bad person.


With my last shred of consciousness and murmuring, I finally sank into the deep sea. In a place I couldnt see, Michael stayed silently by my bed for a long time.

I would never know that on this night, when I was unconscious, Michael looked at me with a gentle and calm gaze. The love in his eyes looked as if I was the only one for him.

He was a fierce beast, but now he was as gentle and forgiving as the moonlight. He was like a dragon, guarding his hard-won treasure. Although the dragon rarely left the guarded treasure, but the dragon was not bound by the treasure and didnt have to stay with it forever.

When I woke up again, the first thing I felt was a severe headache. I had never had a hangover like this, except for a headache, and I didnt have any energy in me at all.

Damn it! What kind of alcohol did I drink last night Werewolves had a high tolerance for alcohol, and it was hard to get drunk. That green bottle looked ordinary, but it was incredibly strong. I even feel the effects of alcohol hadnt completely dissipated until now, and my mind was still a little hazy.

I sat up, rubbed my eyes, and was surprised to find myself in Michaels room. My last conscious moment was at the bar next to the liquor cabinet. How did I get back here

I looked around the room. There was no sign of Michael. I vaguely remembered someone coming to the bar at the end, and I couldnt remember anything after that. Was that Michael Did he carry me back

I scratched my head in frustration. It was stupid of me to get drunk because of him. I didnt want him to see me like this.

I took a deep breath. Now that Michael wasnt here, I wanted to forget about it. I looked for my phone by the bed. Yesterday was the last day of my grounding. Today, I had to go back to school.

I jumped out of bed barefoot and tried to wash up. But as I stood at the mirror in the bathroom, I noticed something else that was horrifying. I was wearing nothing but a shirt and a pair of underwear.

The shirt was so large that it completely covered my thighs. It was obviously not my shirt. I had changed out of the outfit I was wearing to go out with Sasha yesterday before I had a drink at the bar. So who changed me

I stared at myself in the mirror, wide-eyed. I didnt think Id remember to change in the state I was in. Though I could vaguely guess the owner of the shirt from the scent.

‘What had I done yesterday How could I face Michael after what had happened I thought desperately.-

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