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A Beautiful Luna After Rejection Chapter 48

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I rolled my eyes. Michael knew it was impossible, but he didnt want to tell me.

“If you dont want to tell me, then dont.” I walked past Michael to the cloakroom and started picking out clothes.

Michael leaned against the closet and looked at me. He wanted to see me change, but I wouldnt let him. I slammed the walk-in closet door in front of him.

“You better hurry up. Youre going to be late for class,” Michael said from outside.

I grabbed my phone and glanced at it. Oh my god! It was already 10:00. My class was at 10:30. No, why would Michael care about my class I started to put on my shirt and jeans.

When I opened the closet door, Michael was standing in the doorway.

“Ill take you to class today,” he said.

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I looked at him suspiciously. Michael spread his hands and said, “Youve lost my trust the last time you snuck out. Ill pick you up myself this time.”

He didnt give up on his child-minding methods. I glared at him, but Michael didnt budge.

“If you dont want to go to school, thats even better.” Michael raised his eyebrows. “Id rather you stay in the room.”

“Ill go, just like you arranged.” I walked past him and started to pack the textbooks I wanted to bring. “Prince Lycan is willing to be my driver. Why wouldnt I want that”

“Thats good.” Michael didnt care about what I said. He had already changed into a white suit at some point.

There was nothing wrong with the tailoring of the suit, but it was exaggerated to the point that it was splashed with ink to create a variety of colors. This flashy and frivolous suit style might appear silly to ordinary people, but on Michael, his aura completely suppressed the gaudiness, only making him appear slender and fresh.

Michael said, “Ill wait for you downstairs. Youd better come down in five minutes or be late.”

As I walked to the door, Michael seemed to remember something and said to me, “By the way, now that youve found out, I have to remind you not to mess with me when my wolf appears.”

I hurried downstairs, where Michael was already waiting in his black car.

I opened the door and sat in the passenger seat. I came down in such a hurry that I didnt even have time to apply some lotion and makeup on my face. I had to bring them down and apply only primer on my face in the car.

Michael tilted his head and glanced at me. “You were fine the way you were.”

“Then, you must have never seen me before,” I said casually.

“What happened before” Michael started the car.

“Before I went to college, I looked completely different from now.” I closed the small mirror on the visor in the car and pursed my lips covered in lipstick. “My classmates back then…”

I caught a glimpse of Michaels slightly furrowed brows out of the corner of my eye, and I suddenly stopped talking.

What was I doing now I was sitting in the car chatting with Michael like a friend telling him about my past. We had never sat down and had a peaceful conversation like this before, even if these were unimportant words.

“What happened to your classmate” Michael stopped the car at the traffic light and turned to ask me.

From this angle, Michaels expression looked pure and innocent. When the sunlight hit his face, he looked like an ignorant and handsome teenager. My heart stopped beating for a moment.

His eyes were deep,, and his nose bridge was high. Evil and innocence were intertwined. For a moment, I felt moved.

“Nothing.” I suppressed my throbbing heart and looked out of the window.

Michael took the initiative to change the topic and said, “I heard that because of me, you are now very popular in school.”

I had almost forgotten that I had such a problem. Everyone was very curious about me because of Michaels identity. I didnt know if the situation would improve after a week. I didnt want to face so many strange gazes if I could.

“If you think its bothering you, I can help you deal with them,” Michael said.

I looked at Michael and predicted what he was going to say next.

“You know, I dont mind spending the whole day together,” Michael said seductively. When he deliberately lowered his gaze, he had an indescribable demonic beauty.

“Their whispers will annoy you, but they wont dare to do that again if Im with you. Youll be safe with me.”

“If you follow me, itll only stir up more gossip.” I looked at him sideways. “And dont you have anything else to do Do you want to tell me that I dont have to go to class if youre not here”

“Im just being kind and dont want you to be bothered,” Michael said.

“Thank you very much.”

Michael was trying to get me out of school so that he could monitor my every move, but I wasnt a puppet at his mercy. He would know that sooner or later.-

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