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A Beautiful Luna After Rejection Chapter 5

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However, Robert grabbed my hand, and I struggled a little, but I couldnt break free.

I had to look him in the eye, and his eyes were filled with the longing I had hoped for.

My wolf Mia was howling in my heart, and I knew she longed for physical contact with Robert, and although I hated it, it made it difficult for me to reject him.

‘Hey, calm down, Mia. Hes not worth it.

Mia sensed my depression and stopped making a sound.

But my heart is itched, which made me more uncomfortable.

“What are you doing” I asked coldly.

Robert seemed taken aback by my tone. He was the Alpha of the future, and he was used to everyone looking up to him. He probably didnt expect to be treated like this by me, whom he used to look down on.

“I think were classmates again.”

His clumsy approach was laughable.

“Thats a pity,” I mocked.

“Hey, how dare you!”

Alison suddenly rushed up. She seemed to have been holding back for a long time.

“You should look at the situation. Your boyfriend is holding my hand right now. Instead of getting angry at me, you should ask him to let my hand go.”

I emphasized the wordboyfriend.

If there was one thing I had learned from my travels over the past few months, you should never put yourself in a vulnerable position. When faced with difficulties and challenges, you should fight rather than give in. No one would feel sorry for you for being weak. You could only stand up for yourself and use your strength to solve the problem.


Alison turned to Robert, her beautiful face flushed with anger.

However, Robert didnt let go of my hand. Instead, he looked at my chest. I knew what he was looking at. Today, I was wearing a tight white vest with a V-shaped opening that revealed my beautiful collarbone and accentuated my curves. However, this appreciation from a male didnt make me proud. Instead, it made me angry.

“You smell good,” Robert growled.

This was blatant harassment!

I couldnt believe he said this to me in front of Alison. Alison looked like she was about to explode.

I forcefully shook off Roberts hand and glared at him. I should have ignored him earlier.

“Hey, there you are, Cecily.”

It was my roommate, Kate. She was also my first friend in college.

Kate had blonde hair, a pair of charming green eyes, and an impressive pair of breasts. She was warm and cheerful, had many friends, and was very sociable. She also had a very handsome boyfriend, Alfred. Although they were not mates, they were very close and had already planned to mark each other.

“You must be Robert, son of Alpha. Hello, my name is Kate.”

Kate was always friendly, and sometimes I would feel embarrassed about it,

But now, I was extremely grateful that she had come and had succeeded in stopping Robert from saying weirder things.

“Hello, Kate, nice to meet you.”

I watched them exchange pleasantries coldly. In front of strangers, Robert maintained his gentlemanly demeanor. His appearance had fooled me, but I knew that he was just a hypocrite after seeing his true colors. Thinking that Robert would become our packs Alpha, I couldnt help but worry about the future of our pack.

I didnt hear what they were saying until Kate came over and patted me on the shoulder. Then, I realized that Robert and Alison were gone.

“You seem distracted,” Kate said. “Do you have something with our future Alpha”

“No, I dont,” I denied.

I didnt want to tell anyone about Robert. My mate marking with another she-wolf was not something to boast about.

“Well, he was looking at you just now. But he already has a partner, right” Kate shrugged.

I nodded perfunctorily. I didnt want to talk about Robert with Kate anymore. I changed the topic. “Hows your group project coming along”

“Well, I havent done it yet. Ive been busy attending all kinds of parties lately.”

I wasnt surprised by her answer.

To Kate, her social life was far more important than her studies. Her studies were probably her last priority.

“Dont miss the deadline,” I reminded her.

“I wont. You must come to the party tonight. I heard there are going to be a lot of handsome guys.”

Just as I was about to refuse, Kate stopped me.

“Dont decline. You have to come because today is my day.”

Kate hooked her arm around my neck and said, “Were friends, right”

We were friends. I was probably one of her hundreds of friends. I thought to myself and nodded helplessly at her.

I wasnt as keen on parties as Kate was, but I wasnt opposed to meeting new people.

Although I knew it was in everyones nature to judge a book by its cover, I didnt like people who had ignored me and were now trying to be nice to me. They were such hypocrites, and I didnt think I needed friends like that.-

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