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A Beautiful Luna After Rejection Chapter 52

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No one cared about Alison anymore. We slowly walked toward the dormitory.

“Actually, I didnt even know I could do this. This is the first time Ive fought with someone.” I looked at my hands and sighed. I had become so strong without knowing it.

I probably didnt notice this because I spent so much time with a monster like Michael.

I suddenly thought of something and said to Kate, “However, is it alright for you to appear in front of her like this She will become Luna in the future after all. Im afraid that she will find trouble with you in the future.”

Kate said nonchalantly, “Now that Robert has been stripped of his identity as the successor, who knows if she will still be able to become Luna. So many people who used to suck up to her have left. And so what if she becomes Luna No Luna would treat her pack like that.”

I finally understand why Alison came to me alone today. She used to be with her sisters in packs.

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It seemed that she hadnt been doing well recently. Id suffered from being ignored and despised by my mate. In a way, I could understand Alison.

Her wolf must be going crazy right now. Perhaps this was why she became hysterical.

“How have you been recently I saw pictures of you and Alfred on social media. Did you two have a good weekend” I winked at Kate.

However, I didnt expect that Kates expression would be a little downcast after bringing up this topic.

“We… Are alright,” Kate stammered.

I looked at her in puzzlement, but Kate turned elsewhere. I saw an injured expression in her eyes.

Something must have happened between them. Kate and Alfred had been together since junior high school. They werent mates, but they had maintained a long-term relationship. Although Kate didnt often show off to me, I know that Kate and Alfred had a strong relationship. I used to envy them.

Kate sighed a little dispiritedly. She pushed her long hair aside with her hand and said, “There is something wrong between us.”

With that said, Kate fell silent again. This was not a common situation. Kate was always outgoing, and I rarely saw her out of it, but she was as troubled by love as any girl.

Kate shook her head, and her heaving chest told me that her mood was not as calm as the tone of her voice. She bit her lip and didnt seem to want to talk about it.

I quickly said, “Its okay. You dont have to tell me everything. But if you want to, Ill always be here.”

“Thank you, Cecily.” Kate looked at me with gratitude in her eyes.

I sighed in my heart. Everyone was at a loss when it came to relationships.

Kates fragile appearance didnt last long. She quickly readjusted to her usual self and scanned me up and down, “What about you” she asked mischievously. “You havent been to school all week. How did it go with the Lycan prince”

Kate patted me on the shoulder and said, “As a girl scout, did you get used to having sex with the Lycan prince from the beginning”

I patted her hand to cover up my blushing.

“Oh. Why are you so shy” We passed a faculty building when a large group of students came out. I looked around, afraid that others would hear what Kate said, and Kate laughed at my flustered expression.

“Im not shy!” I was angry from embarrassment and reached out to cover Kates mouth.

Kate quickly ran away, and I chased after her.

We chased and jumped around the campus for a while, and finally, we didnt have the energy and stopped on a large lawn. Kate and I lay side by side on the grass; the fragrance of the grass and earth filled our breaths.

“Hey, really, tell me about it.” Kate nudged me with her shoulders.

I looked at the blue sky and felt my thoughts empty. Finally, I blurted, “I hate him.”

I turned around and saw Kates surprised expression, so I explained, “I havent been having sex with the Lycan prince all the time for a week as you think. He grounded me and told me to stay in the house. He went to work every day, and I was under house arrest. Even now, he doesnt allow me to go anywhere except school.

“Im fed up with this life, and Im fed up with him,” I said, tugging at the grass on the ground.

“Well… maybe the Lycans habits are different from ours. I mean, since youre mates, you should get used to this,” Kate stammered.

“How the hell am I supposed to get used to it!” I suddenly exploded. I had been bottling up for too long these days, and no one could talk to me.

“Im not his toy. Im a werewolf, and I need freedom. I hate being locked up and being watched by him like a child. I want to leave this place and leave everything.”

I sat up and looked at Kate. “Kate, do you understand I dont want any of this right now. I want to get rid of all of this. Being talked about and judged. I want to leave all these.”-

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