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A Beautiful Luna After Rejection Chapter 54

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I looked at myself in the mirror in astonishment. Kate had the hands of the devil and dressed me up as someone else.

The girl in the mirror had blonde hair that hung down to her shoulders. Her lips were covered in bright red lipstick, making them look bright and full, like ripe cherries.

Kate had been fiddling with my cheeks for a long time, and now I could see freckles on my face. Kate had also given me a pair of blue contact lenses.

My eyelashes were brushed with mascara, thick and well-defined, and my eyes looked far more attractive than usual with black eyeliner and brown eyeshadow.

I blinked, and the person in the mirror did the same. She wore a red sling dress with the hem down to her thighs. The design was irregular, and the dress was as bright as lipstick.

The low-cut sling almost exposed half of her breasts, and the tight fabric on her chest was full. She had shiny gold earrings on her ears and a thin chain around her neck with a pearl.

She didnt look bad, just not like me.

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“I look like a prostitute,” I muttered to the mirror.

“What are you talking about” Kate stared at me. “Im doing this so you wont be recognized. Wheres your scent mask Take it out.”

I took a small bottle from my bag and handed it to Kate. Kate held it in her hand and shook it. She was a little curious about it.

“I have been told to spray it directly on my body, like perfume,” I explained.

Kate held the bottle and sprayed it in the air. She sniffed it and said, “It doesnt smell special.”

I shrugged and let Kate spray the powder from the bottle onto my body.

Kate said, “I heard that when the pack warriors go out hunting, they put a potion on their bodies. That potion is made from the juice of various plants. It can hide the smell of plants or stones, but I cant smell anything on you. Does it really work”

“Maybe Lycans method is different from ours. Anyway, we can only trust it now.”

I sprayed some more into the air, allowing myself to walk in the cloud of the powder and make sure I was completely enveloped.

I stared at Kate and asked, “Can you still smell Michael on me”

“No. You dont smell at all. If I dont see you standing there, just by the smell, I wouldnt even think there was anyone there,” Kate said.

I breathed a sigh of relief. It seemed that the potion really worked.

Our room was a mess because of what we had done just now. All kinds of clothes, pants, toiletries, cosmetics, and sanitary products were strewn all over the bed. We packed the things that we had just sorted into our suitcases. The rest of the mess had to wait for our return.

Kate and I closed the last suitcase together. We sat on the suitcase and let out a long breath.

“Okay, now everything is done,” Kate said excitedly.

I walked to the mirror again. I still couldnt get used to my new appearance. I wanted to pull up the front of my dress, but my thighs would show more. If I pulled down, my breasts would show.

Kate walked over to me and looked in the mirror with me.

I bit my lip and said, “I look like a real sl*t. If I go to the red light district in this outfit, Im sure a random guy will stuff money in my chest.”

Kate crossed her arms. “What do you want to be The kind of woman who says,I have never slept with a man on her forehead You have to pretend to be someone completely different than you were.”

“I dont haveIve never slept with a man on my forehead,” I retorted.

“Then, when was the last time you had sex with a man Was it Robert or Michael, or an unknown man” Kate asked arrogantly. She clearly knew I couldnt answer that.

“You cant tell, right” Kate circled me and said, “But dont tell me that you have the potential to become a seductress. You want to show your passionate side. If you cant recognize it yourself, no one else can.”

Kate reached out and pulled down the shirt on my chest.

I think I had to admit that she was right. Since my goal was to disguise myself, then this outfit was perfect.

If I was going to leave the campus and Michaels surveillance undetected, I needed to leave in the most unexpected way.

If you wanted to hide something, the best thing to do was not to put it in a box and lock it up but to keep it in plain sight. The easiest place was the safest.

Kate also changed into a new T-shirt and jeans. She was the opposite of me. She just needed to hide in the crowd and not attract attention.

“Although I dont need it, Ill spray some on myself to prevent me from carrying your scent.” Kate sprayed the remaining powder in the bottle on herself.

“Did we forget anything” Kate asked.

I looked around the room, thinking about what we hadnt done. “I dont think so.”

“Alright, lets split up. Ill go first, and then Ill wait for you in the parking lot at the east gate of the campus with my car. You can leave in ten minutes,” Kate said.

I nodded. I was very nervous and looking forward to what would happen next.-

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