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A Beautiful Luna After Rejection Chapter 55

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Ten minutes later, I walked out of the dorm with a small bag and a pair of red high heels.

Walking down the stairs, I saw many people peeping at me. It was different from the peeping I had experienced in the morning. They stared at me with envy and curiosity but didnt stare at me for long.

I think it was because I had been affected by the way Michael and the others smelled, and even though there was no smell, there was still a sense of dread about them.

A minor incident occurred when I walked toward the parking lot; I bumped into Robert.

He looked worse than Alison, and he was completely dispirited. That was why I hadnt recognized him in the first place, and by the time I realized it was him, I couldnt avoid meeting him face-to-face.

I felt my heart stop for a moment as we passed each other.

Fortunately, Kates makeup and the butlers powder worked, and Robert didnt recognize me. So I walked past him as if nothing had happened, trying to keep up my pace so no one would notice anything amiss.

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I made it to the parking lot, and Kate parked in an unassuming corner, where she was already in the drivers seat. I quickly slipped into the back seat, which was a smooth start.

“Buckle up,” Kate reminded me. “Our trip may be a little long. Itll take us five or six hours to get there. Hopefully, well be there before dark.”

Kate started the car. I carefully observed my surroundings to ensure no one was following us.

When Kate drove out of the campus, I saw Michaels men outside the school gate. They were the men in black uniforms.

However, most of their gazes were fixed on the pedestrians coming and going. I even tried to make eye contact with one of the men in black outside the window. However, they didnt even look inside the car. I was relieved; it felt like my plan with Kate had succeeded more than halfway.

After we drove some distance, I finally couldnt see the buildings of our school. There was empty land on either side of the road. I shook off my uncomfortable red heels, climbed into the front passenger seat, and rolled down the window. I breathed in the long-lost smell of freedom.

I looked down at my phone. It wasnt even 2 pm. Michael and I had agreed to meet at 4:00 pm, which meant it would be at least another two hours before Michael realized I was missing. By then, I would be hundreds of kilometers away from him.

My heart was finally in my stomach. The plan had gone off without a hitch.

I turned to Kate and suggested, “I can drive later. You can rest.”

Kate gave me a sidelong glance and asked, “Do you have a drivers license”

“Uh.” I forgot the question and said, “But Ive driven before. Maybe you can find an empty road section for me.”

“Come on, girl. I dont want to be invited to the police station for tea before your Lycan prince catches me.” Kate shrugged and said, “Dont worry. I can handle this bit of distance.”

With that, Kate reached out and turned on the car radio. Kate had always liked jazz with a strong beat. Although I usually preferred classical music, at this moment, the sun was shining, the wind was blowing our hair, and the air was filled with the fragrance of freedom. So this kind of rhythm that made people want to dance was what we needed.

I took a pair of sunglasses from the cars visor and put them on my head. I stretched my hand out the window, felt the cars airflow at high speed, and swayed to the music.

Kate looked at me. She started humming to the music. I started screaming out the window. I had held it in for so long that I finally had a chance to let myself go.

We had a good two hours.

Kate and I discussed it and decided to take a break before 4:00 pm. So we ate dinner as soon as we could before Michael found out I was gone.

We were afraid that if Michael found out I was missing, we wouldnt be able to take a break in any town, which would increase our risk of exposure.

Kate stopped me from taking off my disguise. She said I could change my gear in the car later, instead of in this town not too far from the school. Kate also went alone to buy dinner, and we shared our food. It was good, but I didnt taste much.

As it got closer to 4:00 pm, my initial excitement subsided. Instead, I felt uneasy. I began to worry about my situation and whether Michael would come to get me back.

The last time I went home, Michael knocked on our door after only half an hour. I tried to avoid any chance of him finding out this time, but did it work

Michael was a powerful man. He could get information from werewolves all over the state and track me down if he wanted to.-

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