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A Beautiful Luna After Rejection Chapter 63

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I reluctantly pulled out a small bottle from the bottom of the box and handed it to Kate. “This is all I have left. Youd better use it sparingly these days.”

“Thats a big help,” Kate said as she hugged me with a smile.

I hugged her back, but I was thinking about Michael.

If Michael caught me for this reason, I would accept my fate. I hoped that when he found me, he would show me some mercy.

My chest felt a lot less stuffy when I woke up the following day.

I was not as uncomfortable as yesterday. Although I still felt it difficult to breathe, I was no longer nauseous enough to throw up. I tried to call out to Mia in my mind, and she gave me a slight response. I knew she was not as angry as she was yesterday and was using her strength to help me.

After a good nights rest, my body no longer felt tired. I only felt a little empty in my heart. It was a call for my missing mate.

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‘Thank you, Mia.

I got a few cold grins from Mia.

I smiled. Although my wolf didnt like to express herself, she was still kind and cute.

I walked down the stairs and saw Aunt Carol working in the kitchen.

She was frying omelets in a pot with all kinds of ingredients. There were ham, mushrooms, tomatoes, and green and red peppers. The aroma was overflowing, and it looked delicious.

I walked up to help, but Aunt Carol stopped me.

“Youre a guest. Just sit and wait.” Aunt Carol waved the spatula, looking very skilled.

“Its okay. I often help my parents at home,” I said with a smile.

Aunt Carol glanced at me and said, “If you want to help, can you bring the coffee and milk over there Be careful not to burn it.”

“Of course.” I took a few cups from the cabinet and asked, “Where did Kate go I passed by her room just now and didnt see her.”

“She went out the back door early in the morning. She said she was going for a morning run. So go and get her.”

I followed Aunt Carols instructions and went out the back door. There was a stone road leading to the forest. I walked along the road, hoping that Kate didnt run too far.

After walking for a few minutes, I saw Kate.

“Kate!” I called after her from afar and ran a few steps toward her.

Only then did I realize that there was another person beside her. This person was Alpha Alex of the Ancient Woods Pack.

Before I could think of how to greet her, Alex spoke first and said, “Its you. You came with Kate last night. Kate just told me youre her roommate.”

I glanced at Kate and noticed that her eyes seemed slightly red as if she had just cried. However, Alexs expression didnt seem like they had just had an unpleasant encounter. So it could also be that Kate didnt sleep well last night.

I didnt overthink it. Instead, I nodded at Alex as a greeting.

I turned to Kate and said, “Aunt Carol has made breakfast. She asked me to come to get you.”

Kate looked at me and then at Alex and invited, “Have you had breakfast Why dont you join us”

Alex smiled and shook his head. “I cant. I have some things to take care of in the pack, so I should go.”

We said goodbye to Alex and walked back along the stone path.

I sensed that Kate was in a bad mood, but at the table, Kate was talking and laughing as usual.

Aunt Carol had added a special sauce to the omelet, and her cooking method allowed the omelet to absorb only the right amount of oil, which was very soft and not too greasy. In addition, she had prepared cut fruit on the side. It was a great breakfast.

Kate and Aunt Carol talked about the latest entertainment gossip and celebrities, and I admired Kates ability to keep up with so many people and events. Moreover, everything she said was so fresh and interesting that everyone at the table would smile.

Kate had always been so lively, funny, and likable.

Unlike me, who preferred to deal with books rather than people, I was used to being alone and not gentle enough. Would Michael completely hate me for this and then reject me

My thoughts drifted away.

I sighed internally. I didnt know how often I had thought about Michael this day and night.

Was I wrong to act so willfully Was Michael still worried about me now-

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