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He licked his lips and said, “Look, Cecily. I will never let you go. You can not escape. It has been proven that I can find you wherever you go, even if the Lycan prince cannot find you. This is fate. Today, here. You will be mine.”

The wind in the woods became more violent. Every time it blew, there was the sound of branches breaking at the top. I could hear the birds screeching in the woods and the thunder rumbling in the distance, and I knew that a storm was coming.

I looked carefully around me, knowing that Alex must have gone far. I had to find a way to get away from Robert myself.

But damn it, I wasnt familiar with the terrain, and Alex had led me both times. However, there was a pond behind me, and if I could push Robert down, Id have some time to escape.

Robert had his hands around my neck, and I knew he wanted to mark me.

He had wanted to do it to me the last time he was in the little room at his succession ceremony.

But we were still aware of the mate connection then, and now we werent mates. I didnt know if hed disarmed Alisons mark, and I didnt know what would happen if he hadnt. Hed mark me against my will.

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But all common sense told me it would be bad.

Roberts eyes were beginning to turn to his wolfs. His strong body was pressing against mine, his fingers groping my chest.

Mia was screaming inside me, trying to fight.

Suddenly, I raised my leg and kicked hard at his lower body.

Robert staggered back and let out a painful groan. I knew I had succeeded. That part of the man was extremely fragile, and I had used all my strength just now. I really hoped I could kick his balls to pieces.

I estimated the distance between him and the pond before deciding to give up the intention to make chase. So I turned around and ran.

I knew that I couldnt win against Robert in terms of strength. The only thing I could do was to delay and escape. When I reached a place where there were people, as long as I mentioned the current situation, I would definitely receive help.

However, I underestimated the recovery speed of a werewolf with Alpha genes.

When I had run less than fifty meters away, I felt a gust of wind coming from behind me. Following that, I was thrown to the ground by a strong force.

“Ah!” I screamed.

My head hit the ground hard. I felt dizzy. Everything in front of me was spinning. Everything was blurry.

Then came a severe headache. I used my hand to touch my head. I felt wet. I didnt know if it was wet soil or my blood.

Mia was healing me and transferring power to me. I tried to hold onto the clarity in my mind to stay awake instead of passing out in self-protection.

Robert was pressing down on me. One of his arms was pressed against my neck while the other grabbed my hand and pressed it against my lower abdomen. I wanted to change the angle of my neck slightly, but he treated it as a struggle and punched my lower abdomen hard.

“Ahhh…” I cried out in pain, but what greeted me was only Roberts vicious gaze.

“Behave yourself, b*tch!”

I didnt dare to move again. My mind was desperately trying to think of a way to escape from the current situation.

I had already used the method of escaping just now. Roberts speed wasnt on the same level as mine. Even if I could carry out another attack just now, it would probably be the same as now. He would catch me anyway, even if I ran a few meters. Not to mention, after that incident, Robert would be on high alert and wouldnt give me such an opportunity.

If I couldnt escape, I would have to fight face to face.

However, I couldnt fight head-on with Robert. I had to think of a way to outsmart him.

“I cant breathe.” I used both my hands to push him against my body.

Robert lowered his head to take a look. Then, he moved his body slightly downward, giving me space to breathe. But this also caused his disgusting thing to be completely pressed against my stomach.

I tried my best to suppress the nauseous feeling in my heart and said calmly, “Let me sit up, and we can talk.”

“We can talk like this.” Robert rubbed my stomach in a wretched manner, saying, “How would you like me to mark you Do you want a clear bite mark on the back of your neck or a small cut But I prefer to mark you during sex. You choose the way to mark, and Ill choose the position. What do you think”

Listening to Roberts obscenities hurt my ears, but I had to mediate with him.

I went along with him. “What do you think about switching the decisionmaker Ill choose the position, and you decide the way to mark.”-

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