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Robert was thrown at the tree where he had forced himself onto me earlier. The wolf used his claws to slap his face back and forth. Roberts face was slashed with blood, and now it was swollen like a pigs head.

I stared blankly at everything before me. My mood had already changed from venting my anger to fear.

This golden beast seemed like he wanted to kill Robert.

And it wasnt simply killing. Instead, it was like a puppet in the hands of a master, tossing and turning, repeatedly torturing him until he was dead.

I suddenly felt very conflicted. Of course, I hated what Robert had done to me, but I couldnt watch Robert be killed like this.

At this time, I heard the crowds footsteps from the forest on the side.

I looked up and saw Sasha and Samuel, familiar to me, leading the group. They were all frowning at the space in the middle, but none seemed to want to help.

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My slow mind turned a few times, and I finally realized the golden monster in front of me was Michael.

This monster was Michaels wolf.

I looked at the clearing where the fight was happening and saw that Michael had hurt Robert to the point where he was vomiting blood. Large mouthfuls of red blood were gushing out of Roberts mouth, mixing with the rain on his face.

Roberts eyes were starting to glaze over, but Michael was still hammering at Robert, fist after fist, with a force that made me shudder. I looked to Sasha for help, hoping one of them would notice me, but the corner I was in was too dark.

I had to get up and move to Sashas group to pat her on the shoulder.

Sasha turned to me coldly. Then, she looked extremely surprised.

“Cecily Weve finally found you.” Sasha took a long breath and said, “You have no idea how crazy Michael has been these past few days. We were all almost tortured to death by him.”

I noticed that she looked a little tired. I thought Michael must have made her life difficult. I felt guilty, but I didnt have time to apologize. I had more important things to say.

I tugged at her sleeve and said anxiously, “Whats wrong with Michael Hurry and stop him.”

Sasha looked at me strangely and mumbled, “Am I that crazy to stop him now”

“Hes going to kill him!” I shouted.

“Yeah, what did you do to make him like this” Sasha was no longer concerned about the fight. Instead, she crossed her arms and observed me. Then, she said, “When Michael goes into this state, no one can pull him back. He can only rely on himself. Now, no matter who tries to approach him, he will tear that person to pieces.”

“What!” I looked at Sasha in shock.

I had never heard of a wolf in someones body that a human could not control. A wolf and a humans consciousness were one to a certain extent. If a wolf in a werewolfs body went crazy, that person would normally go crazy.

“How did this happen” The sound of the rain was too loud. I had no choice but to shout.

“I cant tell you.” Sasha shrugged, still looking like she was watching a show. “Instead of caring about the werewolf that is about to be torn apart, you should be more concerned about yourself. Michael is going crazy from anger these days. So this time, I want to clarify in advance that I cant help you at all. You have to count on yourself.”

“He will be our packs alpha. He cant just die like this. You guys should think of a way,” I said.

“Theres nothing I can do,” Sasha replied coldly.

I took a glance at the battleground. Robert looked like he was out of breath. The wound on his back was still bleeding, and Michael was constantly attacking him.

Sasha suddenly sniffed at my body. Then, she tensed up and asked, “Are you hurt”

I touched the back of my head. My entire head was wet, and I couldnt tell if it was water or blood. In fact, after experiencing the rain and rolling in the mud, I couldnt feel any pain. All that was left was a dull numbness.

Sasha noticed my movements and looked at the back of my head. She inhaled sharply. “If that b*stard hit you, Im not surprised Michael reacted this way. You wait here. Ill summon the medical team for you.”

“Im fine. You need to help Robert…”

“Shut up, Cecily,” Sasha said seriously. “Hitting a princes mate is enough a reason for us to kill him ten times.”

I could see that Sasha and I werent making any sense. Their Lycan logic was completely different from ours.

I watched as Michael was about to make his final attack on Robert. His shining golden pupils were like nothing I had ever seen before. The wildness of a wolf and the ferocity of a beast were reflected in his eyes.

For a moment, I didnt have time to think. There was only one thought in my mind.

Robert could not die!

I ignored my exhaustion and the shocked gazes of everyone around me as I rushed straight toward Michael from the crowd.

The rain poured, and the wind whistled. However, I felt as though time had stopped.

Amidst the rain, I could only see Michaels golden figure.

“Michael, dont kill him!” I shouted at Michael.-

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