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A Beautiful Luna After Rejection Chapter 81

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This intense kiss made me lose my last breath. After that, I had nothing to worry about anymore. I looked at the people around me and felt like they were going away. Even their voices became blurry.

Did the kiss just now take all of my oxygen I composed myself and tried to focus on Michael speaking in front of me.

“Dont think Ill let you go just because you said nice things to me,” Michael said, looking at me.

“I wont run away again,” I said, leaning against his thick pecs.

“I dont need your assurance.” Michael touched my head and frowned.

“Thats what I wanted to tell you,” I said softly. “Ill tell you what I think in the future…”

I felt my body becoming lighter and lighter. Even Michael was moving away.

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I heard people screaming and moving around, but I was too tired.

The last thing I remembered was the pleasant scent lingering around me. I smiled and fell asleep.

My body was surrounded by a heat source. I felt that heat source was full of elasticity. I rubbed my body against it. I felt that it was alive.

I slowly opened my eyes. Behind me was something that felt like a hill with undulating muscles. Before me was darkness. I was slowly regaining my vision. I could see the outlines of things in the room. Everything I knew was there. This was Michaels room.

In fact, I didnt even need to look. My senses told me that the person behind me was Michael. His delicious scent still smelled good, but there seemed to be a slight change. In addition to himself, he smelled more like a new fusion of my favorite things, which made him a combination of everything I loved.

He smelled delicious.

I thought I understood now why Adam ate the snakes apple. If I were Adam and the snake was Michael seducing me, I would gladly eat the apple even if it were poisonous.

I still had a dull pain in my head, but my body no longer felt weak. I connected with Mia in my mind, and she recovered well. As long as she was with Michael, she had plenty of strength.

Mia was excited to be with Michael again. She was curious about Michaels golden beast. She found him both kind and scary.

I started to remember what had happened. I was back.

Michaels arms were around my waist. I was in his embrace again.

We kissed, but that didnt mean we were back together. Michael didnt trust me because of my bad record. I wasnt sure if Michael had chosen to mark me while I was unconscious. Physically, he hadnt done anything to me.

“You dont seem to be worried about the situation,” Michael said from behind me. I felt my body tremble at the sound of his voice.

I turned and looked at him. His expression was as cold as a statue.

“What do I have to worry about” I asked as I looked at Michaels face.

Michael was topless, wearing only a pair of shorts that revealed his perfect muscular curves. His brown hair was messy, but he looked sexy. I reached out and grabbed Michaels finger. He looked down at me but didnt shake me off.

Suddenly, I thought of Robert.

Michael had dug up his mark, and he was left on the ground like a piece of trash. What happened to him Was he left alone Did he die there

Although Michael didnt kill Robert immediately, with Roberts condition back there, he had a hundred ways to lose his life.

I said to Michael, “How is Robert Is he back”

As soon as I said that, I knew I had chosen the wrong time to ask this question.

“Wow, you still dare to mention another mans name now.” Michaels expressionless face made him look a little strange. “Im here to tell you about your situation.”

Michael sat up from the bed. Only then did I realize that I was naked. I gulped, and after a while, I began to feel nervous.

I had never appeared in front of Michael so naked. When did Michael take off my clothes

I subconsciously wanted to pull the blanket to cover my upper body, but Michael grabbed my hand. He placed his hand on my chest and massaged it. Flames rushed through my body like lightning, and my breathing became rapid.

“I initially wanted to give you some time to recover your body, but it seems that you dont need that anymore. So lets start now.” When Michael spoke, his gaze was still cold.

He wasnt joking like before when he was flirting. He was serious about this.-

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