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A Beautiful Luna After Rejection Chapter 84 - Tell Me If You Want It

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I felt my heart skip a beat and my soul drift.

Michael squeezed his hand between my legs again. My body trembled. I wanted to struggle but didnt dare. I could only whisper, “Michael.”

“Tell me if you want it. Its okay.”

Michaels voice sounded rare and gentle. There seemed to be a hint of a smile in it.

He gave me a light kiss on the side of my face, raised his knee to my already wet privates, and slowly rubbed me. “Ill give you a lick, wont I” He suggested very seriously.

I was a little dazed, and it took me a while to catch my breath.

Did Michael want to lick me down there A Lycan prince was going down on me.

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Just imagining it made my blood boil.

“No, you cant.” My subconscious told me it was wrong, even though I wanted Michael to.

“Yes,” Michael said, leaving a kiss on my lips as he slid down.

I propped up my upper body and looked up at him. He had one hand on my hip, and his face was facing my private area, which had soaked through a large sheet of sheets.

My eyes widened, and I was momentarily at a loss for words.

Michael buried his face into my private part with the tip of his nose and rubbed against it. Then, slowly and deeply, he took a deep breath.

I felt something soft wrap around me.

Michael looked up at me from below, his eyes so bright they were almost dark, but his tone was as calm as ever. “Im going to lick here, okay”

My face flushed, and I glared at Michael. “No!”

But Michael was already holding my legs and licking me between my legs.

He was just informing me, not asking for my permission.

I felt his tongues soft, warm tip tentatively sweeping across my sensitive area.

I felt my brain buzz and momentarily lose the ability to speak.

My clitoris was slightly sensitive and swollen from the touch of Michaels fingers, and my labia were fleshy and clamped together.

I could feel the tip of Michaels tongue pushing in, and my labia parted helplessly. As I had been secreting liquid and soaking in the liquid for a long time; there was apop when they separated.

This erotic sound was loud, and I felt my bodys bloodstream split in two. One surged up, and the other surged down. It was extremely shameful and extremely… Yet, I wanted Michael to continue.

Michael held my clitoris in his mouth, ground it with his teeth, and tugged on it until it was deformed. He held it just right, so it hurt and felt good at the same time, and it didnt really hurt me.

Every time he tugged at it, the feeling of something sharp and hard rubbing against my sensitive and vulnerable areas made me instinctively tense up, and my hands instinctively tried to grab something in the air.

At one point, I grabbed Michaels hair.

Michael looked up at me from below.

I rarely saw Michael from this angle; most of his face was buried under me. Only one pair of eyes, raised above the horizon, looking at me with coldness, evilness, passion, conflict, and intense attraction.

The moment we looked at each other, I imagined that my soul had also had sex with his eyes. My heart trembled, and I orgasmed.

I was still in a trance when I felt Michael raise his head from under me and look at me fiercely.

“Why is there so much fluid here” Michael asked hoarsely.

I looked at him. My mouth was open, but I couldnt say anything.

His penis was still erect. Ever since I licked him, he had not let off steam. I was the only one who had reached orgasm.

I could feel that he couldnt control himself anymore.

My gaze was fixed on his penis. In fact, it was the same for me. The orgasm just now seemed to have only lit a fire in me, causing my entire body to be entirely ignited by lust. I looked at Michael with fascination and felt an emptiness in my body. I couldnt help reaching down.

Michael held my hands down, and I could see his eyes spitting fire.

I leaned over and kissed Michael on the side of his face. I licked him wet with the tip of my tongue and exhaled hot air. “Enter me. Enter, please.”

I saw Michaels Adams apple bob. The veins on his neck were about to explode. His breath was frighteningly hot, but he was surprisingly calm. “Enter you where” he asked.

“Enter me and f*ck me,” I stammered.-

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