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A Beautiful Luna After Rejection Chapter 85 - Sex For The First Time

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Michael had a crazy look in his eyes as he carried me from the bed onto him.

He grabbed my chin with one hand and kissed me hard. His other hand was on my waist, pushing me down hard before I could react.

Michaels penis immediately broke through my soft, wet private part and sank in.

My private part was already wet enough, and now, finally, a real guy had gone in rough. For a moment, the satisfaction of being filled outweighed all else, and a strong surge of stimulation coursed through my body like an electric current.

White light seemed to flash through my mind, and with a muffled groan, I reached orgasm again.

Then, I felt a physical discomfort.

This was the first time I had been penetrated, and although my body was desperate for Michael, it was still extremely uncomfortable to be entered so forcefully. Michael was too big, and I felt he would break me. It was hot, swollen, and burning.

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I couldnt help but gasp, trying to raise my hips to lessen the pain.

But just as I twisted my body, I heard Michael gasp, his grip on my waist tightening, his voice tinged with dissatisfaction. “What are you running away from”

We were face to face, our faces almost touching. Michael almost seemed to be kissing my face as we spoke. When he said this, it was vague but there was also some intimate sound of skin touching, making it seem sticky and erotic.

I raised my head and panted, trying to ease the discomfort. “I… Ah, slow down…”

Before I could finish, Michael grabbed my chin and kissed me.

He sucked on my tongue so hard that I felt he was taking my breath away. My mouth and nose were filled with Michaels hot breath for a moment. My body was filled with Michaels burning penis. Michael was still holding my waist tightly. It was as if Michael had taken over the whole world.

A burning desire accompanied the pain in my body. It made my A burning desire accompanied the pain in my bodyI cant slow down.”

Michaels penis was pushed to the deepest part of my body without any buffer in this position. It was tough for me to take it since it was my first time experiencing sex.

The soft inner wall of my body was repeatedly and violently struck. I had the illusion that my internal organs were being pushed against. However, Michael was forcefully holding me down. I couldnt break free at all.

I could only instinctively bend my body, trying to buy myself even a second of breathing time.

“Pa!” I heard a loud sound.

Before my mind could react, my body had already felt the pain.

I looked at Michael in a daze. Then, I only saw his brows furrowed tightly as he ordered, “Relax your butt.”

Only then did I realize what had happened. Just now, Michael had slapped my butt like he was teaching a child a lesson.

The sense of shame that I had just thrown away seemed to return suddenly. My body shook, and my lower body contracted violently.

I blushed and wanted to grab his hand that had slapped me back. Instead, I groaned intermittently, “Dont… Dont hit me… Ah…”

Michael grunted, and a trace of wickedness appeared between his brows.

He seemed to have suddenly discovered some exciting toy. He pushed away my hand that was blocking him and placed it on his waist. Then, he raised his hand and lowered it.


There was another loud sound.

This slap was heavier than the previous one, and the sound was clearer.

I was filled with embarrassment. For a moment, I got rid of my lust. I stared at Michael and shouted, “Michael!”

I thought I could make Michael stop hitting me. I didnt expect the thing inside my body to swell up again. His penis was bouncing inside. I felt like I was going to burst. But my body gained more pleasure because of this. I barely managed to suppress the moan coming from my throat.

“Dont you like this” Michael asked as he contracted his hip and forcefully pushed it into me.

The pleasure came suddenly. It was too unexpected, and my moan changed.

I could even hear it myself. It was soft and charming. My ears were burning from hearing it, and I didnt dare look at Michael again.

Michael rubbed the spot where I had just been hit and whispered, “I think you like it.”

Before he could finish, he raised his hand and hit me repeatedly. Every time he hit me, he had to push me up deliberately.

I couldnt even speak. Then, just as I was about to open my mouth, I felt as if it was smashed into pieces. All that was left was moaning.

The loud clapping sound was like a challenge to my sense of shame.

I was embarrassed, but I couldnt stop myself from f*cking Michael. Sitting on Michael, I inhaled Michaels breath, and my body felt weak.

An impulse that I had never felt before attacked me. I wanted to be marked.

I wanted Michael to mark me. I wanted to be with him. I wanted to be with him forever.

This strange emotion dazed me. I put my arms around Michaels neck and couldnt help but mutter, “Michael… Michael…”-

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