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A Beautiful Luna After Rejection Chapter 86 - Mark Me

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“What are you doing” Michael didnt stop.

I began to adapt to his rhythm. I calmed my breathing and said, “Mark me. Mark me, Michael.”

“Mark you” Michael snorted. He grabbed me by my waist and lifted me. His penis slipped out of me. Then, he let go of his hand. At the same time, he forcefully pushed his hip and pierced me with his large penis to its hilt.

“Ah!” I screamed.

I had already gotten used to Michaels size, but after being so violently and rapidly invaded, I still felt a little uncomfortable. I realized what I said might have made Michael unhappy, but I didnt know what was wrong with it.

Didnt Michael always want to mark me

Did he bring me back just to punish me Did he not want me anymore

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Soon, I did not overthink. Michael was rough, but the pleasure was double.

His hot penis rubbed against every corner of my body, and then the deepest part of my body was hit hard. The pleasure came fast and hard, and my moans were intermittent and never stopped.

Michael seemed to be encouraged by my moans. He repeatedly pulled out and pushed in, not as fast as before, but deeply, each time deep into the bottom. Before I knew it, I was f*cked up, and my breathing was a mess.

I felt numb and sore from the inside out, and my hip was so sore I didnt have time to adjust my breathing rhythm to Michaels movements.

However, Michael was still not satisfied. I felt him reaching down and touching the spot where the intimacy happened. He started to rub my clitoris with his fingers. I only felt the pleasure in my body all over. Finally, I couldnt take it anymore.

“Dont… Dont… Michael, be gentle…” I panted as I begged Michael for mercy.

My begging seemed to please Michael. His gaze changed slightly as he bit my ear and said, “Say more.”

“UHH… Please, please… Mark… Me…” I groaned intermittently.

“You want me to mark you” Michael pinched my nipples. That was another sensitive spot on my body. Michael lowered his head and pretended to bite it. My body trembled. I bent down and wanted to catch him.

“What Are you not going to let me touch you Do you want to leave it for that b*stard to touch you” Michael suddenly became angry.

I stared at him in a daze. I didnt understand why he would mention Robert at this moment.

Michael fiercely pushed me up and said, “You rejected my mark before, so what is it now That b*stard almost marked you. If I hadnt arrived, what would have happened”

Michael pushed me onto the bed and looked down at me.

I looked at him, wanting to say something, but I was so weak that I could only make unintelligible gasping sounds.

Michael f*cked me harder than ever as if he was venting his anger.

‘I dont care who gives in first. Ill make you beg me to mark you. Just wait and see.

I remembered what Michael had said to me before. I didnt think much of it then, but now it had all come true.

“Please, please… Michael…” I cried and groaned.

I never thought I would transform into a female beast that only knew how to groan under Michaels body. I looked at Michaels sweaty, muscular body. I reached for his neck.

Michael ducked.

But I didnt give up. Instead, I braced myself and put my hands around Michaels neck like rings. My lips were eager to touch Michaels. I didnt know what Michael was thinking, but I wanted to tell him that the only person I was thinking about now was him. I wanted him. I wanted to be close to him.

I saw Michaels pupils contract. Finally, he opened his mouth and bit my nose. I let out a painfulah, and tears welled up in my eyes.

Michael rubbed the back of my neck with his thumb over and over again. I almost thought he would mark me, but he didnt.

He bit my lower lip and held it gently for a while. Then, he stuck out his tongue to pry open my slightly parted lips. Next, he scanned my teeth and upper jaw like he was surveying his territory and tickled my tongue.

I passively let Michael kiss me. Michaels kisses were always full of possessiveness. His tongue wrapped around mine with a fierce desire, churning out a continuous stream of sticky water sounds in my mouth.

“Uhh…” I was kissed until I couldnt breathe. I felt my lips and tongue getting hot from the friction in Michaels repeated grasp, and I couldnt help but moan weakly.

The salivaI didnt have time to swallow slowly dripped from the corner of my mouth. I felt the passion in my lower body grow stronger.

I couldnt help but hook my legs around Michaels knees. I could feel the liquid that Michael was crazily stirring in my body flowing down my thighs and smearing everywhere lewdly.-

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