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A Beautiful Luna After Rejection Chapter 88 - : Silver Chains

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Michael seemed so mad at me in bed that I almost lost the concept of day and night and was completely addicted to the never-ending rush of pleasure.

Michael would feed me food and water at some point, and I would mechanically consume them. Then, in between the sex sessions, Michael would carry me to the bathroom to wash up, and sometimes we would just go at it again, and then Michael would carry me back to the bed soaking wet.

I didnt even get a chance to put my clothes back on. So it was three days and three nights of debauchery.

When I woke up on the fourth morning, I was surprised to find that Michael wasnt there, and I was wearing a nightdress. Damn it! No underwear.

After days of nonstop sex, I felt weak and sore all over.

This wasnt a break at all. On the contrary, the physical activities in bed were almost as exhausting as that of a person out having fun for three days straight.

I rolled out of bed and felt like I could control my body for the first time in three days.

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It was crazy.

I smelled myself. I was sure Michael had cleaned me up, but I still smelled like Michael. I felt like Michaels scent had marinated me. Anyone who met me now could smell the thick scent of sex on me.

I couldnt help but think that Kate wouldnt be able to tease me that I was a virgin anymore.

But I was going to take a shower and find some underwear to put on. I didnt want to walk around the room naked.

But when I stood up, I realized something was wrong.

There was a thin silver chain tied to my right wrist. The other side was connected to the headboard. I looked at the chain in surprise and realized I was chained to the bed.

“Where do you think youre going” A deep voice asked.

I looked in the direction of the voice and relaxed when I realized it was Michael.

“What are you doing” I asked, frowning

As soon as I asked that, I jumped in shock. My voice sounded as if my throat had been rubbed against coarse sandpaper. It was hoarse.

Michael walked over and handed me a glass of water. I reached out to take it, but Michael didnt let go. Instead, he just stared at me with his deep eyes and pushed the glass to my mouth.

Michael was so controlling.

I didnt know what I was doing, so I obediently took a sip from the water he offered.

This position made me feel like his pet. Maybe that was what Michael thought of me – adisobedient pet who wanted to escape.

After drinking the water, my throat felt better. I cleared my throat, raised the silver chain in my hand, and repeatedly asked, “What is this”

“This is a special chain that has been infused with wolf poison. The Lycans use it as a common method to restrict the movement of ordinary werewolves,” Michael said calmly.

“Wolf poison”

I tried to tug on the chain. Werewolves had a lot of strength. I could break it with a light pull if it were an ordinary silver chain. But the chain that Michael used to restrict me was extremely tough. So I was unable to cause any damage to it.

Michael put one hand on my hand that was trying to tug harder. “Dont bother,” he said. “You cant break it, not even if you summon your wolf. The effect of wolf poison is to restrain the power of the wolf in you. Youll only hurt yourself.”

I looked at Michael in shock. This must be something used on prisoners. I was just escaping, not killing people. Did Michael need to treat me like a real prisoner

“Michael, I can explain what I did before. Im sorry for how I treated you. I shouldnt have run away without doing anything. It was all my fault.” I tried to speak to Michael sincerely.

“But I didnt want Robert to come over. I just thought that we should spend some time apart. Your control over me made me feel uncomfortable. What I did was wrong, but Ive come to an understanding on this point. My feelings for you are real. So Im willing to let you mark me now. Doesnt this prove my feelings for you”

Michaels gaze was fixed on me, and he seemed unmoved.

I had to continue, “But I have never thought of doing anything to you. So please forgive me for what has happened. I will tell you my thoughts in the future, and I will try my best to listen to you.”

Michael reached out and rubbed my lips. I could not help but think of what we had been doing these days. I wanted to purse my lips, but Michael stopped me.

I could only look at him pleadingly. When I had made mistakes in the past, I used this trick with my parents. So I was hoping it would work on Michael.

“No, I cant.” Michaels answer was so cold and heartless.

Michaels finger slid down my chin to my neck and stopped at my collarbone.

“You have lost my trust, and I must keep you by my side in a certain way,” Michael announced.

“I am not your slave,” I protested.-

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