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A Beautiful Luna After Rejection Chapter 9

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“No.”I subconsciously let out a groan.

Oh my God, is that the sound Im making

A strange feeling spread throughout my body along with my blood.

My body went soft and was about to fall. His strong arms wrapped around my waist.

My head felt like it was going to explode and I didnt know what was going to happen next.

Suddenly, he bit his lip hard, forcing him to come to his senses.

“Im sorry, maybe the perfume is too strong here and my wolf has been a little irritable lately. I hope I didnt scare you.” He gasped and seemed to be in some pain, dan.

“Its okay.”

” Your hair is messed up.” He reached out and tidied my hair.

“My name is Michael. I think well meet again.”

I looked at him as he left and felt a surge of emotions that I had never felt before.

He left, and I was relieved and felt a little lost at the same time.

I looked back and saw Robert in the corner.

He looked miserable. Michael had struck him. He was curled up on the floor with some blood on his face. I did not pity him. He deserved it.

I approached Robert. He didnt seem to have the strength to abuse me anymore.

Perhaps because I had already said half of my rejection, I felt that our mate connection had been further weakened. I wanted to take the opportunity to reject him altogether, but after what had just happened, I was unsure if I would be able to walk out of here standing up if I were to reject him.

“Robert, we are no longer mates. You rejected me, and I no longer want to accept you. You chose Alison, so dont bug me anymore. You wont get what you want from me. One day, Ill reject you properly and find a new mate who belongs to me. You are already out of the picture since long ago.”

“Im the future Alpha. You wont be able to find a better mate than me. Youll regret it, Cecily. Ill wait for the day when you come begging on your knees. Ill stomp on you. By then, you can only be my slave!” Robert shouted at me.

I didnt expect Robert to say such things to me at such a time. He was unreasonable.

“Then keep waiting. You will wait for that to your grave.”

I said mercilessly and walked out of the tent. I felt that I had overstayed my welcome here. I wanted to leave as soon as possible, but I saw Kate.

“Where did you go Ive been looking for you everywhere.”

“The bathroom. Im a little tired. I want to go back.”

Kate looked at me suspiciously, but she didnt ask further. She only continued to say, “Earlier, the Lycans from the royal family came. When I saw them, I wanted to look for you. Did you meet them”

“No.” I shook my head. I didnt care about the Lycans from the royal family. I only wanted to end this topic as soon as possible. “Im sorry, Kate. Your party was great, but Im not feeling well. I want to go back.”

“Okay, you dont look well.” Kate looked at me worriedly. “What happened to your neck”

Kate moved closer to take a closer look. I covered it with my hand. Thanks to the lights, the bruises on my neck didnt look that obvious.

“What happened to you Are you okay”

“Im fine, Kate.” I forced a smile and left.

Lying on my bed, I thought about what had happened that night.

It was only a matter of time before I rejected Robert. However, he was so angry that I had to protect me. I wouldnt give this b*stard any chance to hurt me again.

My thoughts gradually drifted to the man who came after me. He was so handsome. He didnt look that strong, but he was very powerful. He could overpower Robert. My heart couldnt help but beat faster for him. This was something that had never happened since I was humiliated by Robert. I called out to my wolf Mia.

‘Mia, how do you feel about Michael

‘Im not sure.

‘What does that mean

‘I hate other peoples touch. They make me feel bad. But Michaels didnt, but he doesnt feel like anything else either.

‘Did you smell anything then

I felt like I was being silly with this question. I hadnt rejected Robert yet, so how could Mia smell anyone else But god, I hoped that something would happen between Michael and me.

‘No, wait… Im not sure. Robert was there at the time, and his scent was too strong.

I sighed internally.

‘Mia, are you all right now I know what Robert did hurts you.

‘I feel better now. I can feel his influence on me waning. Im recovering.

‘Thats good.

I breathed a sigh of relief. Ever since Robert and Alison had marked each other, Mia had taken a beating. She had been listless during the months of the trip, and then my health improved, and she got better. I was afraid that what happened after I saw Robert would hurt her again, but the good news was that now, we were both much stronger than before.

I didnt see Robert again for a week.

Kate said he was preparing for his Alpha succession. It was the most important event of an Alphas life, and everyone in the pack took it seriously. Robert had been locked up by his father, Alpha John, for all sorts of tutoring.

Whatever it was, this tipped in my favor as I no longer had to worry about Robert harassing me. Instead, I was able to focus on my studies.

Roberts succession ceremony was held on a full moon night, which was usually the time when werewolves were at their strongest. After the ceremony, the new Alpha would lead the packs werewolf transformation and pray to the moon to receive the blessing of the Moon to bless the pack with prosperity.-

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