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A Beautiful Luna After Rejection Chapter 92 - Becoming Mine

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I was almost out of breath from Michaels rough kissing. I felt my lips and tongue go numb from his sucking. Saliva dripped down the corners of my mouth and pooled with the rest of the liquid.

I looked up to get some breathing space, but Michael thought I was dodging. He immediately caught up and bit me on the lip as if he was punishing me. Then, he kissed me deeper and harder.

He suppressed my entire upper body. There was no way to avoid him. I could only passively accept his tongue and lips. He was taking my breath away. Slowly, I felt suffocated.

It wasnt like a kiss. It was more like slow murder.

“Oh my girl, my little she-wolf,” Michael said as he held my face.

He looked more excited than ever before.

Without foreplay, Michael grabbed one of my legs in the shower and shoved his penis into me.

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I was wet enough before, and even though Michael was reckless, I quickly felt the familiar pleasure.

I twisted my hips slightly, trying to get Michaels penis on the most sensitive spot inside me, and now it was as if I was riding Michael and rubbing myself liberally with his penis.

The pleasure was a world away from the one I had just given myself.

Michael panted, too, and he grabbed my other knee and spread my legs further apart. Then, he straightened his lower body and pushed deeper into my soft flesh, forcing me to let out a long groan.

He leaned forward slightly, his dark brown eyes staring straight into mine. He enunciated each word, “Youre finally going to be mine.”

“AH… ! Ah ah…” I could not think at all and could only moan.

A golden light flashed in Michaels eyes.

He grabbed my buttocks and forcefully lifted me into a position where our lower bodies were connected. I felt my legs being lifted in an instant. I cried out in surprise. Michael used his arm to support my thighs. In this position, he lifted me from the ground.

“… !”

Michaels actions blinded me. My mouth was slightly open, and I couldnt even make a sound. I felt as if I was about to be pierced through. My internal organs were squeezed together, and I needed to use more strength to breathe enough air.

“Dont… dont do this…” I pleaded.

This position made me feel incredibly insecure. I felt like I was about to fall any second. Now my limbs were hanging from Michaels body like koalas. I felt like some vine that was attached to him.

As Michael pushed hard, he asked hoarsely, “My little wolf, where do you want to go”

“To… to the bed… to the bedroom… Ah!”

Before I could finish my sentence, I gasped for breath as Michael pierced me.

I felt as if I had been nailed to Michaels penis. I didnt even have the strength to struggle. Instead, I felt Michaels thick, hard penis thrusting wildly through my acupoints, each time going to the innermost part of my body. My innermost part was throbbing with pain and numbness, releasing large amounts of liquid as if surrendering but making it easier for Michael to invade.

Our battle had shifted to the bed.

Then, there was the endless lust.


I closed my eyes and panted for a long time before recovering from the afterglow of the orgasm. I was sweating all over, and I had unknowingly lay on my side. Half of Michaels body was pressing against me, and his soft penis was pressing against my legs.

I felt as if my body was being hollowed out by sex again. The last time I felt this was when we had sex for the first time. However, my performance was much better than the last time. Although I was exhausted, at least I was awake.

Michael was still kissing me. At first, it was on my neck. Then, he flipped my body over. His warm tongue lapped at my cheek and stopped on my lips. I responded to him in a daze. A pair of strong arms hugged me from behind. The familiar scent filled my nostrils.

My body gradually relaxed. I felt as though I was about to fall asleep.

“When will you be willing to let me go” I closed my eyes and asked Michael.

“Very soon, Cecily. Very soon.” Michael gently planted a kiss on my forehead.

I didnt expect Michaelsvery soon to be really soon.

The next day, I discovered that the chains on my hands had been released.

But before I could be happy about it for too long, I noticed that there was a silver ring around my ankles.

It seemed to fit perfectly, without any gaps, and I didnt know when or how Michael had put it on me.

I tried to break it, but it was made of the same material as the silver chain that had trapped me, and it was able to contain the wolfs power within me.

The bedroom door was locked, just as it had been. It seemed that Michael had only temporarily extended my range but had not released me from captivity.-

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