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“Shhh–” Sasha put a finger to my lips, gently closed the door, and smiled at me.

I looked at her in shock. Sasha looked as vibrant as ever. She had cut her hair a little shorter, and now it was only slightly over her shoulder, giving her a different look.

Sasha briefly scanned my body, and I knew that she saw the silver anklet on my ankle. Fortunately, she didnt ask any questions. If she had, I would have been so embarrassed that I would die.

Sasha sniffed and said with a mischievous smile, “You smell like Michael now.”

I stared at her and felt my face turn red.

“Dont be shy, Cecily.” Sasha was still smiling. She put a hand on my shoulder and said, “Tell me about Michaels performance in bed.”

“Hey…” I opened my mouth helplessly.

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Without my invitation, Sasha had already sat on the bed, where Michael and I did things. She leaned down on the bed and sniffed with an exaggerated tone. Then, she winked at me and said, “Wow, this place is also filled with Michael and your sweet smell.”

“Did you break in here to pry into my and Michaels private lives” I raised my eyebrows and said.

“Of course not. Im here to care about you,” Sasha said. “Michael said that you were sick and needed to rest. I didnt believe his nonsense. With his personality, I guess he locked you up. I wanted to visit you after returning, but he was too strict with you. Today, I finally got the chance to come in.”

“Youre always right.” Sashas casual tone made me relax. I opened my laptop and began to check the emails I had missed these past few days. “Dont you have to go to class After all, youre not like me, being deprived of my freedom by some b*stard.”

I had to say, Michael had always guarded me like an underage child.

Hell! This wasnt the middle ages. A woman was no longer a vassal to her husband. Not even my parents had ever treated me like this. Even when I was a minor, they always respected my opinion.

Sasha sighed beside me. “I know Michael was out of line with you,” she said. “But you did something wrong too. You snuck out on your own, and Michael was already mad. The next time I saw you, you almost got yourself marked by another werewolf. No werewolf can accept their mate being intimate with someone else in front of them.”

I glanced at Sasha. She was a Lycan, so of course, she was on Michaels side.

“Imagine how you would react if you saw a girl making out with Michael.” Sasha shrugged, giving me some time to think.

If I werent the one having sex with Michael, I would feel disgusted just by imagining other women groaning under Michael.

I closed my laptop with a bang, feeling that I was starting to get angry.

“You probably thought of that.” Sasha pressed her hand down and made a comforting gesture.

“But thats not why he kept me here. Youre just defending him,” I said with my arms akimbo.

“I think I know how you feel,” Sasha said. “But dont forget another thing. You and Michael are not from the same era. In his upbringing, women had dispensable roles. If there were many people present, they were not even allowed to speak at any time. Cecily, you are new and different to him.”

I suddenly remembered the age difference between Michael and me. His appearance was deceiving. I always thought we were of the same age.

Sasha looked at my face and suddenly said, “Do you know In the beginning, the royal Lycan families did not live together so unitedly We only united in the past two or three hundred years.”

I was surprised that she suddenly started a new topic.

“Just over two hundred years ago, we had a war. It was a war between werewolves in North America about territory and borders. We fought a bloody battle, but this war also determined the current pattern of werewolf settlements.”

“The Beast War,” I continued.

I had heard about this war from the elders in the pack.

It was said that there was a serious estrangement between packs before the war, and there was little diplomacy. Werewolves were not allowed to leave their packs back then. If a strange werewolf went to someone elses pack, the people in the pack could take him as an intruder and execute him directly without anyones consent.

“Thats right,” Sasha said. “The last thing the previous Lycan king, Michaels grandfather, did when he was in power was uniting all the Lycans and decide on our settlements. He also gathered all the packs Alphas for a meeting to divide their territories. Finally, everyone unanimously agreed that the packs could communicate and detailed some rules to ensure they wouldnt cause trouble for each other.”-

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