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The Butterfly Effect

These two people had different thoughts in their hearts. Little did they know that some people looked calm on the surface, but in fact, in order to maintain their character image, they were already on the verge of a mental breakdown.

Were talking about Liu Yuan...

It was not until Ning Xiangrong appeared that he realized that the NPCs reactions and impressions ofJun Xuan in the game were exactly the same as their reactions to Liu Yuan now.

Therefore, Liu Yuan should also be like this.

However, the key was...

Sometimes, in order to make progress in conquering the characters, he would deliberately cater to the other party and make an appropriate answer for the situation.

In other words, theJun Xuan in these characters hearts could be two completely different people!

“Im really unlucky. I remember that in Ning Xiangrongs eyes, I was a frivolous prodigal, and the more serious kind. And to Gu Siyin, I should be a more powerful and gentle elder... Like a big brother next door.”

Liu Yuan looked calm on the surface, but he was crying in his heart.

This was just the two of them, and there were not many contradictions, but he was already struggling In the future, if he met more targets, would he still have to act like this Like he had a split personality

It would be fine if he destroyed his character setting, but the key was that... Destroying his character setting might reduce his favorability.

If the favorability was lowered, the card would lose its effect.

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Now, his cultivation was completely dependent on the attributes of the card.

Once it was gone... The consequences would be too horrible to imagine.

“Looks like I cant use the attributes from the cards after all. Although he saved my life this time, I still have to rely on my own cultivation in the end... The double exp scroll is imperative,” Liu Yuan muttered to himself.

Ning Xiangrongsuddenly held his hand and said with a serious look, “No matter what you do, I will support you. Just this time, dont leave on your own.”

Liu Yuan was still in a daze. His heart jumped in shock when his hand was grabbed. He mumbled a sound of agreement and pretended to have a headache. “I did it for... Forget it, I dont need to say it.”

Ning Xiangrongbit her lips, thinking that his current situation did not seem very good. She still wanted to say something, but considering that they were still in full view, she stood up and said, “Villa Master Gu, we can slowly discuss the engagement in the coming days. Now that all these things have happened, its better to rest and recuperate.”

Gu Feidao could tell that Ning Xiangrong wanted to talk to Liu Yuan alone, so he also stood up and saluted with his fists. “Then Ill send someone to prepare another guest room for you all to rest in.”

He called out to He Ren and was about to make arrangements.

Ning Xiangrong shook her head. ” no need. Ive already said that Ill stay with him.”

“Umm...” Just as he Ren was about to bow in response, he was stunned and his expression became awkward.

Could it be that all Immortal cultivators were so... Unbothered about trifles

Gu Siyin clenched her fists and gritted her teeth as she sat in her seat. She muttered, “shameless, shameless, shameless, shameless”. She completely forgot that she was wearing a wedding dress and had spent a night with Liu Yuan.

Ning Xiangrongs aid lightly, “What” Is there a problem”

The aura of a Core Formation stage cultivator was enough to make people tremble.

He Ren hurriedly walked to the door and made a gesture of invitation. “No problem, no problem. Mr. Liu, do you want to go together”

“No.” Liu Yuan shook his head. “I still have to go out.”

“Find her another room. Dont listen to her,” he said to He Ren.

Ning Xiangrong was stunned, and then Liu Yuan looked at her, so she had to give up and not make a sound.

He Ren now understood the importance of the two. He saidvery well and led the way.

After a while, Ning Xiangrongs voice came again. “Find me the room next to his.”

“Fortunately, I managed to fool them.”

Liu Yuan heaved a sigh of relief. “Its not that I dont want to live with you. Its just that I still have a cultivation technique hidden in my blanket. If they see me cultivating like a rookie, my reputation will be destroyed. I really cant let you in.”

Its definitely not because Im afraid that I will freeze up again and ruin my character profile... Definitely not!

When Liu Yuan walked out of the door, Gu Siyin stood up immediately and wanted to follow him, but she was stopped by Gu Feidao.

The young girls footsteps stopped, and she obediently sat back on the chair.

“Siyin, tell Father who he is,” the old man said in a low voice.

“How would I know...” Gu Siyin pouted.

She stared at her shaking feet and mumbled, “Father, Brother Jun Xuan wont harm me. His background is mysterious, but hes really good to me. Instead of paying attention to this, why dont you pay attention to my other brothers and sisters Big Brothers illegitimate son was found a few days ago, and theyve been quarreling all day long. =”


Gufei sighed.

His children were basically troublemakers, and his grandchildren were not doing well either. Was the Chiyu Villa really going to decline after its peak

However, that illegitimate child... Should be investigated.

Ever since the death of his eldest son, Gu Shisong, the power struggle between the later generations had become more and more serious. Now that the whereabouts of the direct bloodline of the eldest branch had been revealed, they were even more in a mess.

The old man knocked on the armrest.


Immediately, two pitch-black figures appeared. They half-knelt on the ground and waited for orders.


Liu Yuan came out of the hall and saw the servants repairing the wall.

He took a closer look and his mouth twitched. “Sorry, sorry, I think I even expanded the hole a little.”

Fortunately, the battle just now did not affect the entire load-bearing wall of the hall. Otherwise, the hall would have collapsed on the spot.

Liu Yuan, who felt a little guilty, quickly found a way out.

He walked toward the entrance of the manor based on his vague impression of it, and it did not take long for him to see the gate of the villa.

From afar, he could vaguely see all kinds of towering trees outside the door. They were verdant and glistening, hiding the row upon row of roof tiles of the villa.

It was exactly the same as the setting in the game.

Liu Yuan immediately sensed that the spirit butterfly he had left behind was in the forest outside.

Ma Shu was waiting for him there.

Just as Ning Xiangronghad said, the Water Moon Docks operation this time was the decision of the elders, and even the Dock Master had no right to stop it.

Of course, Ma Shu was also appointed by an elder.

However, Liu Yuan did not know who it was. He did not know much about the details of these side quests.

However, he knew that this elder must be a spy from the demonic sect.

The mastermind behind Chiyu Villa was actually the demonic sect. He wanted to follow the clues and find the spy in the upper levels of the Water Moon Dock from Ma Shu.

Therefore, now... He had to rely on himself.

“Sigh!” Liu Yuan sighed.

He looked at the sword by his hand, raised his head, and walked out of the door.

Since he was already involved, he could not stay out of it.

Gu Siyins resistance to the originally peaceful wedding date was most likely due to the butterfly effect he had created.

“Because I comforted her last night, she rebelled against the marriage. She should have believed in my strength, which led to the current result.”

She even smashed her cup!

Liu Yuan could not help but smile bitterly. “Little Miss, even if youre upset about this, there isnt an army protecting you! ”

There was only him, a weakling who had just transmigrated.

If it was not for Ning Xiangrong...

Liu Yuans pupils shrank. Wait... Ning Xiangrong

In his impression, Ning Xiangrong should not have been among the envoys from Water Moon Dock!


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