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I Cant Bear to Bite You

Liu Yuan felt a little guilty.

He thought about the few pages of his card illustrations. He was too embarrassed to say that he had a different wife every day.

But his silence was taken as tacit consent by Ning Xiangrong.

Although Miss Ning had expected this, she was still upset. She thought to herself,Ive been searching for him for three years, but to no avail. I dont know how much Ive suffered. Ive only just returned to Water Moon Dock.

After coming back to rest for a while, she came out to assist in the marriage.

She did not expect to find him here.

This guy, on the other hand, had not changed his frivolous temperament at all!

Back then, he had dared to steal her clothes in Water Moon Dock. Now, he had even made this little girl fall head over heels for him. She really did not know how many more girls had been deceived by this guy!

However, Ning Xiangrong saw the bewilderment on Liu Yuans face and thought about it. He had almost no cultivation now, so he must have experienced more hardship than her. Her heart softened for a moment.

However, she was not willing to admit defeat to other women.

“Ive already inquired about it. You only came to this Chiyu Villa a month ago, and you were even seriously injured when you were picked up by a female guest elder.”

Ning Xiangrong emphasized the wordfemale and stared at Liu Yuan. “Its only been a month, but youve managed to place yourself in this little fellows heart. Thats really amazing!”

“It took me a month with you too,” Liu Yuan subconsciously replied.

After stealing clothes for an entire month, he was able to enjoy the other partys embarrassed expression while chatting with her as if nothing had happened... She was coquettish, truly coquettish.

At that time, he felt that his amazing operation would make those players loyal to Ning Xiangrong kill him.

But then again, he did not post this conquering strategy at that time. Instead, he expressed his approval of the normal strategies posted by other players.

Most of the time... The characters that were not Liu Yuans first choice of conquering were either too tricky, or he did not want to release them.

He was just too eager to show off.

In fact, Liu Yuan thought that he probably was the first to conquer all the characters in the game.

However, the God of Conquering Strategy, Liu Yuan, regretted it after saying such a thing to Ning Xiangrong.

Why did I say that... Thats just asking for trouble...

Sure enough, Ning Xiangrongs face instantly blushed. She tiptoed and bit Liu Yuans neck. “Bastard!”

“Ouch, ouch, ouch... Im only in the Foundation Building stage now, I cant take a bite from you! What if you bite my neck off!”

Liu Yuan gritted his teeth and pressed on Ning Xiangrongs shoulder.

Ning Xiangrong did not really use any strength ... She immediately retracted her strength. Otherwise, even if she did not break his neck, it would at least bleed.

Unlike now, where there were only two rows of shallow teeth marks.

“If I break it, this will all be over!” Ning Xiangrong snorted coldly, but her face was red as she looked at the glistening saliva stains on Liu Yuans neck. She felt embarrassed and a little distressed, so she took out a handkerchief and gently wiped it.

Then, she suddenly realized that the conversation just now did not seem right.

Ning Xiangrong glared at Liu Yuan, who was still as frivolous as ever. She took back her handkerchief and whispered. “How can I bear to bite you...”

“What now” Liu Yuan looked at her innocently.

It was fickle.

Was this what a woman was like Compared to the cold and arrogant feeling of the past, Ning Xiangrong had become a little willful, or perhaps she was showing her true feelings in front of him.

It seemed that she had changed a lot in the past three years.

“Its nothing.” Ning Xiangrong rearranged her expression and said as if nothing had happened, “Forget it. Youre already by my side anyway. Thats enough.”

As she spoke, she waved her sleeves and set up a barrier. Just when Liu Yuan almost thought that she was going to do something unsightly to him while there was no one around, Ning Xiangrong whispered, “Can you tell me now ... What happened to Yue Longzhang”

“There are traces of the demonic sect on his body. I only noticed it when I was fighting with him.” Liu Yuan steadied his mind.

“What traces”

Liu Yuan said seriously, “When he attacked me, the sudden rage and the fierce light in his eyes were like a beast instead of a human. The rapid change in his emotions was caused by the demonic sects technique. The change in his temperament is very subtle and ordinary people cant detect it. ”

Liu Yuan painted a bad picture of Yue Longzhang. In fact, all the emotional changes and anger were purely because he liked Ning Xiangrong and was extremely angry at Liu Yuan.


There was another very important point about Ning Xiangrongs character, and that was that she was particularly slow to react to strange feelings.

Although everyone in Water Moon Dock knew that Yue Longzhang admired Miss Ning, Ning Xiangrong did not know.

She was just... Ahem, ignoring him.

It had to be said that this NPC Yue Longzhang was really sad.

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Ning Xiangrong frowned. “Although Yue Longzhang isnt a very good person, his father is an elder of the dock. Hes a good friend of my fathers who grew up together. How could he...”

Look at that, she took the bait, right

Liu Yuan chuckled. “Thats because you dont know, but my familiarity with the demonic sect is much higher than yours. ”

Ning Xiangrong saw that he finally smiled in front of her, so she also showed a trace of a smile. However, she felt that something was off. “How do you... Know so much about the demonic sect”

Liu Yuan fell silent again. “Dont ask. Its all in the past.”

He did not want to talk about the past.

It was obvious that Mr. Liu had started acting again.

After confirming that there was a possibility of Ning Xiangrong and Gu Siyin acknowledging each other, and it was a very high possibility, Liu Yuan relaxed and his thoughts became lively.

It had to be said that it got to his head a little bit.

Ning Xiangrong indeed pulled his hand, pursed her lips, and said, “Although I dont know what happened in the past three years, I will always be by your side from now on.”


Liu Yuan cheered in his heart, but he said in a deep voice, “You dont have to be like this. To be honest, Ive been hiding in the demonic sect all these years for some necessary business, so Ive been hiding my traces... Rongrong, Im sorry.”

“I see.” Ning Xiangrong looked at him in a daze.

Liu Yuan nodded. “Thats exactly why Im so heavily injured. Sigh. Even my cultivation level is...”

He looked at Ning Xiangrong. “Lets not talk about it anymore. You can ask your fellow disciple, Ma Shu, about Yue Longzhangs specific situation. Just now, I saw that his expression was not right after he was cremated. He might have also noticed that something was wrong... Basically, since the demonic sect is involved in this marriage, there must be a problem.”

Hehe, when you ask him, hell naturally think that youre really suspicious of him, and hell give you the evidence of Yue Longzhang colluding with the demonic sect.

As the daughter of the Dock Master, Ning Xiangrongs words naturally carried weight.

In this way, the demon sect would be happy to have a scapegoat, but they would also be more restrained for the time being. The Water Moon Dock would not pursue Liu Yuan and would instead be more vigilant.

Ning Xiangrongs expression was complicated, but she turned determined and said, “In that case, Ill immediately inform my father in secret and ask him to investigate the people involved in this marriage.”

“Remember to be careful,” Liu Yuan reminded. “Since the people from the demon sect can even collude with an elders son, they must be able to collude with the elder.”

Ning Xiangrong nodded and turned to leave. She paused, turned back, and before Liu Yuan could react, she kissed him gently on the side of his face.

Liu Yuan was stunned in place, watching Ning Xiangrongs quickly disappearing figure. For a moment, he did not know what to feel.


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